Leviticus Chapter 17

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Blood Dey Holy

  1. Naso Baba-God tell Moses sey,
  2. “Tell Aaron and hin sons, plus all di pipo of Israel, tell dem sey: ‘Na wetin Baba-God tok be dis:
  3. Any pesin from di house of Israel wey sacrifice malu, lamb, or goat for inside dis camp or for outside am,
  4. instead make he carry am come di front of di door of di worship-place, to give am as offering to Baba-God for front of Baba-God house—dat kain man go dey guilty of bloodshed. He don shed blood and he pipo must cut am komot.
  5. Na to make di pipo of Israel stop to dey sacrifice animals for open fields. To make sure sey dem bring dia sacrifices to di priest for di doomot of di worship-place, so dat di priest go fit give dem to Baba-God as peace offerings.
  6. Make di priest sprinkle di blood for di altar of Baba-God for di door of di worship-place, con burn di fat as sweet scent wey dey make Baba-God belle sweet am.
  7. Dem must no give dia sacrifice again to devils wey dem don give demsef to as ashawo. Make dis one be law for dem forever and for generations wey go come.’
  8. “Tell dem sey: ‘Any pesin from Israel, or any foreigner wey dey live among una, wey dey give burnt offering or sacrifice,
  9. and he no carry am come di door of di worship-place, to sacrifice am to Baba-God—make dem cut dat man komot from hin pipo.

No Chop Blood Wey Baba-God Forbid

10. “Any pesin from Israel, or foreigner wey dey live among una, wey chop any kain blood—I go dey against dat pesin wey chop blood, and I go cut am komot from hin pipo.

11. Becos di life of any animal dey for di blood, and I don give am to una—to clean una sins for di altar, and to settle una wit Baba-God. Di blood wey una give to exchange for life nahin dey make pesin clean.

12. So I dey tell di pipo of Israel sey, “Make none of una chop blood, and make no foreigner wey dey stay among una chop blood sef.”

13. “Any pesin from Israel or foreigner wey dey live among una, wey hunt any animal of bird wey dem fit chop—must komot all di blood, con bury am for ground,

14. becos di life of everi animal dey for di blood. Nahin make I tell di pikins of Israel sey, “Una must no chop any animal blood, becos di life of everi animal dey for inside di blood; any pesin wey chop am—dem must cut am komot.”

15. “Any pesin whether na una broda or na foreigner, wey chop anytin wey don die or wey wild animal kill, must wash hin clothes, con baff wit water, and he no go clean until evening; den he go con clean.

16. But if he no gree wash hin clothes, con baff hinsef, he go pay for hin sins


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