Leviticus Chapter 20

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Punishment For Sin

  1. Naso Baba-God tell Moses sey,
  2. “Tell di pipo of Israel or any foreigner wey dey live for Israel sey, any pesin wey give hin pikin to Molech, dem must kill di pesin. Make di pipo of di land stone am wit stone.
  3. I go change-am-for dat man, and I go cut am komot from hin pipo, becos he don corrupt my holy name and my holy place by giving hin pikin to Molech.
  4. If di pipo of di land throway face—wen di pesin dey give hin pikin to Moclech, and dem no gree stone am to death,
  5. I go dey against dat man and hin family, and di man go cut komot from from di community. Dis tin go happun to any pesin wey worship molech like ashawo.
  6. “I go still turn against any pesin wey go meet pipo wey dey tok to dead pipo, or jazzmen, or pesin wey give hinsef to dem like ashawo. I go cut am komot from hin pipo.
  7. So separate yoursef and dey holy, becos I be Baba-God una Oga.
  8. Keep my words and do dem, na me be una God, wey dey make una holy.
  9. “If any pesin curse hin papa, dem must kill am. He don curse hin papa or mama, and hin blood go dey for hin own head.
  10. “If man sleep wit anoda man wife—wit hin neighbour wife, make dem kill both di man and di woman wey sleep wit demsef.
  11. “If man sleep wit hin papa wife, he don disrespect hin papa. Dem must kill both di man and di woman; dia blood must dey on dia own heads.
  12. “If man sleep wit hin daughter-in-law, dem must kill both of dem. Dem don do sometin wey no dey right and dia blood must dey on dia own heads.
  13. “If man climb man as if na woman he dey climb, wetin dem don do na tufiakwa. Dem must kill dem; and dia blood must dey on dia own head.
  14. “If man marry both woman and her daughter, na wicked tin. Dem must burn di man and di women wit faya, so dat no wickedness go dey among una.
  15. “If man sleep wit animal, dem must kill di man, and una must kill di di animal.
  16. “If woman make love to animal, kill both di woman and di animal. Dem must kill dem; and dia blood go dey on dia own heads.
  17. “If man sleep wit hin sista, di daughter of hin papa or mama, and dem con see each oda nakedness, na disgrace. Dem must cut dem komot from dia pipo. He don see her nakedness, and he go pay for am.
  18. “If man sleep wit woman wen she dey see her monthly period, con sex her, he don open di door of her flow, and she sef don open am. Dem must cut both of dem komot from dia pipo.
  19. “No sleep wit your papa sista or your mama sista, becos e go disrespect close relative; dem go hold di two of dem to pay for wetin una don do.
  20. “If man sleep wit hin uncle wife, he don disgrace hin uncle. Dem go sey make dem pay for wetin dem don do; dem go die wit no pikin.
  21. “If man marry hin broda wife, na bad tin; he don disgace hin broda. Him plus di woman no go get pikin.
  22. “Keep all my yarnings plus my laws, con follow dem, so dat di land wey I wan give—no go vomit una komot.
  23. Una must no live based-on di way wey di nations wey I go pursue komot from una front. I hate dem becos dem do all dis tins.
  24. But I tell una sey dis land go be una own property; I go give am to una as una property, land wey dey flow wit milk plus honey.” Na me be Baba-God una Oga, wey don separate una from di nations.
  25. “So una must separate clean animal—from animal wey no clean, and between bird wey clean from bird wey no clean. No corrupt yoursef wit any animal or wit any bird or anytin wey dey crawl for ground—those wey I don separate as animals wey no clean for una.
  26. Una suppose dey holy to me, becos me di Oga, I holy, and I don separate una from di nations as my own pipo.
  27. “Una must kill di men and women among una wey be jazzmen or wey dey tok to dead pipo. Make dem stone dem wit stones. And dia blood go dey on dia own head.”


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