Leviticus Chapter 21

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Rule For Priests

1. Baba-God con tell Moses sey, “Tell di priests, di sons of Aaron, con tell dem sey,  ‘Priest no suppose make hinsef no-clean becos of dead pesin among hin pipo,

2. except for close relative, like hin mama or papa, hin son or daughter, hin broda,

3. or hin sista wey neva marry wey he dey take care of, since she no get husband—he fit make hinsef no clean becos of her.

4. But he must no corrupt hinsef, or make hinsef no clean becos of pipo wey relate to am only tru marriage.

5. “Priest must no shave hin head or shave di corner of hin bear-bear or cut dia body.

6. Dem must dey holy to dia God, and dem must no downgrade di name of dia God, becos na dem dey carry di offering wey pipo dey make to Baba-God wit faya—wey be dia God food. So dem must dey holy.

7. “Dem must no marry woman wey be ashawo, or wey corrupt, or wey don komot from husband house, becos priest dey holy for hin God.

8. Take dem as holy pipo becos dem dey sacrifice food to una God. Take dem as holy pipo, becos me wey be Baba-God, wey dey clean una sins, I dey holy.

9. “If priest daughter corrupt hersef by turning to ashawo, she don disgrace her papa; dem must burn her wit faya.

10. “Di high priest, di one among hin brodas wey dem don anoint hin head, and wey dem don do di ceremony of making am priest—to wear di priest-clothes must no open hin hair, or tear hin clothes.

11. He must no enta place were deadbody dey. He must no make hinsef no clean, even for hin papa or mama,

12. and he must no komot from Baba-God house, or corrupt di place; becos di crown of di anointing ororo of Baba-God dey on am: Na me be Baba-God.

13. “He must marry virgin.

14. “He must no marry widow, or woman wey don divorce, or woman wey don corrupt, or ashawo, but only virgin from hin own pipo,

15. So dat he no go corrupt hin pikin from hin own pipo. Na me be Baba-God wey dey make am holy.’ ”

16. Baba-God con tell Moses sey,

17. “Tell Aaron sey, any pesin among hin pikin-pikin-pikin for dia generation, wey get comma for body, must no bring di bread of hin God for di altar.

18. No pesin wey get comma for body suppose do am, whether di pesin blind, e no fit waka, part of hin face don bend, or hin body no get beta shape,

19. or man wey hin hand or hin leg don break,

20. or man wey get hunch back or dwarf, or man wey get any eyes problem, or skin disease, or wey hin brokos don komot.

21. No pikin-pikin-pikin of Aaron wey get any comma for body, go come near di altar to give di offerings wey dem make wit faya to Baba-God. Since di pesin get comma for body, make he no come di altar to bring di bread [food] of hin God.

22. He fit chop di food of hin God, both di most holy food and di holy food;

23. but becos of di comma for hin body, he must no go near di curtain or come near di altar. So dat he no go corrupt my holy place. Na me be una God wey dey make dem holy.’ ”

24. So Moses tell Aaron and hin sons dis tin, plus all di pipo of Israel.


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