Leviticus Chapter 22

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Baba-God Offerings Dey Holy

1. Baba-God con tell Moses sey,

2. “Tell Aaron and hin sons sey make dem use jeje take care of di holy offering wey di pipo of Israel dey give to me, so dat dem no go corrupt my holy name. Na me be Baba-God.

3. “Tell dem sey: ‘For di generations wey go come, if any of dia pikin-pikin-pikin wey no dey clean come near di holy offering wey di pipo of Israel dey give to Baba-God, dat pesin must cut komot from my house. Na me be Baba-God.

4. “If any pikin-pikin-pikin of Aaron get leprosy or any kain discharge, make he no chop di holy offering until he clean. Dem no go clean wen dem touch deadbody, or wen dem get any kind of discharge,

5. Or any pesin wey touch animal wey dey crawl—wey con make am no clean, or any pesin wey make am no clean, anytin wey dat tin wey no clean be,

6. di man wey touch any of dis tins no clean until evening. He must no chop from di holy offering unless he baff wit water.

7. Wen sun don go down he go dey clean, and afta dat, he fit chop di holy offering, becos na hin food.

8. He must no chop animal wey die on e own, or wey wild animal kill—to make am no clean. Na me be Baba-God.

9. “Make di priests keep my words, so dat dem no go commit sin, con die becos dem corrupt am. Na me be Baba-God wey dey make dem holy.

10. “Make no pesin wey dey outside di priest family chop from di holy offering, and make pipo wey come visit di priests or pipo wey he employ no chop inside di holy offering.

11. But if priest buy slave wit hin moni, or if dem born slave for di priest house—dem fit chop from di holy offering.

12. If priest daughter marry pesin wey no be priest, make she no chop any of di holy offering.

13. But if priest daughter turn to widow or she divorce, and she no get pikin, and she come back con live for her papa house as she be before she marry, she fit chop from her papa food. Any stranger no fit just chop from di food.

14. “If any pesin chop holy food by mistake, he must pay di priest for di offering, con add five percent join, of wetin he chop.

15. Di priest must no corrupt di holy offering wey di pipo of Israel dey give to Baba-God,

16. by allowing dem to chop from di holy offering, con make dem pay for am. Na me be Baba-God wey dey make dem holy.’ ”

Sacrifice Wey Baba-God No Like

17. Naso Baba-God tell Moses sey,

18. “Tell Aaron and hin sons, plus all di pikin of Israel—tell dem sey: ‘If any one of una wey be from Israel or foreigner wey dey stay for Israel carry gift come give Baba-God for burnt offering, either to keep hin promise wey he make to Baba-God or maybe na offering from hin free-mind,

19. Una must bring animan wey no get comma for body, from una malu, sheep or goats.

20. Baba-God no go accept am from una if una bring any one come, wey get comma for body.

21. Wen any pesin bring peace offering to Baba-God from malu, sheep or goat—to pay hin special offering to Baba-God, or na free offering from hin free heart, di offering must dey perfect, and wit no comma for body—so dat Baba-God to accept am.

22. No carry animal wey blind or wey wound, or wey hin hand or leg don cut komot, or wey get skin disease, or wound [animal wey get comma for body].

23. But you fit bring malu or sheep wey get comma for body—as free offering from you mind, but no be for payment of promise [vow] wey you make to Baba-God; Baba-God no go accept am.

24. You must no give any animal to Baba-God wey hin brokos don break, scata, or cut komot, and no sacrifice dat kain animal for una land.

25. And you must not accept dat kain animal from foreigners hand, con bring dem as food to Baba-God. Baba-God no go collect am for una becos di animal don wound and dem get comma for body.’ ”

26. Naso Baba-God tell Moses sey,

27. “Wen malu born pikin, or lamb or goat, make e dey wit e mama for seven days. From di eighth day, Baba-God go collect am as offering wey dem make wit faya.

28. No kill malu or sheep wit e pikin on di same day.

29. “Wen you sacrifice tanks-giving offering to Baba-God, bring am wit free-mind.

30. Una must chop am dat same day; no remain anytin reach morning. Na me be Baba-God.

31. “Keep my commands con follow dem. Na me be Baba-God.

32. No use my holy name take play. Di pipo of Israel must confam me as holy. Na me be Baba-God wey dey make una holy, and wey carry una komot from Egypt to be una God. Na me be Oga.”


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