Leviticus Chapter 23

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Festivals For Baba-God

  1. Naso Baba-God tell Moses sey,
  2. “Tok to di pikin of Israel, con tell dem sey: ‘Na dis be di festival wey I choose, di festival wey Baba-God choose, wey una go confam as holy meeting.

Di Sabbath

3. “Na six days dey wey you fit work, but di seventh day na di Sabbath of rest, na di day of holy meeting. Make una no do any work, any where wey una dey stay; na Sabbath of Baba-God.

Di Passover and Bread Wit No Yeast

4. Na dis be di festivals wey Baba-God don choose, di holy meeting wey una go confam for di right times:

5. Di Passover of Baba-God dey start for evening of di fourteenth day of di first month.

6. On di fifteenth day of di same month, start di Festival of bread wit no yeast—to Baba-God. Una must chop bread wit no yeast for seven days.

7. On di first day, make una do one holy meeting, and make una no do una normal work.

8. For seven days, make una give Baba-God offering wey una make wit faya. And make una do holy meeting on di seventh day.’ ”

Di Festival of Firstfruits

9. So Baba-God tok to Moses,

10. “Follow di pikins of Israel tok, and make you yarn dem sey, ‘Wen una enta di land wey I go give una, and una harvest for there, una must carry bundle of una fruit from di first harvest come meet di priest.

11. On di day afta Sabbath, di priest go wave am for Baba-God front, so dat Baba-God go accept am for una.

12. On dat same day wey you wave di bundle, you go sacrifice one year old male lamb wey no get comma for body—as burnt offering to Baba-God.

13. Togeda wit di seed offering of 2kg of fine flour wey dem mix wit olive ororo as food offering. Na sweet scent wey Baba-God like, you must bring am come wit one liter of ogogoro [wine] as drink offering.

14. Una must no chop any bread, or corn wey una roast, or fresh corn on dat day, until una carry dis offering come meet Baba-God. Dis law na everlasting law for una, and una must keep am from generation to generation any where wey una dey live.

Di Festival of Weeks

15. “From di day afta di Sabbath—di day wey una dey bring di bundle of fruit wey di priest wave as offering—count full seven weeks.

16. Kontinu to dey count until di day afta di seventh Sabbath, fifty days lata. Den bring offering of new seeds come meet Baba-God.

17. From any where wey una dey stay, bring two bread wey di priest go wave for Baba-God as wave offering. Make everi single one of di bread be 2kg of di best flour wey una bake wit yeast, and una go bring am to Baba-God as offering of di first seed wey una harvest.

18. And wit di bread, give seven one-year old lambs, one small malu, plus two rams as burnt offering to Baba-God, and dem must no get coma for body. Dem go give dem as burnt offering to Baba-God, along wit seed offering plus drink offering—as offering wey una make wit faya. Na sweet scent wey Baba-God like.

19. Still bring one small goat as sin offering, plus two lambs wey be one year old—as peace offerings.

20. Di priest go wave di bread wit two male lambs as wave offering to Baba-God. All dis offerings dey holy to Baba-God for di priest.

21. On dat day, make una no do any work, na holiday for una to gada for worship. Make una pikin-pikin-pikin observe dis law forever, no mata where dem dey stay.

22. Wen una harvest una farms, no cut di fruits wey dey for di corner of di farms, and no go back to cut di fruits wey una miss; leave dem for poor pipo plus di foreigners. Baba-God na una Oga.

Di Festival Of Trumpets

23. Baba-God con tell Moses sey,

24. “Tell di pipo of Israel sey, ‘For di seventh month, on di first day of di month, una go get Sabbath rest, and una go remember to blow di trumpets, and una go do holy meeting.

25. Make una no do una normal work, but make una carry una offering come meet Baba-God, offering wey una make wit faya.’”

Di Day To Clean Sins

26. Naso Baba-God tell Moses sey:

27. Di tenth day of di seventh month na day to make unasef pure: Una go do holy meeting on dat day, and una go humble unasef, con carry offering wey una make wit faya—go give Baba-God.

28. Make una no do any work on dat day, becos na day to make una pure, to make una clean for Baba-God una Oga eyes.

29. Those wey no humble demsef dat day—go cut komot from hin pipo.

30. I go scata any pesin from among dem wey do any work on dat day.

31. Make una no do any work at-all:  dis one go be law forever, tru-out una generations, any where una dey stay.

32. Na di day of Sabbath rest for una, and una must humble unasef. From di evening of di ninth day of di month, until di next evening—una go keep di Sabbath.

33. And Baba-God tell Moses sey,

Di Festival of Tents

34. “Tok to di pipo of Israel, tell dem sey, ‘On di fifteenth day of dis seventh month nahin go be di Festival of Tents for Baba-God. And e go be for seven days.

35. Una go do holy meeting for di first day, and make una no do any normal work.

36. For di seven days, una must bring offering wey una make wit faya—come give Baba-God; una go do holy meeting on di eighth day, and una go bring offering wey una make wit faya—for Baba-God; na holy meeting, so una no go do any of una normal work on dat day.

37. Dis na di Festivals wey una go do for Baba-God. Make una celebrate dem everi years as official days of una holy meeting, by bringing gifts to Baba-God—burnt offerings, seed offerings [meat offering], sacrifices, plus drink offerings, everi one of dem on dia own day;

38 . Dis offerings na to add-join di offerings of di Sabbaths, una gifts, all una promises to Baba-God, plus all di offerings wey una dey give Baba-God from una free mind.

39. ‘Evensef, on di fifteenth day of di seventh month, wen una don gada wetin di land produce, una go celebrate Baba-God festival for seven days. On di seventh day, una go rest kpatakpata on di first day, and on di eighth day wey be Sabbaths.

40. On di first day, una go take branches from fine trees, branches of palm trees, and di branches of thick trees, and di branches of willows* wey dey grow near di small-rivers. Den make una jollificate wit happiness for seven days—as Baba-God una Oga dey look una.

41. Celebrate am as Festival for Baba-God for seven days everi year. E go be law for una forever for una generations; una go celebrate am for di seventh month.

42. For seven day, una must stay for small kpako-house [tent], everi pesin wey be from Israel go live for small kpako-house,

43. So dat una pikin-pikin-pikin go sabi sey I make di pipo of Israel live for small kpako house [tent], wen I bin carry dem komot from Egypt. Na me be Baba-God una Oga.’”

44. So Moses tell all di pipo of Israel di Festivals wey Baba-God sey make dem dey celebrate everi year.


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