Leviticus Chapter 24

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Taking Care of Lamps For Di Worship-place

  1. Naso Baba-God tell Moses sey,
  2. “Tell all di pikins of Israel sey make dem bring pure ororo wey dem press from olives—for di light, so dat di lamp go kontinu to dey burn.
  3. Everi evening, for inside di worship-place, Aaron go light dem, con make dem dey burn till morning, for Baba-God front, outside di curtain, for front of di ark.
  4. Aaron plus di priests must always maintain di lamps wey dey on di pure gold lampstand for Baba-God front.

Di Sample Bread

5. Una must bake twelve bread from di best flour, and una must use 2kg of fine flour for everi single bread.

6. Put di bread for two rows, six for one and six for di oda one—on di table wit pure gold, wey dey for Baba-God front.

7. Put some pure incense for di two rows, so dat e go dey on di bread as sample, as offering wey dem make wit faya for Baba-God.

8. Sabbath afta Sabbath, una must set dis bread for Baba-God front everi time, as gift from di pipo of Israel. Dis na everlasting agreement.

9. E belong to Aaron and hin sons as dia everlasting right, and dem go chop am for inside di holy place, becos na di most holy part of di offering wey dem make to Baba-God wit faya.

Di Pesin Wey Downgrade Baba-God Must Die

10. Now di son of one Israel woman wey hin papa na Egyptian, con go out wit di pipo of Israel, so fight con start for di camp between di son of dis Israel woman and anoda Israel man.

11. Di son of di Israel woman downgrade Baba-God name wit curse; so dem carry am come meet Moses. [Hin mama name na Shelomith wey be di daughter of Dibri from Dan.]

12. Dem con arrest am first until Baba-God go show dem wetin to do.

13. So Baba-God tell Moses sey:

14. “Carry di pesin wey curse Baba-God name go outside di camp. Make all di pipo wey hear am lay dia hands for hin head, and make all of dem wey gada stone am.

15. Den tell di pipo of Israel sey: ‘If any pesin curse hin God, he go pay for hin sin;

16. And any pesin wey downgrade Baba-God name, dem must kill am. All di pipo wey gada must stone am. Whether na from una tribes or na foreigner, wen he curse Baba-God name, dem must kill am.

17. “If any pesin kill anoda pesin, dem must kill am sef.

18. Any pesin wey kill anoda pesin animal must pay back—life for life.

19. If any pesin wound hin neighbour, dem must do am back anytin wey he don do:

20. Wound for wound, eye for eye, teeth for teeth, dem go wound am as he take wound pesin sef.

21. Any pesin wey kill animal must pay for am, but dem must kill any pesin wey kill anoda pesin.

22. Na di same law una go use for foreigners and una own pipo. Na me be Baba-God wey be una Oga.’ ”

23. Naso Moses tell di pipo of Israel sey make dem carry di pesin wey curse Baba-God name go outside di camp, and make dem stone am. So di pipo of Israel do wetin Baba-God tell Moses to do.


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