Leviticus Chapter 25

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Di Sabbath Year

  1. For Mountain of Sinai, Baba-God con tell Moses sey,
  2. “Follow di pipo of Israel tok, and make you yarn dem sey: ‘Wen una enta di land wey I dey give una, di land esef must give Sabbath to Baba-God.
  3. Make una plant for six years, and make una maintain una grape-farms, con gada dia fruits.
  4. But make di land observe Sabbath of rest on di seventh year, Sabbath to Baba-God. Make una no plant for una farms or maintain una grape-farms.
  5. No harvest anytin wey grow by esef or harvest di grapes for una farm wey una no maintain. Na year of rest for una land.
  6. Anytin wey di land produce for di time of di Sabbath year go be food for una, una man plus woman servants, and di workers wey una employ, and for di foreigners wey dey live wit una,
  7. for una malu, plus di animals wey dey for una land. Make una chop anytin wey di land produce.

Di Year of Di Jubilee

8. Count seven Sabbath years—seven times seven years—so dat di seventh Sabbath year go reach fourty nine year.

9. Den make una sound di Jubilee trumpet for everi where, on di tenth day of di seventh month; on di day of di ceremony to clean una sins—nahin una go sound di trumpet for di whole land.

10. Make una separate dis year as holy year, na time for freedom for di whole land and for all di pipo wey dey stay for di land. Na jubilee year for una, na year wen una go back to di land wey belong to una papa-papa-papa, and go back to una own families.

11. Dis fifty years go be Jubilee for una. Una must no plant anytin for una farm on dat fiftieth year or gada any plant wey grow on dia own, no gada di grapes from una trees wey una no maintain,

12. becos na Jubilee and e suppose dey holy to una; chop only wetin una farm produce.

13. “For dis year of Jubilee, everi pesin go travel go back to dia own property.

14. “If you sell land to any of your own pipo or buy land from dem, make una no do mago-mago for unasef.

15. Make una set di price based-on di numba of years wey di land fit produce food before di next Jubilee Year.

16. Wen di years plenty, you suppose add join di price, and wen di years small, una suppose komot from di price, becos wetin dem really dey sell for you na di amount of food wey di land fit produce.

17. Make una no do mago-mago for unasef, but fear your God. Na me be Baba-God wey be una Oga.

18. “So follow my words, and obey my laws, con do dem, and una go live wit safety for di land.

19. Naso di land go produce e fruit, and una go chop belleful, con live wit safety.

20. And if una ask sey, “Wetin we go chop for di seventh year, if we no plant or harvest awa food?”

21. I go send una one kain blessing for di sixth year sote di land go produce yanfu-yanfu for three years.

22. Wen una plant una farm for di eighth year, una go still dey chop from di plenty food wey una harvest for di sixth year. Evensef, una go still dey chop from di brekete wen una go harvest di new food for di ninth year.

        Buying Back Properties

23. Make una no ever sell una land forever becos na me get di land. Una just be foreigners and strangers for di land.

24. “Any land wey una buy, una must give di seller di right to buy am back.

25. If one of una Israel broda con poor and he no get choice but to sell some of hin family land, den make hin close family-pipo buy a back for am.

26. If close family pesin no dey to buy back di land, but di pesin wey sell am con get enuff moni to buy am back,

27. Make he count di years since he sell di land, con give di balance to di pesin wey he sell di land to.

28. But if di original owner no get enuff moni to back di land, di land go dey wit di new owner until di next year of Jubilee. For di Jubilee year, di land must go back to di original owners so dat dem go fit go back to dia family land.

29. “Any pesin wey sell house for inside city wey get wall, he get di right to buy am back for one full year afta he sell am. For dat year, di seller get right to buy am back.

30. But if he no buy am back in one year time, he go lose di right to buy am back. Na di buyer go get am forever. Di land no go go back to di original owner on di Jubilee year.

31. As for di houses wey dey for village wey no get wall, una must count dem as lands for di open field. Pesin fit buy dem back any time, and dem must give am back to dia original owner for di Jubilee Year.

32. “Levites always get di right to buy back di house wey dem bin sell for inside cities wey dem share for dem.

33. And any property wey Levites sell—all di houses wey dey for di Levite cities—dem must return dem back to di Levites for di year of Jubilee. Afta-all, di houses for di cities wey dem keep for di Levites nahin be di only property wey dem get for di whole of Israel.

34. Dem no fit sell di farmland wey dey round di Levite towns. Na dia property forever.

Borrowing To Poor Pipo

35. “If any of una Israel pipo con poor sote he no fit support hinsef, support am di way una go take support foreigner or pesin wey dey stay wit una, and let am live wit you.

36. No charge am moni or use am make moni. Instead, show your fear of Baba-God by letting am stay wit you as your family pesin.

37. Remember sey you must no add any extra moni [interest] join any moni wey you borrow am, or make gain for di food wey you sell for am.

38. Na me be Baba-God una Oga, wey carry una komot from di land of Egypt to give una di land of Canaan, and to be una God.

Di Law Of Slaves

39. “If one of una Israel broda con poor and he no get choice but to sell hinsef to you, no take am like slave.

40. Instead, take am like pesin wey you employ, or pesin wey dey live wit you for short-time, he go serve you only reach di year of Jubilee.

41. Around dat time nahin he go komot from you, him plus hin pikin, and dem go go back to dia own family, and back to dia papa-papa-papa land.

42. Di pipo of Israel na my servants wey I carry komot from di land of Egypt, so no pesin must sell dem as slaves.

43. Show your fear to Baba-God by no treating dem anyhow.

44. “But you fit buy man or woman slave from among di oda nations wey dey around una.

45. Una fit still buy di pikin of di strangers wey dey live wit una for short-time, even those wey dem born for una land. Una fit treat dem as una property,

46. con pass dem give your pikin, as dia everlasting property. Una fit treat dem like slaves, but una must neva take una own Israel broda as slave like dis or oppress dem.

47. “If to sey foreigner or pesin wey dey live wit una for short-time con make moni as he dey live among una. If any of di pipo of Israel your broda, con poor and dem no get choice but to sell demsef to di foreigner or to member of di foreigner family,

48. Dem still get di right to buy demsef back, even afta di foreigner don pay for dem. Dia brodas fit buy dem back.

49. Dia uncle, or cousin, evensef any pesin from dia family fit buy dem back. Dem sef fit buy demsef back if dem don get moni.

50. Dem go settle for di price of dia freedom wit di pesin wey buy dem. Di price go be based-on di amount of years from di time wey dem sell demsef until di next Jubilee year—any price wey e go cost to employ worker for dat amount of time.

51. If plenty years still remain until di Jubilee, dem go pay di correct amount of di moni wey dem collect wen dem sell demsef.

52. If na only some years remain until di Jubilee year, dem go pay small amount to buy desef back.

53. Di foreigner must treat dem like workers wey dem employ everi year. Una must no let any foreigner treat una Israel broda anyhow or oppress dem.

54. If dem neva buy any Israelite back by di time of di Jubilee, dem must free dem plus dia pikin dat time,

55. Becos di pipo of Israel belong to me. Na dem be my servants wey I carry komot from di land of Egypt. Na me be Baba-God una Oga.


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