Leviticus Chapter 26

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    Blessings For Obeying

  1. “Make una no make idols or build image, or stand any image, and no carry stone wey dem carve for una land, con bow down to am. Na me be Baba-God wey be una Oga.
  2. “Keep my Sabbaths and respect my holy place. Na me be Baba-God.
  3. “If una follow my words and keep my laws, con do wetin I tell una to do,
  4. Naso I go send rain come for di correct season, di ground go produce e plants, and di trees wey dey for di land go produce dia fruit.
  5. Una harvest go burku well-well—sote una go still dey harvest seeds wen di time to pick grapes go reach—and una go still dey pick grapes wen di time to plant seeds go reach. Una go get everitin wey una like to chop, and una go live wit safety for di land.
  6. “I go give una peace for una land, and una go lie down wit no pesin to make una mind dey cut. I go komot wicked wild animals komot from di land, and sword no go pass tru una kontri.
  7. Una go pursue una enemies, and una go kill dem wit sword for una front.
  8. Five of una go pursue hundred pipo, and one hundred of una go pursue ten thousand of dem, and una go kill una enemies wit sword for una front.
  9. “I go respect una, con make una dey produce fruits, and I go make una numbas burku, con keep my agreement wit una.
  10. Una go still dey chop last year harvest wen una go need to carry am komot to make space for new one.
  11. I go build my house among una, and I no go ever hate una.
  12. I go waka among una, con be una God, and una go be my pipo.
  13. Na me be Baba-God wey be una Oga, wey carry una komot from Egypt, so dat una no go be slave again for di Egyptians; I break di heavy weight komot from una neck, con make una waka straight.

            Punishment For Disobeying

14. “But if una no gree listen to me, con do all dis tins wey I dey yarn una to do,

15. and if una fashi my words, con hate my laws, and una no gree do all di tins wey I tell una to do, but una con break my agreement,

16. naso I go do dis tin to una sef: I go carry kasala come meet una, disease wey no get cure, and fever wey go blind una—con cos pain for una heart. Una go plant seed in vain, becos una enemies nahin go chop am.

17. I go put my face against una, sote una enemies go kill una; those pipo wey hate una go rule una, and una go dey run even wen no pesin dey pursue una.

18. “If afta all dis tins, una still no gree listen to me, I go punish una seven times more, becos of una sins.

19. I go stop una from making mouth about una pawa, con make di sky wey dey on top una be like iron, and di ground wey dey under una leg go be like bronze.

20. Una go waste una energy, becos una farm no go produce e plants, and di trees for di land no go bring dia fruit.

21. “If una no gree follow me, and una no gree listen to me, I go make una punishment burku seven times more, based-on di bad-bad-tins wey na don do.

22. I go send wild animals to attack una, and dem go chop una pikin, dem go dabaru una malu, con make una small well-well sote una roads go empty kpatakpata.

23. “If una still no gree for my correction afta all dis tins, but una kontinu to dey against me,

24. mesef go dey against una, con punish una seven times becos of una sins.

25. I go carry war meet una—to punish una for breaking my agreement, and if una gada for una cities for safety, I go send disease wey no get cure among una, and una go fall enta di hand of una enemy.

26. I go spoil una food, sote ten women go need only one oven to bake di bread wey dem get. Na only small food dem go serve for una, so una go chop but una no go belleful.

27. “If afta all dis tins una still no gree listen to me, but una turn komot from my side,

28. naso I go change-am-for una as I dey vex, den me mysef go punish una for una sins seven times more.

29. Una go chop una sons flesh and una daughters flesh.

30. I go scata una shrines for high places, con cut una images for ground. Naso I go throway una deadbody join di idols wey no fit breath, and my soul go hate una.

31. I go make una cities kpafuka, con turn una holy-places to waste. And I no go gree smell di sweet scent of una sacrifices.

32. I go turn una land to waste, sote di enemies wey go live inside am go shock.

33. I go scata una among di nations, con carry my sword against una. Una land go empty kpatakpata, and una cities go kpafuka.

34. Naso di land go enjoy e Sabbath as long as di land don empty. Una go dey for una enemies land and naso di land go take rest, con enjoy her Sabbaths.

35. As long as di land dey empty, e go rest, becos e no rest for di Sabbaths wen una bin dey for di land.

36. “As for those of una wey survive, I go make fear catch dia heart well-well for dia enemies land. Una go live wit one kain fear sote di sound of leaf wey breeze dey blow go make una run. Una go run like pipo wey dey run for dia life, and una go fall even wen no pesin dey pursue una.

37. Dem go fall on top of demsef like sey dem dey run from sword, even though no pesin dey pursue dem. So una no go get pawa to stand for una enemies front.

38. Una go kpeme among di nations and di land of una enemies go chop una.

39. Those of una wey remain go waste dey go inside dia sins for di enemy land; and dem go waste even inside di sins of dia papa-papa-papa.

   Baba-God Dey Remember Those Wey Repent

40. “But if dem confess dia sins and dia ancestors sins, wit dia disobedience against me, and dia sin against me,

41. wey make me change-am-for dem—sote I con pursue dem enta dia enemies land, if dem fit calm down dia stubborn hearts, and dem accept di punishment for dia sins—

42. naso I go remember my agreement wit Jacob, and my agreement wit Isaac, plus my agreement wit Abraham—and I go remember di land.

43. Di land must dey empty to enjoy e year of Sabbaths rest as no pesin dey for there. Las-las dem go accept di punishment for dia sins, becos dem fashi my laws and dem fashi my words.

44. But upon all dis tins, wen dem dey for di land of dia enemies, I no go reject dem or hate dem sote I go con scata dem kpatakpata, or break my agreement wit dem. Na me be Baba-God dia Oga.

45. But becos of dem, I go remember di agreement wit dia papa-papa-papa, wey I carry komot from Egypt, for di eyes of di nations—to be dia God. Na me be Baba-God

46. Na dis be di yarnings, di word, plus di laws wey Baba-God put down for Mountain of Sinai—between hinsef and di pipo of Israel tru Moses.


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