Leviticus Chapter 27

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Buying Back Wetin Belong To Baba-God

  1. Naso Baba-God tell Moses sey,
  2. “Tok to di pipo of Israel, con yarn dem sey: ‘If any pesin make special promise to give [hinsef or member of hin family] to Baba-God by paying di price of dat pesin [dat mean sey di priest go collect some amount of moni from di pesin wey dey make di promise to replace di pesin wey he wan give to Baba-God],
  3. Naso dem go take set di price. Man wey be from twenty to sixty years old go be 50 silver coins, based-on di standard weight of silver for Baba-God house.
  4. And if na woman, di price na 30 silver coins.
  5. If na pesin between di age of five and twenty, set di price of male around 20 silver coins, and for female—for 10 silver coins.
  6. If na pesin between one month and five years, set di price for male around 5 silver coins, and di one for female—for 3 silver coins.
  7. If na pesin of sixty years old or more, set di price for di male around 15 silver coins, and di one for female—for 10 silver coins.
  8. If any pesin wey dey make di promise—too poor to pay di special amount, make he carry di pesin go meet di priest, wey go set di price for am based-on wetin di man wey dey make di promise fit pay.
  9.  ‘If wetin he promise na animal wey Baba-God go accept as offering, dat animal wey he dey give Baba-God go dey holy.
  10. He must no exchange am, or replace good one wit bad one, or bad one for good one; if he go replace one animal wit anoda one, both of dem go con holy, and he must sacrifice dem.
  11. If na animal wey no clean nahin he give to Baba-God for sacrifice, make he carry am come meet di priest,
  12. So dat di priest go tok di price—whether e cheap or cost, as you wey be di priest set di price, naso e go be.
  13. But if he wan buy am back, he must pay 20 percent extra.
  14. “If man promise hin house as sometin wey holy to Baba-God, di priest go set di price, whether di house good or bad. Any amount wey di priest set, naso e go be.
  15. If pesin wey promise to give house, and he wan con buy am back, he must pay di price wey di priest go set, plus 20 percent, naso di house go belong to am again.
  16. “If man promise to give part of hin family land to Baba-God, make dem set di price based-on di amount of seed wey dem go plant for di land—for 10 silver coins for everi 10 kilograms of seed wey dem go plant for di land.
  17. And if dem give di land to Baba-God for di Jubilee year, na di full price go stand.
  18. But if he give Baba-God di land afta di Jubilee year, di priest go calculate di moni based-on di numbas of years wey remain until di next Jubilee year, di value go reduce everi single year.
  19. If di pesin wey give Baba-God di land wan buy am back, he must pay di amount wey di priest set, plus 20 percent. Naso di land go turn to hin own again based-on di law.
  20. But if he no wan buy di land back, and dem sell di land to anoda pesin, he no fit buy di land back again.
  21. Wen dem release di land for di Year of Jubilee, di land go be holy land, land wey dem separate for Baba-God. E go turn to di priests property.
  22. If pesin give Baba-God land wey he buy, wey no be hin family property,
  23. Di priest go calculate di price of di land reach di Year of Jubilee, and di pesin go give di amount on dat day—as holy offering to Baba-God.
  24. For di Jubilee Year, dem must return di land back to di pesin wey dem buy am from—to di pesin wey e belong to.
  25. Dem must calculate di moni based-on di standard weight of measuring silver for Baba-God house; (20 gerahs for one silver coin).
  26. You no need to give di firstborn animal to Baba-God, becos all di firstborn of una malu, sheep, plus goats already belong to Baba-God.
  27. But you fit buy back di first born of animal wey no clean for di standard price plus extra 20 percent. If you no buy am back, dem fit sell am for anoda pesin for di standard price.
  28. Evensef, anytin wey dem separate for Baba-God—whether na pesin, animal, or family property—dem must no sell of buy dem back. Anytin wey dem keep like dis don separate as sometin wey holy, and e belong to Baba-God.
  29. Dem must no buy any pesin back—wey dem separate to kill—dem must kill dat kain pesin.
  30. Ten percent of wetin di land produce, whether na seed from di farm or fruit from di trees—dem belong to Baba-God, and dem must separate dem as sometin wey holy.
  31. If you wan buy back Baba-God tithe of di seed or fruit, you must pay di amount, plus 20 percent.
  32. Count ten pecent of your animals, con separate dem as sometin wey holy.
  33. You fit no pick and choose between good and bad animal, and you fit no change one wit anoda one, but if you change one animal wit anoda one, both di original animal and di one wey you take change am go holy, and you no fit buy dem back.”
  34. Na dis be di commands wey Baba-God give tru Moses to di pipo of Israel for mountain Sinai.


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