Leviticus Chapter 5

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Guilty Offering

  1. “If any pesin commit sin becos dem no tok wen dem don announce for public about sometin wey dem see or hear about—di pesin go pay for am.
  2. “Or if to sey any pesin touch sometin wey no dey clean, like deadbody of animals wey no clean, or deadbody of malu wey no clean, or deadbody of any animal wey dey creep for ground and wey no clean. If di pesin no know—hinsef no go clean, and he go dey guilty.
  3. “Or if to sey pesin touch anytin wey no clean about man, any kain tin wey fit make am no clean, and he no know, wen di pesin notice wetin he don do, di pesin must accept hin wrong.
  4. “Or if pesin swear or promise to do sometin, and he no reason am first, whether good or evil—for any mata wey pesin fit swear wit-out tinking, and he no know; wen he notice wetin he don do—he go pay for am.
  5. “If pesin don do bad tin in any of dis way, he must confess sey he don commit sin.
  6. And as punishment for di sin wey he don commit, he must carry female lamb or goat come meet Baba-God, from hin animals, as sin offering; and di priest go epp am sacrifice—to komot hin sin.
  7. “If di pesin no get enuff moni to buy lamb, make he bring two doves of two young pigeons to Baba-God as punishment for hin sins—one for sin offering, and di oda one for burnt offering.
  8. Make he carry dem come meet di priest, wey go first prepare di one for di sin offering. He go break e neck wit-out removing di head from di body.
  9. And he go sprinkle some of di blood of di sin offering for all di sides of di altar; con pour di remaining blood for di ground of di altar. Na sin offering.
  10. Naso he go give di second one as burnt offering based-on how dem take dey offer am, so di priest go epp am sacrifice to komot di sin wey he don commit, and Baba-God go forgive am.
  11. “But if he no get moni to buy two doves or two young pigeons, he go bring 1kg of fine flour as sin offering. He no go put any ororo or any incense on am, becos na sin offering.
  12. Make he carry am come give di priest wey go carry small part of am as sample. And he go burn am on di altar as offering wey dem make for Baba-God wit faya. Na sin offering.
  13. Naso di priest go take give sacrifice for di sin wey he don commit, and Baba-God go forgive am. Di rest of di offering go belong to di priest, just like di seed offering.’ ”

      Law of Guilty Offering

14. Baba-God con tell Moses sey,

15. “If any pesin no know, con commit sin by not giving di payment wey dey holy to Baba-God, di pesin go bring e repayment offering to Baba-God. Ram wey no get scratch for body, or di pesin fit buy one wey get di same value based-on di official weight of silver.

16. Di pesin must make di payment wey he no gree make—wey dey holy to Baba-God, con pay extra 20 percent. Di pesin go give di priest, and di priest go prepare di ram as sin offering to komot hin sin, and Baba-God go forgive di pesin.

17. “If to sey pesin commit sin by disobeying one of Baba-God commands. Even if di pesin no know wetin he don do, di pesin go dey guilty and he go receive punishment for hin sin.

18. For guilty offering, he must bring ram come meet di priest, ram wey no get scratch for body, or he fit buy one wey be di same price. Naso di priest go take clean am from di sin wey he no know commit, and Baba-God go forgive am.

19. Na dis be guilty offering, becos you dey guilty of offence against Baba-God.


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