Leviticus Chapter 6

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Laws About Di Offering Wey Dem Burn, Di Seed Offering, Plus Sin Offering

  1. Baba-God tell Moses sey:
  2. “If any one of una commit sin against Baba-God by lieing to hin neighbour about sometin wey dem trust put for hin hand, or wey dem give am to take care of, or he tiff di tin wit gra-gra, or if he do mago-mago for am,
  3. or if he see hin neighbour property wey lost and he con lie about am, or if he swear fake swear, or if he do any of dis kain bad tin wey pipo fit do—
  4. Wen he don do bad tin con dey guilty, he must return wetin he rob, or sometin wey he obtain wit gragra, or sometin wey dem give am to keep, or di tin wey lost wey he see,
  5. or anytin wey e don use take swear fake swear. He must pay back fully plus 20 percent join—to di pesin. He must bring guilty offering come on di same day.
  6. And as punishment, he must carry hin guilty offering come meet di priest—wey dey represent Baba-God; ram from hin animals, one wey no get comma, or di pesin go pay di priest di moni for am.
  7. Naso di priest go prepare sacrifice to clean hin sin for Baba-God front, and Baba-God go forgive am for anytin wey don make am dey guilty.

Di Law of Di Offering Wey Dem Burn

8. Baba-God con tell Moses sey:

9. “Tell Aaron and hin sons sey: Na dis be di law of di burnt offering: Dem must leave di burnt offering on top of di altar tru-out di night until di next morning, and di faya for di altar must dey burn all night.

10. Naso di priest go wear hin linen priest-cloth and di linen short-nika, and di priest go carry di ashes wey di faya don burn wit di burnt offering for di altar, and he go put dem near di altar.

11. He go pull hin clothes, con wear anoda clothes, con carry di ashes outside di camp, to place wey clean.

12. Make di faya we dey for di altar always dey burn, and make dem no off am. Di priest must add faya wood everi morning, con arrange di burnt offering for di faya, and burn di fat for di peace offerings for di altar.

13. He must make sure sey di faya for di altar dey always burn; di faya must no quench.

Di Law of Di Seed Offering

14. “Na dis be di law of di seed offering. Na Aaron sons go arrange am for Baba-God front—for front of di altar.

15. Di priest go use hin hand take pack some fine flour plus ororo, togeda wit all di incense of di seed offering, con burn part of am as sample for di altar as gift to Baba-God—na sweet scent wey Baba God like.

16. Aaron plus hin sons go chop di rest of am, but make dem chop am inside di holy place wit bread wey no get yeast, make dem chop am for di yard of di worship-place.

17. Dem must no bake am wit yeast; I don give dem as dia share of di offerings wey dem make to me wit faya. Like di sin offering plus di guilty offering, na di most holy part.

18. Any man pikin of Aaron fit chop am. E go be law forever for una generations about Baba-God offerings wey dem make wit faya; any pesin wey touch dem go dey holy.”

19. Baba-God still tell Moses sey,

20. “Na dis be di offering wey Aaron plus hin sons go give to Baba-God on di day wey dem anoint am: half kilogram of fine flour—di same amount as di seed offering for everi day, half for morning and half for night.

21. Make dem mix am wit ororo for pan, con bake am. And make dem bring am, and give di pieces of di seed offering—as sweet scent wey Baba-God like.

22. Di son wey go take hin position as priest wey dem anoint nahin go arrange am. Na law forever for Baba-God, and make dem burn am kpatakpata.

23. Make dem burn everi seed offering of di priest kpatakpata, and dem must no chop am.”

Di Law of Di Sin Offering

24. Baba-God con tell Moses sey,

25. “Tell Aaron and hin sons sey: ‘Naso una go take organize di sin offering: Make dem kill di sin offering for Baba-God front for where dem take dey kill di burnt offering; nahin holy pass.

26. Di priest wey prepare am as sin offering go chop am for di holy place, for di yard of di worship-place.

27. Anytin wey touch any of di flesh go dey holy, and if any of di blood touch any cloth, una must wash am for inside di holy place.

28. Una must break di clay pot wey una use take cook di meat, but if na bronze pot dem take cook am, make dem scrub am, con rinse am wit water.

29. Any man for di priest family fit chop inside am; nahin be di most holy.

30. But dem must no chop any sin offering wey dem carry di blood enta di worship-place to sacrifice for sins for inside di holy place; dem must burn am inside faya.


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