Leviticus Chapter 7

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Di Law Of Di Guilty Offering

1. “Naso una go take organize di guilty offering, wey holy pass.

2. Make dem kill di guilty offering for di place wey dem dey kill di burnt offering, and make dem sprinkle di blood for all di sides of di altar.

3. Make he bring all di fat: di fat tail, plus all di fat wey cover di inside part,

di two kidneys plus di fat wey dey on dem for near di waist, and di part wey cover di liver—wey dem go komot wit di kidneys.

4. Di priest go burn dem for di altar as offering wey dem make to Baba-God wit faya. Na guilty offering.

5. Any man for di priest family fit chop am, but dem must chop am for inside di holy place, na di most holy.

6. “Na di same law dem go use for both di sin offering plus di guilty offering. Dem belong to di priest wey use dem take sacrifice for di sins.

7. Di priest wey prepare di burnt offering for any pesin fit keep di skin for hinsef.

8. Everi seed offering wey dem bake for oven, or wey dem cook for pan or for frypan—belong to di priest wey prepare am for Baba-God.

10. And everi seed offering, whether dem mix am wit ororo, or e dry—belong to all di sons of Aaron—and dem go share am equally.

Di Law of Di Peace Offerings

11. “Na dis be di law of di sacrifice of peace offerings wey pesin wan bring to Baba-God:

12. “If na di offering of tanks-giving, den he go bring dis tins along wit di sacrifice of tanks-giving, cakes wey dem make wit no yeast and wey dem rob wit ororo, and thin cakes wey dem make wit no yeast, plus cakes wey dem blend wit fine flour and wey dem mix wit ororo.

13. Along wit hin peace offering of tanks-giving [di cakes] he suppose bring offering wit bread wey dem make wit yeast.

14. Make he carry one of everi of di offering [cakes], as special offering to Baba-God; e belong to di priest wey go carry di blood of di animal con sprinkle am for di altar.

15. Dem must chop di meat of di peace offering di day wey dem sacrifice am; dem must no leave any one reach di next morning.

16. “But if di sacrifice of hin offering na becos of promise wey he make to Baba-God [vow] or if na offering from free-mind, make he chop di sacrifice on di day wey he give am, and dem fit chop anytin wey remain di next day.

17. Any meat of di sacrifice wey remain till di third day, dem must burn am wit faya.

18. If dem chop any of di meat of di peace offering on di third day, Baba-God no go accept di pesin wey bring di sacrifice. By den di meat go don corrupt, and Baba-God no go count di sacrifice for di pesin wey bring am. Any pesin wey chop am go pay for wetin he do.

19. “Make dem no chop meat wey touch any tin wey no clean; dem must burn am wit faya. But only pipo wey clean nahin fit chop di rest of di meat.

20. But if any pesin wey no clean, wey con chop any meat from di sacrifice of di peace offerings wey belong to Baba-God, make dem cut dat pesin komot from hin pipo.

21. If any pesin touch sometin wey no clean, whether na from human being or animal, or any oda tin wey be tufiakwa and wey no clean, and di pesin con chop meat from di sacrifice of peace offerings wey dem give to Baba-God, dem must cut di pesin komot from from hin pipo.”

No Chop Fat Plus Blood Wey Baba-God Forbid

22. Baba-God con tok to Moses sey,

23. “Tell di pipo of Israel sey: ‘Make una no chop any kind of fat—wether na di fat of malu, sheep or goats.

24. Una fit use di fat of animal wey don die or wey wild animal kill—take do any oda tin, but make una no chop am.

25. Any pesin wey chop di fat of animal wey dem make for Baba-God wit faya, make dem cut di pesin komot from hin pipo.

26. And any where wey una dey stay, una must no chop di blood of any bird or animal.

27. If any pesin chop blood, dem must cut dat pesin komot from hin pipo.’ ”

Di Share of Di Priest [Aaron Plus Hin Sons]

28. Baba-God con tell Moses sey,

29. “Tell di pipo of Israel sey: ‘Any pesin wey bring sacrifice of peace offering come meet Baba-God, must bring part of am as special gift to Baba-God.

30. Na wit hin own hand he go take carry di offering wey dem go make to Baba-God wit faya; make he carry di fat come, togeda wit di breast, con wave di breast as wave offering to Baba-God.

31. Make di priest burn di fat for di altar, but di breast belong to Aaron and hin sons.

32. You go give di right shoulder of di peace offering to di priest as gift.

33. Make Aaron son wey offer di blood plus di fat of di peace offerings—collect di right shoulder as hin share.

34. Becos I don keep di breast of di special offering plus di right lap—for Aaron plus hin pikin-pikin-pikin forever. Na dia share inside di peace offering wey di pipo of Israel dey give.

35. Na dis be dia holy portion for Aaron and hin sons, from di offerings wey dem make wit faya to Baba-God, on di day wen Moses bring dem to serve Baba-God for as priest.

36. On di day wey dem anoint dem, Baba-God tell di pipo of Israel to give dem as dia share forever—even to Aaron pikin-pikin-pikin.

37. Na dis be di law of di burnt offering, di guilty offering, di sin offering, di ordination offering, plus di sacrifice of di peace offerings.

38. Baba-God give Moses dis law for Mountain Sanai on di day wey he tell di pipo of Israel to bring dia offering to Baba-God, for di desert of Sinai.


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