Deuteronomy Chapter 1

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Di Command To Komot From Horeb

  1. Dis na di words wey Moses tell all di pipo of Israel wen dem dey for desert for di east side of River Jordan, for di smooth-land opposite Suph, between Paran and Topphel, Laban, Hazeroth plus Dizahab.
  2. Na eleven days journey from Horeb to Kadesh Barnea tru di road of Mountain Seir.
  3. But forty year afta di pipo of Israel komot from Egypt, on di first day of di eleventh month, Moses tell di pipo of Israel everitin wey Baba-God tell am to tell dem.
  4. Dis na afta he don win Sihon wey be di king of di Amorites wey dey for Heshbon, and he still win Og wey be di king of Bashan for Edrei—wey dey for Ashtaroth.
  5. For di east side of River Jordan, for di land of Moab—Moses start to dey explain dis law—wey tok  sey,
  6. “Baba-God wey be una Oga follow us yarn for  Horeb, “Una don too tey for dis mountain.
  7. Make una stand up, enta road, move go di mountain  kontri of di Amorites; make una go meet all di pipo wey dey around di smooth-land, bottom-of-mountain), di hills, di south, and di water-side—go reach di land of Canaan and Lebanon, and far-far reach di ogbonge River Euphrates.
  8. See, I don give una dis land. Make una enta di land, con claim di land wey Baba-God swear sey he go give una papa-papa-papa—Abraham, Isaac, plus Jacob, and to give dia pikin-pikin-pikin wey go come afta dem.”

Dem Choose Leaders For Di Tribes

9. Around dat time, I tell una sey, “Una be like load wey too heavy for only me to carry.

10. Baba-God wey be una Oga don make una plenty— sote today una don plenty like stars for sky.

11. Make Baba-God, di God of una papa-papa-papa make una plenty one thousand times more, con bless una as he promise una!

12. But how only me go take carry una wahala plus  palava, and una kwanta?

13. Choose some men wey wise wey sabi, and wey get understanding, and wey get levels—from everi single one of una tribes, and I go tell dem to lead una.”

14. Una ansa me sey, “Wetin you dey plan na beta plan.”

15. So I take di top men of una tribes, wise men wey get  levels, and I choose dem to be una judges and leaders—some dey in charge of one thousand pipo, some dey in charge of hundred pipo, and some dey  in charge of fifty, and some dey in charge of ten, and as leaders of di tribes.

16. And dat time I tell una judges sey; “Una must hear di kwanta between una brodas and make una judge wit una church-mind, whether di case na between di pipo of Israel wey be brodas, or between one of dem and foreigner.

17. No do partiality wen una dey judge; hear both big and small. No fear any man becos na Baba-God get  judgement. Make una carry any case wey too hard for  una come meet me, and I go hear am.

18. And as at dat time, I tell una everitin wey una suppose do.

Israel No Gree Enta Di Land

19. Just as Baba-God wey be awa Oga bin tell us, we move from Horeb go di mountain kontri of di Amorites, tru dat big rugged desert wey una see, and we con reach Kadesh Barnea.

20. I con tell una sey, “Una don reach di mountain kontri of di Amorites wey Baba-God awa Oga don give us.

21. See, Baba-God awa Oga don give us dis land. Make una go up to claim di land as Baba-God di Oga of una papa-papa-papa bin tell una. No let fear catch una and  make una no lose-mind.”

22. Naso all of una come meet me, con tok sey, “Make we send men go for-front to spy di land for us, con  carry message come back to meet us to tell us di road wey we go follow and di cities wey we go enta.”

23. Di idea make-sense to me, so I choose twelve of  una, one man from everi single tribe.

24. Dem komot con enta di mountain kontri, and dem  reach bottom-of-di-mountain wey dem dey call Eshcol, and dem check di place.

25. Dem carry some of di fruit of di land follow-body, dem carry am come meet us, con tok sey, “Na beta  land Baba-God dey give us so.”

26. But una no ready to go up; una no gree obey wetin  Baba-God una Oga tell una to do.

27. Naso una dey complain for inside una tents, con tok  sey, “Baba-God hate us; so he carry us komot from Egypt to put us for di Amorites hand—so dat dem do kill us.

28. Where we go go? Awa brodas don make us lose-mind. Dem tok sey, ‘Di pipo strong pass us and dem  tall pass us; di cities big well-well and dem get walls  wey high reach sky. We even see di sons of Anakites [giants] for there.’ ”

29. I con yarn una sey, “Make una no fear dem, or let  una mind cut

30. Baba-God wey be una Oga, wey dey go for una front—go fight for una as he bin fight for una for  Egypt for una korokoro eyes;

31. And inside di desert, where una take see as Baba-God wey be una Oga take carry una, as papa take dey carry hin pikin, everi where una go—sote una reach dis place.

32. Upon dis tins, una still no gree trust Baba-God wey  be una Oga,

33. Wey dey go for una front as una dey travel—wey dey inside faya for night and inside cloud for day time, to fyne places for una wey una go camp, and to show una di road wey una go follow.

Israel Pay For Di Sin

34. Wen Baba-God hear wetin una tok, he con dey vex  for una, and he swear sey,

35. ‘Surely, no single man from dis generation go see di  beta land wey I swear to give una papa-papa-papa,

36. Except Caleb wey be di son of Jephunneh. He go see  di beta land, and I go give him and hin pikin-pikin-pikin di land wey he march wit hin leg, becos he follow Baba-God wit hin full-heart.’

37. Baba-God con dey vex for me sef becos of una, he  con tok sey, ‘You sef no go enta di land.

38. But Joshua wey be di son of Nun, wey dey work for you, go enta di land. Ginger am, becos he go lead di pipo of Israel to claim di land.

39. And una small pikin wey una tok sey dem go carry as prisoners of war, una pikin wey neva sabi good from bad—dem go enta di land. I go give am to dem and dem go claim di land.

40. But as for una, make una turn, con move go di  desert for di road to di Red Sea.’

41. Una con ansa, con tell me sey, ‘We don commit sin against Baba-God. We go-go up to fight, based-on everitin wey Baba-God awa Oga don tell us.’ So everi one of una carry una weapons, una con ready  to go di mountain kontri.

42. But Baba-God tell me sey, ‘Tell dem sey: Make una no go up to fight, becos I no go dey wit una. Una enemies go win una.’

43. So I tell una, but una no gree listen to me. Una no  gree obey wetin Baba-God tok, and as una dey do  anyhow—una march go up to di mountain.

44. Di Amorites wey dey live for di mountain come out to fight una; dem pursue una komot like plenty bees and dem nack una down—from Seir go reach Hormath.

45. Una come back con dey cry for Baba-God front, but he no gree hear una cry, and hin ears no gree listen to una.

46. Naso una con stay for Kadesh for many days—una  tey for there.”


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