Deuteronomy Chapter 10

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Di New Stones Wit Writings

  1. Around dat time, Baba-God con tell me sey, “Use chisel take cut two stones like di first ones, and come meet me on top of di mountain. And use wood  take make box (ark)—(wey you go use keep di stones).
  2. Na on top of dis stones—I go write di words wey bin dey on top of di first stones wey you bin break. And  you go put dem for inside di ark (box).”
  3. So I use shittim wood take make ark [box], con use  chisel take carve two stones like di first ones, I con  go up to di mountain wit di two stones for my hands.
  4. Na on top of dis stones Baba-God con write wetin he bin write on di first stone—di ten commandments  wey he bin give una on top of di mountain, from inside faya, on di day wey all di pipo gada. And Baba-God carry dem give me.
  5. Naso I come down from di mountain, and I put di stones inside di ark [box] wey I make, just as Baba-God bin tell me. Dem dey for there now.
  6. Di pipo of Israel travel from Beeroth wey belong to di pikins of Jaakan—and dem reach Moserah. Na for  there Aaron die and dem bury am for there, so Eleazar hin pikin con take hin position as priest.
  7. Dem travel from there go Gudgodah, con travel go Jotbathah, land wey get streams and rivers.
  8. Around dat time nahin Baba-God separate di tribe of  Levi to carry Baba-God ark of di agreement, to stand  for Baba-God front to serve and to give blessings wit hin name, as dem still dey do till today.
  9. Nahin make di Levites no get any share or property among hin brodas; na Baba-God be dia own, just as  Baba-God una Oga promise dem.
  10. As I bin do di first time, I stay for di mountain for forty days plus forty nights, and Baba-God listen to  me dis time again. And Baba-God no scata una.
  11. Baba-God con tell me sey, “Stand up, dey go, and make you lead di pipo for dia way, so dat dem go fit  enta, con cliam di land wey I swear to dia papa-papa-papa—to give dem.”

Di Fear of Baba-God

12. And now, wetin Baba-God una Oga dey ask for, but  make una fear Baba-God una Oga, to follow all hin ways, and to love am, and to serve Baba-God una Oga wit all una heart and soul,

13. to keep di commandments of Baba-God, and di laws  wey I dey give una today so dat e go beta for una?

14. See, Baba-God una Oga nahin get di heavens, even di highest heavens, even di earth plus everitin wey dey for inside am.

15. But Baba-God happy for una ancestors, con love dem, and he choose una wey be dia pikin-pikin-pikin, to give una levels pass everi nation—as e be so today.

16. Make una circumcise una hearts [komot sin from  una hearts], and make una stop di stubborness.

17. Becos Baba-God wey be una Oga nahin be di God of gods, and Oga of ogas, di ogbonge God, wey big  and wey be okokobioko, wey no dey do partiality and wey no dey collect bribes.

18. He dey defend di ways of pipo wey no get papa, and di widows, and he love foreigners, con dey give dem  food and clothes.

19. So make una love strangers, becos unasef be strangers [jjc] for Egypt before.

20. Fear Baba-God wey be una Oga, con worship am. Hold am tight, and make una swear wit hin name.

21. Na him una suppose to praise, and nahin be una  God. He don do all those great and ogbonge wonders wey una see wit una korokoro eyes.

22. All una ancestors wey go Egypt na seventy, and now Baba-God una Oga don make una plenty well- well like stars for sky.


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