Deuteronomy Chapter 12

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One Place For Worship

  1. Na dis be di rules and laws wey una go calm down to keep for inside dat land wey Baba-God, di God of  una papa-papa-papa dey give una to claim—as long as una dey live for di earth.
  2. Make una scata kpatakpata—all di places for di high mountains and for di hills, and under everi green tree—all di places where di nations wey una dey go claim—dey worship dia gods.
  3. Scata dia altars, break dia holy stones, con burn dia  image of wood wit faya; cut down di images of dia gods, and komot dia names from that place.
  4. Una must no worship Baba-God wey be una Oga wit  all those kain tins.
  5. But una go worship Baba-God for di place wey he go choose from among all di tribes, to put hin Name  there for hin house. Na dat place una must go.
  6. So make una bring una burnt offerings plus sacrifices, una tithes and special gifts, di tins wey  una promise Baba-God, una free-mind offerings, plus di firstborn of una sheep and malu.
  7. So for front of Baba-God nahin una plus una families go chop, con dey celebrate for everitin wey  una don work for, becos Baba-God una Oga don bless una.
  8. Make una no do as we dey do for here today, wey  everi pesin dey do wetin dey right for dia own eyes—
  9. Since una neva reach una place of rest, and di land  wey Baba-God una Oga dey give una.
  10. But wen una go crosss River Jordan, con settle down for di land wey Baba-God una Oga dey give una—as una property, and wen he give una rest from all una enemies wey dey around una—so dat  una go live wit safety,
  11. naso Baba-God go choose one place wey pipo go dey worship hin Name. Na for there una go carry everitin put wey I don tell una; una burnt offerings, plus una sacrifices, una tithes, plus special offerings, plus those special gifts wey una don promise Baba-God.
  12. Make una dey happy for there, for Baba-God front, togeda wit una pikin, una house-boys and house- girls, plus di Levites wey dey live for una towns; make una remember sey di Levites no go get any land wey belong to dem.
  13. Make una dey careful so dat una no go sacrifice una  burnt offerings for any place wey una like.
  14. Sacrifice dem only for di place wey Baba-God go choose from one of una tribes, na for there una go sacrifice una burnt offerings, and na for there una go do  everitin wey I don tell una to do.
  15. But una fit kill and chop una animals for una towns, anytin wey una like—based-on how Baba-God bless you reach; whether una clean or not, chop dem just as una go chop deer or antelope.
  16. But una must no chop blood, pour am for ground  like water.
  17. Una must no chop for una own towns—di tithes of una own fruit, new wine and ororo, or di firstborn of una sheep or malu, or anytin wey una don promise to give Baba-God, or free-mind offerings or special gifts.
  18. Instead, una suppose chop dem for front of Baba-God una Oga, for di place wey Baba-God una Oga go choose. Una, una pikin, una house-boys and house-girls, plus di Levites for una towns. Den make una celebrate for front of Baba-God wey be una Oga—for everitin wey una dey do wit una hand.
  19. Make una dey careful so dat una no go fashi di  Levites as long as una dey live for di earth.
  20. Wen Baba-God una Oga don make una territory big—just as he take promise una, and una tok sey, “I go like to chop meat,” becos una wish to chop am, una fit chop any meat wey una want.
  21. If di place wey Baba-God una Oga choose to put hin  Name con far well-well from una, una fit kill una sheep and una malu wey Baba-God don give una— just as I tell una, and una fit chop am as una like, for una own place.
  22. Whether pesin clean or not, make dem chop dem as  una go take chop deer or antelope.
  23. But make una dey sure sey una no chop di blood; becos di blood na di life, and una must no chop di  life wit di meat.
  24. Una must no chop di blood, pour am for ground like  water.
  25. Make una no chop am, so dat e go fit beta for una plus una pikin afta una, wen una do di right tins for  Baba-God eyes.
  26. But make una carry una holy gifts, plus una offerings wey una promise Baba-God—to dat place  wey Baba-God go choose as worship-place.
  27. Give una burnt offerings for di altar of Baba-God una  Oga, both di meat plus di blood. Una must pour di blood of una sacrifices near di altar of Baba-God una Oga, but una fit chop di meat.
  28. Make una dey careful to obey all dis words wey I dey tell una, so dat e go beta for una, plus una pikin  wey go come afta una forever, wen una do good tins  and di correct tins—for Baba-God una Oga eyes.

Warning Against Fake Gods

29. Wen Baba-God don cut di nations komot from una front—di nations wey una wan take-over, con pursue; wen una don pursue dem komot, con settle  down for dia land,

30. make una dey careful so dat una eyes no go shuuk to fall enta trap—or follow dia traditions and worshipping dia gods, afta dem bin scata komot from  una front. Make una no ask about dia gods, con tok sey, “How dis nations take dey serve dia gods? We go do di same tin.”

31. Una must no worship Baba-God in dia way, becos dem dey worship dia gods wit everi kind of tufiakwa  wey Baba-God hate. Dem dey even burn dia pikin wit faya as sacrifice to dia gods.

32. Make sure sey una do everitin wey I tell una to do; make una no add join am, or komot anytin from am.


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