Deuteronomy Chapter 13

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 Punishment For  Worshipping Oda Gods

  1. If prophet or any pesin wey dey use dream take tok pesin future con show-face among una, con tell una  about miracle sign or wonder,
  2. And if di sign or wonder wey he yarn about con happun, and he con tok sey, “Make we follow oda  gods [gods wey una no sabi before] and make we worship dem,”
  3. Una must no listen to di words wey di prophet dey yarn, or di dreamer. Baba-God una Oga dey test una  to know whether una true-true love Am wit una whole heart and soul.
  4. Baba-God una Oga nahin una must follow, and nahin una must fear. Keep hin laws con obey hin  voice; serve am con hold am tight.
  5. Una must kill dat prophet or dreamer, becos he dey  tok to make una turn komot from Baba-God wey carry una komot from inside Egypt, and wey save una from di land wey una bin dey live as slave. Dat prophet or dreamer  don try to turn una komot from  di way wey Baba-God tell una to follow. Una must flush di evil komot from una.
  6. If your own broda, or your pikin, or di wife wey you  love, or your padi wey dey close to you well-well— con dey whyne you codedly sey, “Make we go worship oda gods, gods wey even una and una papa no sabi before.”;
  7. Di gods of di pipo wey dey around una, whether di gods dey near or far-far, from one side of di land to di oda,
  8. Make you no ansa am or gree for am; no sorry-for  am, no save am, or protect am;
  9. But you must surely kill am. Na your hand must first  kill am, plus oda pipo hands.
  10. Make una stone am to death, becos he try to turn una komot from Baba-God wey carry una komot from Egypt, komot from di land wey una be slaves.
  11. Naso all di pipo of Israel go hear di gist con dey fear, and no pesin among una go try dat kain evil tin  again.
  12. “Wen una dey live for di towns wey Baba-God una Oga give una, and una con hear gist sey
  13. some wicked men don rise among una, and dem don make di pipo waka miss road sey, “Make we go  worship oda gods wey una no sabi before,”
  14. Den una must ask, con torch-light di mata well-well. And if na true and pipo confam am sey dis mumu tin don happun among una,
  15. Una must surely kill everi pesin wey dey live for dat  town wit sword. Make una scata am kpatakpata—both di pipo and dia animals.
  16. Naso una go gada all di properties wey dey for di city for di middle of street—con burn am, and make  una burn di city kpatakpata—as burnt offering to Baba-God. Make di place scata forever, and make no pesin build am again.
  17. Make no single one of those condemn properties enta una hands, so dat Baba-God go turn from hin serious vex; he go sorry-for una, con show una soft-heart, and make una brekete, as he bin swear to una  papa-papa-papa;
  18. wen una obey Baba-God wey be una Oga—to keep  all hin laws wey I dey give una today, con dey do wetin dey right for hin eyes.


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