Deuteronomy Chapter 15

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Di Year of Canceling Debt, Everi Seven Years

  1. For di end of of everi seven years, una must cancel  all debt.
  2. Dis na how una go do am: Everi pesin wey dem dey  owe go cancel di moni wey he borrow hin neighbour, or broda, becos dem call am ‘Baba-God release’.
  3. You fit tell foreigner to pay di moni wey he dey owe, but you must cancel debt wey your broda dey owe you;
  4. So dat poor pipo no go dey among una, becos Baba-God go bless una well-well for di land wey He  dey give una to claim as una property—
  5. If only una go calm down to obey di voice of Baba-God una Oga, and una calm down to follow all di laws wey I dey give una today.
  6. Becos Baba-God una Oga go bless una as he promise, and you go borrow to plenty nations, but una no go borrow from any one of dem. Una go rule  plenty nations, but no nation go rule una.

To Show Love To Poor Pipo

7. If any poor man dey among your brodas, for any of di towns of di land wey Baba-God una Oga dey give  una, no do strong-heart, or do aka-gum [tight-hand] for your broda wey no get shi-shi.

8. Instead, borrow am anytin wey he need, wit your  hand wey open.

9. Dey careful make you no put dis wicked reasoning  for your mind, sey, “Di seventh year, di year of canceling debt don reach,” so dat una no go show

10. bad-mind for una broda wey need sometin, and you  no go give am anytin. If he con cry to Baba-God against you, so dat one go con be sin against you

11. Give am wit free-mind, and give wit-out bad-mind, becos of dis, Baba-God your Oga go bless you for  all your works plus everitin wey you do wit your hand.

12. Poor pipo go always dey for di land. So I dey yarn una sey make una always dey give wit open-hand to  una brodas, and to poor pipo, and to pipo wey need  epp for di land.

To Free Servants

13. If your Hebrew broda or sista sell hinsef to you, con serve you for six years, you must free am for di  seventh year.

14. And wen you free am, no let am go wit-out anytin.

15. Give am from your sheep wit free-mind, from your  harvest ground, and from your wine-factory. Give am based-on how Baba-God take bless you.

16. Remember sey una bin dey serve as slave for Egypt, and Baba-God wey be una Oga save una. Nahin make I dey give una dis law today.

17. But if your servant tell you sey, “I no wan komot from you,” becos he love you plus your family, and  he dey okay wit you,

18. Den carry am go di door of your house, con put hole  for hin ears; den he go be your servant for life. Do di  sametin to your woman servants.

18. No reason am as hard tin for you to free your servant, becos di work wey he don do for you for dis six years pass two times of di work wey pesin wey you employ for do. And Baba-God your Oga go  bless you for everitin wey you dey do.

Di Firstborn of Animal

19. Make una keep everi firstborn male of una malu and sheep—for Baba-God your Oga. No use di firstborn  of your malu take do work, and no komot di wool of di firstborn of your sheep.

20. You and your family suppose chop dem everi year  for front of Baba-God una Oga, for di place wey he  go choose.

21. If di animal get comma for body, maybe e no fit waka, or e no fit see, or di animal get serious problem, you must no sacrifice dat kain animal to  Baba-God your Oga.

22. You fit chop dat kain animal for una house. All of una, whether una dey clean or not. Una fit chop dem  just as una go take chop deer or antelope.

23. But una must no chop di blood; pour am for ground  like water.


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