Deuteronomy Chapter 17

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Oda Laws

  1. Make una no sacrifice to Baba-God any malu or sheep wey get any comma or error for body, becos  Baba-God no go like dat kain tin.
  2. If any man of woman wey dey live among una, for one of di towns wey Baba-God give una—con dey do evil tin for Baba-God una Oga eyes—con disobey  hin agreement,
  3. And di pesin go worship oda gods, con bow to dem, whether na di sun, or di moon, or di stars for sky,wey I no tell una to do;
  4. And dem gist una about dis mata, una hear am, and una torch-light di mata well-well. If na true and una  confam sey dis kain mumu tin happun for Israel,
  5. Make una carry di man or woman wey don do dis evil tin—go outside di gate of di city, con stone dat  pesin to death.
  6. Make una kill am once two or three witness confam  am, but make una no kill pesin wey na only one witiness confam.
  7. Di hand of di witnesses nahin go be di first to kill am, plus di hands of all di pipo. Una must komot di  evil from among una.
  8. If pipo carry mata come court wey too hard for di judges—whether na about bloodshed, pesin wey dem sue, or pesin wey dem beat—carry dem go di  place wey Baba-God una Oga go choose.
  9. Meet di priests wey be Levites, and di judge wey dey for office dat time. Ask dem, and dem go give una di judgement.
  10. Una must do wetin dia judgemnet decide for di place wey Baba-God go choose. Make una calm down to do everitin wey dem tell una to do.Make una do tins based-on di law wey dem teach una, and based-on di judgement wey dem tell una. Make una no turn komot from di judgement wey dem give una—no turn go right or left.
  11. And any pesin wey dey do anyhow and wey no gree  for di judgement of di judge, or di priest wey dey represent Baba-God una Oga—dat pesin must die. Naso una go take komot di evil from Israel.
  12. All di oda pipo go hear di gist, and dem go dey fear to do-anyhow.

       Di King

14. Wen una enta di land wey Baba-God una Oga dey give una, and una don claim am, con settle down for di land, and una con tok sey, “Make we choose king  wey go lead us like all di nations wey dey around


15. Make una dey sure sey una select king wey Baba-God choose. He must be pesin among una brodas. Make una no choose foreigner as una leader—wey  no be your broda.

16. But di king must no collect too many horses for hinsef, or make di pipo go back to Egypt to get more horses, becos Baba-God don tell you sey, “Una must no go back to Egypt again.”

17. “He must no marry plenty wives or dem go make hin  heart miss-road. He must no gada too much silver plus gold and moni.

18. Wen he climb di king-chair of hin kingdom, he must copy dis law for book, for front of di priests wey be Levites.

19. E go dey wit am, and he suppose read am all di days of hin life, so dat he go learn how to fear Baba-God hin Oga, con calm down to follow all di law and di commandments—

20. so dat he no go reason hinsef sey he beta pass hin brodas, con turn komot from di law—go right or left, and so dat di days of him and hin pikin-pikin-pikin go tey for hin kingdom for Israel.


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