Proverbs (Pidgin Bible)

Deuteronomy Chapter 19

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Cities To Kpanji

  1. Wen Baba-God una Oga don scata di nations wey  he go give una dia land, and wen una don pursue  dem komot, con settle down for dia cities and houses,
  2. Make una separate three cities for di land wey Baba-God una Oga dey give una to claim.
  3. Make una build roads for unasef, con divide di land  wey Baba-God dey give una—to three parts, [make everi part get one city wey no far from pipo] so dat pesin wey kill anoda pesin fit run go dis cities.
  4. Na dis be di mata about man wey kill anoda pesin, wey con run go one of dis cities to save hin life, becos he kill hin neighbour by mistake wit-out planning to wound am becos he get badbelle for am.
  5. For example, man fit enta inside forest wit hin neighbour to cut wood, and as he raise di axe go up to cut di tree, di head fit fly komot con go nack hin neighbour—con kill am. Dat man fit run go one of dis  cities to save hin life.
  6. Or else di pipo wey dey revenge becos of blood fit pursue am wit vex, con catch am—becos di place too far, and dem go con kill am even though wetin he do no reach make dem kill am, since wetin he do  to hin neighbour no be wit bad-mind wey he bin carry.
  7. Nahin make I dey tell una to keep three cities for  unasef.
  8. If Baba-God una Oga make una territory big more- more, as he bin swear to una papa-papa-papa, con give una di whole land wey he promise to give una papa-papa-papa,
  9. Becos una calm down to follow all hin laws wey I  dey tell una to do today—to love Baba-God una Oga, and to always follow hin ways—den una go  keep three more cities apart from dis three.
  10. Make una do dis tin so dat pipo no go waste innocent blood for di land wey Baba-God una Oga dey give una as una own, and so dat innocent blood  no go dey on una head.
  11. But if any man hate hin neighbour, and he wait for corner for am, and he stand up against am, con nack am well-well sote di pesin con die, and he run  go one of dis cities.
  12. Di senior-men of di city go send for am, to carry am  come back from di city, con carry am give di pipo wey wan revenge for blood—so dat he go die.
  13. Make una no sorry-for am, una must komot di killers  of innocent blood from di pipo of Israel, so dat e go beta for una.

Boundaries Of Properties

14. No shift di boundary stone of your nieghbour property wey men of olden days don set, for di land  wey una go claim wey Baba-God una Oga dey give una as una property.

        Di Law About Witness

15. “No be only one witness suppose confam sey  anoda pesin don commit crime or sin, make di mouth of two or three witness confam mata.

16. If fake witness stand up against any man—to tok bad tin against am,

17. Den di two men wey dey drag di mata go face Baba-God—for front of di priest, and di judges wey dey serve for dia time.

18. And di judges to torch-light di mata well-well, and if  na true sey di witness na fake witness—wey don lie for hin broda head,

19. Make una give am di punishment wey he wish for  hin broda; naso una go take komot di evil from among una.

20. Those pipo wey remain go hear, con fear, and dem  no go do dat kain evil tin again among una.

21. Make una no sorry-for am, life for life, eye for eye, teeth for teeh, hand for hand, leg for leg [do me I do  you].


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