Deuteronomy Chapter 22

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Oda Laws

  1. If you see your broda malu or sheep wey waka-lose, you must no throway face, make sure sey you carry  dem back to your broda.
  2. And if your broda no dey near you, or if you no know who di owner be, den you go carry am go your  own place until di owner start to dey fyne am, den you go carry am give am.
  3. You go do di same tin to hin donkey, hin cloth and  any oda tin wey your broda lost and wey you see. You must no throway face.
  4. “You no go see your broda donkey or malu wey fall  for road, con throway-face from dem, you must surely epp am carry dem up again.
  5. Woman must no wear anytin wear belong to man, and man sef must no wear woman cloth. Any pesin  wey do like dat na tufiakwa for Baba-God.
  6. If e happun sey you see bird-house as you dey waka  for road, for any tree or for ground—wit small-small birds or eggs and wit di mama wey sidon on top di small birds or di eggs, you must no carry di mama wit di pikin;
  7. You must surely let di mama go, con carry di pikin for yoursef; so dat e go beta for you, and so dat you  go get long life.
  8. “Wen you build new house, make sure sey you build  short-wall round di corner of on top of di house. So dat if pesin fall from on top of di house—e no go be your fault.
  9. You must no plant your grape-farm wit different- different kind of seeds, or di harvest of your seed  wey you plant and di fruit of your grape-farm go corrupt.
  10. No tie your malu [clean animal] and donkey [animal  wey no clean] togeda—to work for your farm.
  11. You must no wear different kind of cloth togeda, like  wool and linen mix togeda.
  12. You must make fine rope wey dey hang for di four  corner of di cloth wey una dey wear.

         Laws About Sex

13. “If man marry wife, and he sleep wit her, but he no  con like her,

14. Den di man con tok sey she don do anyhow, con spoil her name, and he tok sey, ‘I marry dis woman, and wen I sleep wit her, I notice sey she no be  virgin,’

15. Naso di papa and di mama of di babe go show di senior-men of di city for di gate of di city—evidence  sey di babe na virgin.

16. Di babe papa go con tell di senior-men sey, ‘I give my daughter to dis man as wife, and he no like her.

17. Now di man don tok sey she no be virgin. He tok sey, ‘I notice sey your daughter no be virgin.’ But see di evidence sey awa daughter na virgin.” And dem go spread di cloth for front of di senior-men of di community.

18. Naso di senior-men of di town go carry di man con  punish am.

19. Dem go tell am to pay hundred silver coins, and dem go give di moni to di papa of di babe, becos he  don carry bad name give virgin of Israel. She go still be hin wife. He no go fit pursue her komot forever.

20. “But if di tin na true, and dem no see any evidence  sey di babe na virgin,

21. Naso dem go tell di babe to come front of her papa doormot, and di men of di city go stone her to death  wit stones, becos she don do sometin wey bring disgrace for Israel, to dey do ashawo for inside her  papa house. Naso una go take komot di evil wey dey  among una.

22. If dem see man dey sleep wit woman wey don marry, make dem kill di two of dem—both di man wey sleep wit di woman, plus di woman; naso una  go take komot evil from among una.

23. If babe wey be virgin don swear to marry man, and anoda man see her for inside city, con sleep wit her,

24. den una go carry di two of dem come di gates of di city, and una go stone dem to death wit stones. Di babe go die becos she dey for city and she no shout, and di man go die becos he climb anoda man iyawo [wife]. Naso una go take komot evil from among una.

25. But if na for some where around di open fields [farm  for villages], one man con see woman wey don swear to marry anoda man, and di man use gra-gra take sleep wit her, den na only di man wey sleep wit  her go die.

26. But make una no do anytin to di babe, di babe no get any sin inside her wey reach make dem kill her,  becos just as man dey attack hin neighbour to kill am, naso dis mata sef be [she dey innocent like pesin wey killer attack].

27. Becos he see her for open fields [farm for villages], and di woman wey don swear to marry anoda man— con dey shout, but no pesin dey to save her.

28. “If man see babe wey be virgin wey neva swear to  marry man, and he sleep wit her, if dem catch am,

29. Naso di man wey sleep wit her go give her papa fifty  silver coins, and she go turn to hin wife, becos he don use gra-gra sleep wit her. He no go fit pursue her komot as long as he dey alive.

30. “Man must no marry hin papa wife; he must no disrespect hin papa bed.


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