Deuteronomy Chapter 23

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Those pipo Wey Dem Komot From Di Community

  1. If man brokos don break or hin preek don cut komot, he no go fit enta inside where Baba-God  pipo gada.
  2. Pesin wey dem neva marry hin mama no go fit enta di place where Baba-God pipo gada put. Even reach  di tenth generation, none of hin pikin-pikin-pikin go fit enta di place where Baba-God pipo gada put.
  3. Di pipo of Ammon or Moab no go fit enta inside Baba-God house—even reach di tenth generation,  none of dia pikin-pikin-pikin go fit enta di place where Baba-God pipo gada put forever,
  4. Becos dem no come meet una wit water and bread  for road as una dey komot from Egypt, and becos dem pay Balaam to curse una—Balaam wey be di son of Beor from Pethor of Mesopotamia.
  5. But Baba-God una Oga no gree listen to Balaam, but  Baba-God una Oga turn di curse to blessing for una, becos Baba-God love una.
  6. Una no go do anytin wey go bring peace to dem, or  do anytin wey go make dem prosper all di days of una life forever.
  7. “Una must no hate di pipo of Edom, becos dem be una brodas. Una must no hate di Egyptians, becos una bin live as foreigners for dia land.
  8. Di pikin of di third generation wey dem born fit enta  inside Baba-God house.

Cleaning of Di Camp Area

9. Wen di army go out to fight against una enemies, make una keep unasef from everi wicked tin.

10. If one man wey dey among una wey no clean, becos  he pour for hin dream for night, den make he go outside di camp, make he no enta inside di camp.

11. But e go happun sey wen evening reach, he go wash hinsef wit water, and wen di sun don go down, he fit come back inside di camp again.

12. And una must get place for outside di camp wey  una go use for toilet.

13. And make sure sey you get small shovel among your tools. Wen you go out to di toilet area, use di shovel take dig hole. Den afta you don shit finish, bury di shit inside di hole.

14. Becos Baba-God una Oga dey waka inside una camp, to save una, and to put una enemies for una  hand; so make una camp holy, so dat he no go see  anytin wey no clean among una, con turn komot from una.

          Oda Laws

15. “You must no carry slave wey escape come meet  you—go back to hin oga.

16. He fit stay wit una, for di place wey he choose around una towns, where he feel sey dey okay for  am; and make una no oppress am.

17. No daughter or son of Israel go be ashawo for  shrine.

18. Wen you dey pay your promise to Baba-God, you  must no bring offering come Baba-God house— from di moni wey you make from ashawo work— whether na man or woman—dem be tufiakwa for Baba-God.

No charge your broda extra moni for di moni wey you borrow am, food or any  oda tin wey he borrow.

20. You fit charge foreigner extra moni wen you borrow am moni, but no do like dat  for your broda, so dat Baba-God una Oga fit bless  you for everitin wey you use your hand do for di land wey una dey enta to claim.

21. If you wan make promise to Baba-God your Oga, no  do sme-sme to keep your promise, becos Baba-God  go surely ask about am from you, and you go con commit sin.

22. But if you no gree promise Baba-God, you no go commit any  sin.

23. Make sure sey you keep and do anytin wey your mouth don tok [yarn], becos na wit free-mind you  take promise Baba-God your Oga—wit your own mouth.

24. Wen you enta your neighbour grape-farm, you fit chop gape belleful, but you must no pack any one  put for inside your basket.

25. Wen you enta your neighbour corn farm, you fit pluck some corn wey you fit cut wit your hand, but you must no use sickle take harvest any corn.


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