Deuteronomy Chapter 24

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Divorce and To marry Again

  1. “If to sey man marry woman, and e con happun sey he no like her again, becos he see sometin wey no clean about her, make he write papers of divorce, con give her, and pursue her komot from hin house.
  2. She fit marry anoda man wen she don komot from di man house.
  3. And if her new husband no still like her, so hinsef  write divorce papers, con give her, and he pursue  her komot from house—or if to sey her new husband die.
  4. Since she don sleep wit her new husband, her first  husband no go fit marry her again. Dia marriage go  corrupt di land wey Baba-God una Oga dey give una. Na tufiakwa for Baba-God.

Oda Laws

5. “Wen man just marry, make dem no allow am serve for army or give am any official work. He must free to dey wit hin wife for one year—to make di wife wey  he don marry happy.

6. “E no good for pesin to take di two part of grinding- stone, or even di up part of am—to hold becos of moni wey pesin borrow, becos di owner dey use  am to make food.

7. “If dem catch man dey kidnap any of hin broda from  di pipo of Israel, con use am make moni or sell am, den dat kidnapper go die; and una go komot di evil from among una.

8. “Make una dey careful if leprosy catch pesin, and make sure sey una do everitin wey di Levites priests tell una to do; just as I tell dem—make una keep dem.

9. Remember wetin Baba-God una Oga do to Miriam for road, wen una dey komot from Egypt!

10. Wen you borrow your broda anytin, you go enta  inside hin house to collect di property wey you wan hold based-on di moni wey he borrow from you.

11. Make must wait for outside, and make di man wey  wan borrow moni from you—bring di property wey he wan make you hold—come outside to meet you.

12. And if di man na poor man, no keep hin property over-night—wey you collect based-on di moni wey he borrow from you.

13. Any-which-way, give am back di property wey you collect, before evening, so dat he go fit sleep wit own cloth, con bless you, and so dat Baba-God your Oga go count  am as beta tin for you.

14. No oppress servant wey you employ wey poor and  wey no get shi-shi—whether na your broda or na foreigner wey dey live for una city.

15. You must pay am hin salary everi day, and you must no let night reach before you pay am, becos na pesin wey no get shi-shi and he dey put hin mind on  di moni; or di man go cry out against you to Baba-God, and you go con commit sin.

16. “Make dem no kill papa becos of hin pikin, or kill  pikin becos of hin papa; make pesin die becos of  hin own sin.

17. “Una must no bend justice of stranger, or pesin wey no get papa; or collect widow cloth becos of moni wey she borrow.

18. But una must remember sey una be slave before for  Egypt, and Baba-God una Oga save una from there; so I dey tell una to do dis tin.

19. “Wen una gada una harvest for farm, and una forget  one bundle for farm, no go back to carry am; make e be for foreigners, pipo wey no get papa, and widows, so dat Baba-God go bless all una handwork.

20. Wen you harvest your olive tree, no go back again  to pluck everitin kpatakpata, but leave di ones wey  remain for strangers, pipo wey no get papa, and widows.

21. Wen una gada di grapes for una grape-farm, make  una no go back to collect wetin remain, make e be for di strangers, for pipo wey no get papa, plus di widows.

22. And make una remember sey una be slave before for inside di land of Egypt; nahin make I dey tell una  to do dis tin.


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