Deuteronomy Chapter 25

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  Law For Mata Between Two Pipo

  1. If kwanta dey between two men, and dem carry di mata come court so dat di judge go judge dem, and dem con tok sey di man wey dey right nahin dey correct, con condemn  di wicked man,
  2. E go be sey if di wicked man deserve beating, di judge go sey make he lie down, and dem go flog am  for front of di judge, based-on wetin he do, wit some  strokes.
  3. Dem fit flog am forty times, but if e pass like dat, e go downgrade di pesin.
  4. “Una must no cover horse mouth wen e dey work  for harvest ground.

   Marriage work For Broda Wey Dey Alive

5. “If brodas dey live togeda, and one of dem con kpeme, and he no get pikin, di widow of di man wey die no go marry stranger wey dey outside di family; her husband broda go mary her, and she go turn to hin wife, he go con dey do di work of husband broda for  her.

6. Di first born son wey she go born go bear di name  of hin dead broda, so dat hin name no go komot from Israel.

7. But if di man no wan gree marry hin broda wife, den  make hin broda wife go meet di senior men for di gate of di city, con tell dem sey, ‘My husband broda no gree marry me to born pikin wey go bear hin broda name for Israel; and he no wan gree do di work of husband broda.’

8. Naso di senior-men of di city go call am, con follow am tok. But if he zero hin mind con tok sey, ‘I no wan marry her,’

9. Naso hin broda wife go come meet am for front of di senior-men, she go komot hin sandal from hin leg, spit for hin face, con tok sey, ‘Naso dem go do any man wey no wan gree build hin broda house.’

10. For Israel, hin name go be, ‘Di house of di pesin wey  dem komot hin sandal.’

Oda Laws

11. “If two men dey fight and di wife of one con try to  epp her husband from di pesin wey dey fight am, and she hold di oda man for hin preek


make una cut di hand komot, make una eyes no  sorry-for her.

No get different measurement for inside your bag, both big and small [no dey use wuru-wuru measurement].

14. No get different measurement for your house—one  small one and one big one [you must use correct measurement for business].

15. Make you get correct measurement wey no get error, and perfect plus correct measurement, so dat  una go live long for di land wey Baba-God dey give una.

16. Becos all di pipo wey dey do all those kain tins, and all di pipo wey dey do evil tins—dem be tufiakwa to Baba-God una Oga.

Scata Di Pipo of Amalek

17. “Remember wetin Amalek do to una for road, wen  una dey komot from Egypt

18. How dem take meet una for road con attack una pipo for back wen una don taya. Dem attack di pipo  wey dey back-back and wey far from di oda pipo. Dem no even fear Baba-God.

19. Naso e go be, wen Baba-God una Oga don give una  rest from all una enemies wey dey around una, for inside di land wey Baba-God una Oga dey give una to claim as una property forever, make una wipe out Amalek komot from di earth. Make una no forget.


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