Deuteronomy Chapter 26

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Offering of Firstfruits Plus Tithes

  1. Wen una enta inside di land wey Baba-God dey give  una as una property forever, and una claim di land, con dey live for there,
  2. Make una carry some of di first food wey ua harvest  from di ground, wey una go carry from di land wey Baba-God dey give una, make una put am inside basket, con carry am go di place wey Baba-God una Oga go choose for hin name to stay.
  3. And una go go meet di pesin wey be di priest of una days, con tell am sey, “I dey tok am today for Baba-God your Oga, sey I don enta di kontri wey Baba-God swear to awa papa-papa-papa to give us.’
  4. Naso di priest go collect di basket from una hand, con put am down for front of di altar of Baba-God  una Oga.
  5. And una go ansa, con tok for Baba-God front sey: “My papa [Jacob] na Syrian wey don waka taya, and he go Egypt [wit hin family], con stay for there, dem bin no plenty; but na for there dem turn to nation, ogbonge pipo wit pawa, wey plenty well-well.
  6. But di pipo of Egypt do us anyhow, dem show us peper, and dem give us hard work.
  7. So we cry to Baba-God wey be di Oga of awa papa-papa-papa, he hear awa voice, he look awa suffer-head, and awa hard work, and how dem dey show us pepper.
  8. So Baba-God carry us komot from Egypt wit strong  hand and wit hin hand wey stretch out, wit serious gbege, and wit miracle signs plus wonders.
  9. He don carry us come dis place, con give us dis  land, ‘Land wey dey flow wit milk plus honey’,
  10. And now, see, I don bring di firstfruits of di land wey you give me, oh Baba-God.” Naso you go put  am for front of Baba-God, con worship Baba-God your Oga.
  11. So you go happy for everi beta tin wey Baba-God don give you plus your family, una plus di Levites  and di strangers wey dey live among una.
  12. Wen una don separate all di tithes of una harvest for  di third year—di year of tithes—and una don give dem to di Levite, di strangers, pipo wey no get papa,  widows, so dat dem go fit chop for una city, con even belleful,
  13. Den una go tok dis tin for Baba-God una Oga front: ‘I don komot di holy tithe from my house, and I don give dem to di Levites, di strangers, pipo wey no get  papa, and widows, based-on wetin you tell us to do; I neva turn komot from wetin you tell us to do, and I neva fashi dem.
  14. I neva chop any one of dem wen I dey mourn, or komot from any one of dem to do sometin wey no clean, or give any of dem for dead pesin. But I don  obey Baba-God voice, and I don do everitin based-on wetin he tell me.
  15. Look down from di holy place wey you dey stay, from heaven, con bless your pipo Israel plus di land wey you don give us, just as you bin swear to awa papa-papa-papa, ‘Land wey dey flow wit milk plus honey.’”

     Baba-God Special Pipo

16. “Na dis be di day wey Baba-God una Oga dey tell  una to keep hin words and hin laws; so make una  calm down to keep dem and do dem wit all una heart and soul.

17. Una don tell Baba-God today sey na him be una God, and una go waka for hin way, con keep hin laws, plus hin words, and hin commandments, and to listen to hin voice.

18. Baba-God don tok am today sey na una be hin special pipo, just as He promise una, and sey una  go keep all hin laws.

19. And sey he go carry una go up pass everi nation wey he don make, for praise, for name, and for levels; and una go be holy pipo for Baba-God una  Oga, just as he don tok.”


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