Deuteronomy Chapter 28

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Blessings Wen You Obey

  1. “Now e go happun sey if una calm down to obey di  voice of Baba-God wey be una Oga, to keep and to  do all di laws wey I don tell una to do today, Baba-God una Oga go carry una high pass everi nation for di earth.
  2. And all dis blessings go meet una, con possess una, becos una obey di voice of Baba-God wey be una Oga.
  3. Una go get blessings for inside di city, and una go  get blessings wen una dey for farm (village).
  4. Baba-God go bless una wit plenty beta pikin, plenty food for farm, and plenty malu plus sheep.
  5. Na blessings go brekete for inside una basket and inside una store.
  6. Una go get blessings wen una enta, and una go get  blessings wen una komot.
  7. Baba-God go make una enemies wey dey stand up against una—fall for una front; dem go con fight you from one side, and dem go run from your front from seven corners.
  8. “Baba-God go call di blessings on una, for una  stores, plus everi business wey una hand dey do, and He go bless una for di land wey Baba-God una Oga dey give una.
  9. Baba-God go stand una as holy pipo for hinsef, just as he don swear to una; if una keep di laws of Baba- God, con waka for inside hin ways.
  10. Naso all di pipo for di earth go sabi sey Baba-God call una  wit hin name, and dem go fear una.
  11. And Baba-God go give una plenty beta tins, plenty pikin, plenty malu, and plenty harvest—for inside di land wey Baba-God swear to una papa-papa-papa—to give  una.
  12. Baba-God go open hin beta-beta-tins for you, di heavens to give rain for una land for e season, and  to bless all di works wey una hand do. Plenty nations go borrow from una, but una no go borrow from dem.
  13. Naso Baba-God go make you be di head and you no  go be di tail. Na only up-up you go dey, and no be for under; if you follow Baba-God law wey I dey tell una today—to keep dem and to obey dem.
  14. So make una no turn komot from any of di words wey I dey tell una today, to di right or to di left, to  follow oda gods and to serve dem.

     Curses If Una No Gree Obey

15. “But e go happun sey, if una no gree obey Baba-God voice, to keep and obey all hin words and laws  wey I don tell una today, all dis curses go fall on una, con take over una:

16. “Curse go dey for una head for inside di city, and  curse go dey for una head for farm [village].

17. “Curse go dey on una basket and una store.

18. Curse go dey on di pikin wey you born and wetin di  land produce, di pikin wey una animals born and una small sheep.

19. Curse go dey for una head—wen una enta, and  curse go dey for una head—wen una komot.

20. Baba-God go send curse on una, katakata, and he go change-am-for una for anytin wey una use una hand do, until una scata, con kpeme sharp-sharp, becos una dey do wicked tins as una fashi Me.

21. Baba-God go make sickness catch una until He don kill una finish from di land wey una dey go claim.

22. Baba-God go sama una wit disease wey go waste una, wit  fever, boils, heat wey dey burning pesin, and wit no rain, and wit disease for una farm [blight plus mildew]; and dem go pursue una until una kpeme.

23. And di sky wey dey on top of una head go be bronze  [wey no dey bring rain and wey dey block prayers], and di earth wey dey for under una go be iron [wey too  strong to plant food].

24. Baba-God go change di rain of una land to powder  plus dust; e go come down on una from heaven until una die finish.

25. Baba-God go make una fall for una enemies front; una go go meet dem wit one way, but una go run from seven ways, and una go run go everi nation of di earth.

26. Una deadbody go be food for di birds wey dey fly for sky, and food for di wild animals for land, and no  pesin go pursue dem komot.

27. Baba-God go nack una wit di boils of Egypt. He go make sores catch una. Una body go cover wit skin  disease. Una go dey scratch-scratch una body, but cure no go dey.

28. Baba-God go make una mad, con make una blind, and give una katakata for una heart.

29. And una go dey waka like blind pesin for afta-noon, and like blind man wey dey waka for inside darkness, e no go beta for una for una ways; pipo go only oppress and rob una everi time, and no pesin go save una.

30. “Una go swear to marry woman—but anoda man go sleep wit her, una go build house—but una no go live inside am; una go plant grape-farm—but una no go gada di grapes.

31. Dem go kill your malu for your front, but you no go chop from am, dem go collect your donkey wit gra-gra for your korokoro eyes, and dem no go give am  back to you; your enemies go collect your sheep, and no pesin go dey to save dem for you.

32. Dem go give your sons and your daughters to oda pipo as slaves, and your eyes go see am. Your eyes  go always hope to see dem, but you no go fit do anytin.

33. Nation wey una no sabi go chop di fruit of una land  and wetin una work for, and dem go only oppress una, con nack una down always.

34. So una go get scoin-scoin [madness], becos of wetin una  korokoro eyes dey see.

35. Baba-God go nack una for knee and for una legs wit  serious boils wey no get cure—from una leg to una head.

36. “Baba-God go carry una plus di king wey dey rule  una—to nation wey una and una papa no sabi before, and una go serve oda gods wey dem make  wit woods plus stones.

37. And una go make pipo shock, dem go laff una wit proverb, and dem go yab una for di nations where  Baba-God go pursue una go.

38. Una go plant plenty seeds but harvest only small  tin, becos locust go chop dem finish.

39. Una go plant grape-farm con take care of dem, but  una no go drink from di wine or gada di grapes; becos worms go chop dem.

40. Una go get olive trees full una land, but una no go anoint unasef wit di ororo, becos una olives go waste komot.

41. Una go born sons plus daughters, but una no go  enjoy dem, becos enemies go carry dem as prisoners of war.

42. Plenty locusts go chop all una trees plus all una fruits finish for di land.

43. Di foreigner wey dey among una go get levels pass  una well-well, and una go fall go down-down.

44. He go borrow una moni, but una no go fit borrow am  moni, he go be di head and una go be di tail.

45. “But all dis curses go fall on una, con pursue una, and e go over take una, until una don scata finish; becos una no gree obey Baba-God voice, to keep hin words and hin laws wey he tell una.

46. And dem go dey on una as sign and wonder, and on  una pikin-pikin-pikin forever.

47. Becos una no serve Baba-God una Oga wit happiness and jolly-jolly for una heart, becos of all di tins wey brekete,

48. So una go serve una enemies wey Baba-God go send against una, inside hunger, wit no water to drink, wit no clothes to wear, and una no go get shi-shi. He go put heavy load of iron for una neck  until he don scata una kpatakpata.

49. Baba-God go bring nation against una from far-far, from di end of di earth, dem fast as eagle take dey fly, na nation wey una no go understand dia language,

50. Nation wey dem get wor-wor face, wey no dey respect senior pipo or show love to small-small  pikin.

51. And dem go collect una animals pikin, plus everitin  wey una land produce, until una scata finish, dem no go leave una food or fresh wine or ororo, or una  plenty malu, or sheep, until dem don scata una.

52. “Dem go attack una cities until una high and strong walls wey una trust—go fall for all di land; and dem go surround una for all una cities for di whole land wey Baba-God una Oga don give una.

53. Becos of di palava wey una enemies go cos for una wen una enemies surround una land, hungry go beat una well-well sote una go even chop di pikin wey Baba-God give una.

54. Wen enemies surround una, even di pesin among una wey get good-heart pass—no go sorry-for hin own broda, hin wife wey he love, plus hin remaining pikin.

55. So dat he no go give any one of dem di meat of hin  pikin wey he wan chop, becos notin-notin dey for am again, becos of di enemies wey surround una and becos of di serious suffer-head wey una enemies go cos for una towns.

56. Di ajebuta woman wey soft pass among una, wey no go gree march even ground becos of how she fresh and soft reach, go change-am-for her husband wey she love and for her son and daughter.

57. She go hide di placenta of di new pikin, plus di new pikin wey she just born, so dat only she go chop dem  codedly. She no go see any oda tin to chop afta una  enemies don surround una, and afta una enemies don show una pepper for una towns.

58. “If una dey careful to obey all di words of dis law wey dem write for inside dis book, to fear hin name  wey get levels and wey be wonders, BABA-GOD WEY BE UNA OGA,

59. naso Baba-God go send ogbonge disease on una  plus all una pikin—bad sickness wey go tey—and serious sickness wey go tey.

60. Naso he go bring all di diseases of Egypt wey una  bin dey fear, and dem go catch una.

61. Even everi sickness plus everi disease wey dem no write for inside dis Book of di Law, nahin Baba-God go put on una until una scata finish.

62. Una no go plenty again, una wey bin plenty like dis stars for heaven, becos una no gree obey di voice of  Baba-God wey be una Oga.

63. And e go happun sey as Baba-God bin dey happy for una to do beta tin for una, and make una grow; naso Baba-God go take happy to scata una, and to turn una to notin. Naso he go pluck una komot from  di land wey una dey go claim.

64. “Baba-God wey be una Oga go scata una among all   di pipo, from one end of di earth to di oda side, and  una go serve oda gods, wey una and una papa no bin sabi before—gods wey be wood plus stone.

65. Una no go see rest among those nations, even una  leg no go see place to rest; but Baba-God go make  fear catch una heart for there, he go make una no dey see well, and na sadness go dey for inside una  mind.

66. Una no go dey sure about una life, na so-so fear una go dey fear day and night, and una life no go dey sure.

67. For morning una go tok sey, ‘How I wish sey evening don reach!’ and for evening, una go tok sey, ‘How I wish sey morning don reach!’ becos of di fear wey dey make una mind cut, and becos of di tins wey una korokoro eyes dey see.

68. “And Baba-God go carry una go back to Egypt wit  ships, for di road wey I bin promise una sey, ‘Una no go ever see again.’ And una go sell unasef for there to una enemies as man and woman slaves, but no pesin go buy una.”


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