Deuteronomy Chapter 29

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Dem Do Agreement Again For Moab

  1. Na dis be di words of di agreement wey Baba-God tell Moses to make wit di pipo of Israel for di land of  Moab, apart from di agreement wey he make wit dem for Horeb.
  2. Now Moses call all di pipo of Israel, con tell dem sey, “Una don see everitin wey Baba-God do for una korokoro eyes for inside di land of Egypt, to Pharaoh plus all hin servants and to all hin land—
  3. Di ogbonge test wey una eyes see, di signs, plus those ogbonge miracles.
  4. But Baba-God no still give una di heart to understand, and di eyes to see, and di ears to  hear—till today.
  5. And I don lead una for forty years for inside desert. Una clothes no old for una body, and una sandals no cut for una leg.
  6. Una no chop bread or drink wine or any kind of ogogoro, [but he provide for una]—so dat una go sabi sey na Him be Baba-God una Oga.
  7. And wen una reach dis place, Sihon wey be di king of Heshbon plus Og wey be di king of Bashan, come  out to fight war against us, but we win dem.
  8. We collect dia land con share am to di pipo of Reuben as dia property forever, and to pipo of Gad, plus di half tribe of Manasseh.
  9. So make una keep di words of dis agreement, and do dem—so dat e go beta for una for anytin wey una  dey do.
  10. All of una stand for Baba-God front today: una leaders, plus una tribes, and una senior-men, plus  una officers, all di men of Israel,
  11. una small-small pikin plus una wives—and even di strangers wey dey for una camp, from di one wey dey cut una wood, to di ones wey dey fetch una water—
  12. So dat una go make agreement wit Baba-God una Oga, con make oath wit am, wey Baba-God go  make wit una today,
  13. So dat he go make una stand today as pipo wey belong to Am, and dat so dat he go be God to una, just as he don follow una tok, and just as he bin swear to una papa-papa-papa; to Abraham, Isaac, plus Jacob.
  14. No be una be di only ones wey I dey make dis agreement and oath wit,
  15. but wit di pipo wey dey stand for here wit us today— for Baba-God front, and even wit di ones wey no dey for here today [future generations]:
  16. Becos una sabi sey we bin dey live for di land of Egypt, and we pass tru di nations wey una pass for  road,
  17. And una see dia tufiakwa, plus dia idols wey dey  among dem—wood, stones, silver plus gold,
  18. so dat woman or man or family or tribe no go dey among una, wey dia heart dey turn komot from Baba-God, to go serve di gods of di nations, and so dat no root among una go get bitter fruit or fruit wit poison;
  19. and so dat e no go happun sey, wen he hear di words of dis curse—he go con bless hinsef for inside hin heart sey, “E go beta for me even if I follow my own heart.” Dat kain tin go bring wahala for both wet and dry land [everitin go scata].
  20. Baba-God no go free am; naso Baba-God vex and hin jealousy go burn against dat man, and everi curse wey dey for inside dis book—go fall on am, and Baba-God go komot hin name from di earth.
  21. Baba-God go separate dem for gbege—from all di  tribes of Israel, con pour on dem; di curses of di agreement wey dey for inside dis Book of Law.
  22. So dat di generation wey dey come among una pikin, wey go rise up afta una, and di foreigner wey  come from far-far land, go see di scata-scata for di  land plus di disease wey Baba-God use nack dem.
  23. Dem go tok sey, ‘Di whole land na brimstone, salt, and burn-burn. Na land wey dem no fit plant anytin, and wey notin fit grow— even one single leaf of grass. E be like di cities of Sodom and Gomorrah, Admah and Zeboim—wey Baba-God scata as he dey vex well-well.’
  24. All nations go tok sey, ‘Why Baba-God do dis kain tin to dis land? Wetin be di meaning of dis kain serious hot vex?’
  25. Naso di pipo go tok sey: ‘Na becos dem fashi di agreement of Baba-God wey be di God of dia papa-papa-papa, na agreement wey he make wit dem wen  he carry dem komot from di land of Egypt;
  26. Dem go serve oda gods, con worship dem, gods wey dem no sabi before and wey He no give dem.
  27. Naso Baba-God vex like faya for dis land, to carry everi curse wey dem write for dis book—con put dem for di land.
  28. And Baba-God komot dia root from di land wit vex, wit para, and wit serious bitter mind, con throway dem put for anoda land, as e be so today.’
  29. Di secret tins belong to Baba-God awa Oga, but di tins wey he show us belong to us and to awa pikin- pikin-pikin forever, so dat we go do all di words of dis law.


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