Deuteronomy Chapter 3

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As dem Take Win Di King of Og

  1. Naso we turn, con go up to di road wey dey face Bashan, naso Og wey be di king of Bashan wit hin whole army—march out to meet us for war for Edrei.
  2. So Baba-God tell me sey, “No fear am, becos I go  put am for your hand—wit hin whole pipo plus hin  land. Do am wetin you do to Sihon, di king of di Amorites wey bin dey for Heshbon.”
  3. So Baba-God wey be awa Oga still put Og wey be di  king of Bashan—for awa hand, wit all hin pipo. We nack dem down and we no let any pesin survive am.
  4. Naso we take all hin cities dat time. E no get any of di sixty cities wey we no collect from dem—di whole  area of Argob, di kingdom of Og for Bashan.
  5. All dis cities na strong cities wit tall wall plus gates, and thick-iron, apart from plenty villages wey no get  wall.
  6. We scata dem kpatakpata, as we bin take scata Sihon wey be di king of Heshbon—we scata everitin  kpatakpata—di men, women, and small-small pikin for everi city.
  7. But we carry all di malu plus di properties wey we  obtain from dem.
  8. So dat time, we take from di two kings of di Amorites; di land wey dey east side of di Jordan, from di River of Arnon far-far go reach Mountain  Hermon.
  9. Di Sidonians dey call Hermon—Siron, and di Amorites dey call am Senir.
  10. We take-over all di cities of di smooth-land, plus di whole of Gilead and Bashan, far-far go reach di cities of Salecah plus Edrei, cities wey be part of Og kingdom for Bashan.
  11. Na only Og wey be di king of Bashan bin still dey from di giant pipo; dem make hin bed wit iron, and e  long pass thirteen feet, con wide reach six feet. E still dey for di city of Rabbah for di Ammonites kontri.

As Dem Take Share Di Land For Di East Side of Jordan

12. Out of di land wey we take dat time, I give di pipo of Reuben plus Gad, di territory of Aroer wey dey near  di River of Arnon, plus half of di mountain kontri of Gilead, togeda wit e cities.

13. I give di half tribe of Manasseh di rest of Gilead, plus di whole of Bashan wey be di kingdom of Og; di whole area of Argob, plus di whole territory of Bashan, wey dem bin dey call di land of giants.

14. Jair wey be di pikin-pikin-pikin of Manasseh, take-over di whole area of Argob, far go reach di border of di Geshurites and di Maacathites; and he name di  place wit hin own name. So till today, dem dey call di place Bashan—Havvothjair.

15. And I give Gilead to Makir.

16. But I give di pipo of Reuben and Gad—di territory wey stretch from Gilead down go reach River Arnon, half of bottom-of-di-mountain, and di border reach River Jabbok wey be di boder of di pipo of Ammon.

17. Di border of di west na river Jordan for Arabah, from Kinnereth go reach di Big-river of di Arabah [wey be di Salt Sea], under di rising-land of Pisgah go east.

18. I bin tell una dat time sey: “Baba-God wey be una Oga don give una dis land as una property. But all  di men wey strong, wey fit carry weapon for war— must cross dey go for-front of una brodas Israel.

19. But una wives, una pikin and una malu [I know sey una get plety malu] fit stay for di cities wey I don give una;

20. Until Baba-God don give una brodas rest, as he take  give una rest , and until dem sef don take-over di land wey Baba-God una Oga dey give dem, for di oda side of Jordan. Afta dat, all of una fit go back  to claim di land wey I don give una.”

      Moses No Cross Jordan

21. Around dat time, I tell Joshua sey, “Your korokoro  eyes don see everitin wey Baba-God your Oga don  do to those two kings. Baba-God go do di same tin to all di kingdoms wey una go pass.

22. Make una no fear dem; becos Baba-God wey be una Oga nahin go fight for una by hinsef.”

Baba-God No Gree Let Moses Enta Di Land

23. For dat time, I con beg Baba-God sey,

24. “Oh Almighty God, you don start to show your servant your greatness plus your strong hand. Abi  which God dey for heaven or for earth wey fit do di  ogbonge tins wey you dey do?

25. Abeg make I cross go di oda side to see di beta land  for di oda side of River Jordan—dat fine mountain and Lebanon.”

26. But Baba-God con dey vex for me becos of una, and he no gree hear me. Baba-God con tell me sey, “E don do. No follow me tok about dis mata again.

27. Go up for on top of Pisgah con look di west and di north, plus di south and di east. Look di land wit your own eyes, since you no go cross River Jordan.

28. But put Joshua in charge, ginger am, and give am pawa, becos he go lead dis pipo go di oda side, and  he go make dem claim di land wey you dey see so.”

29. So we stay for bottom-of-di-mountain opposite Bethpeor.


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