Deuteronomy Chapter 31

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Joshua Na Di New Leader of Israel

  1. Naso Moses go tell dis words to all di pipo of Israel.
  2. And he tell dem sey: “I be one hundred and twenty  years old today. I no fit lead una again. Baba-God don tell me sey, ‘You no go cross River Jordan.’
  3. Baba-God una Oga hinsef go cross go for una front; he go scata dis nations from una front, and una go claim dia land. Joshua hinsef go lead una, just as Baba-God don tok.
  4. And Baba-God go scata di nations wey dey live for di land, just as he bin scata Sihon plus Og, wey be  di kings of di Amorite.
  5. Baba-God go put dem for una hand, and una go do dem everitin wey I tell una to do dem.
  6. Make una dey strong, and make una get full-mind, make una no let una mind-cut, or fear dem, becos Baba-God una Oga nahin dey follow una. He no go  leave una or fashi una.”
  7. Naso Moses call Joshua, con follow am tok for front  of di pipo of Israel, “Make you dey strong and make you get full-mind, you must follow di pipo go di land wey Baba-God don swear to give dia papap-papa-papa, and  you go make dem claim di land as dia property forever.
  8. And Baba-God nahin dey go for una front. He go dey wit you, he no go leave you or shenk you; no let fear catch you or let your mind-cut.”

Dem Go Read Di Law Everi Seven Years

9. So Moses write dis law, con give am to di priests, di  sons of Levi, wey dey in charge of Baba-God Ark, and to all di senior-men of Israel.

10. Naso Moses tell dem sey, “For di end of everi seven  years, di Year of Release, around di time of di Festival of Tents,

11. wen all di pipo of Israel gada to worship Baba-God  for di place wey he go choose, make una go read dis law for front of all di pipo of Israel, make dem hear am.

12. Gada di pipo togeda, men and women, plus small-small pikin, and di strangers wey dey for una cities, so dat dem go hear, con learn how to fear Baba-God  una Oga, and to sabi calm down to follow all di words of di  law,

13. And so dat dia pikin wey neva sabi di law, go hear, con sabi how to fear Baba-God una Oga—as long as  una dey live inside di land wey una go cross river Jordan to claim.”

Dem Predict Sey Israel Go Disobey

14. Naso Baba-God tell Moses sey, “See, you go soon  die; call Joshua now, and make una come di worship-place, so dat I go make am di leader of Israel.” So Moses plus Joshua go meet Baba-God for di worship-place.

15. So Baba-God show-face to dem inside pillar of cloud for di worship-place, and di pillar of cloud con dey float on top of di door of di worship-place.

16. Baba-God con tell Moses sey: “See, you go rest wit your ancestors, and dis pipo go rise up, con follow oda gods like ashawo—di gods of di foreigners of di  land where dem go stay, and dem go fashi me, con break my agreement wey I don make wit dem.

17. Naso I go vex for dem dat day, I go fashi dem, I go hide my face from dem, and dem go scata. Naso plenty evil tins plus wahala go fall on dem, so dat on  dat day dem go tok sey, ‘Abi all dis tins no dey happun to us becos awa God no dey wit us?’

18. And I go surely hide my face dat day, becos of all di  bad-bad-tins wey dem don do, as dem follow oda gods.

19. “So now make you write dis song for unasef, con teach di pikins of Israel. Put dis song for dia mouth, so dat dis song go be witness for me against di pipo  of Israel.

20. Wen I don carry dem enta di land wey dey flow wit milk plus honey, di land wey I swear to give dia papa-papa-papa, and dem don chop belleful, con turn to ororbor—naso dem go turn follow oda gods, con serve dem. And dem go make me vex, con break my  agreement.

21. E go con happun sey wen many evil tins and wahala  don fall on dem, dis song go be witness againts dem, becos di mouth of di pikin-pikin-pikin of Israel no go forget am, becos I sabi how dia mind dey tink, even before I carry dem enta di land wey I swear to give dem.”

22. So Moses write dis song di same day, con teach di  pipo of Israel di song.

23. Naso he anoint Joshua wey be di son of Nun, he con tok sey, “Dey strong and make you get full- mind, becos you go carry di pikins of Israel enta di  land wey he swear to give dem, and I go dey wit you.”

24. And e con happun sey, wen Moses don write di  words of dis law for inside book finish,

25. Moses con tell di Levites wey dey carry Baba-God  ark,

26. “Collect dis Book of di Law, and make una put am for di side of Baba-God Ark of Agreement, so dat e  go dey for there as witness against una;

27. Becos I know how una sabi turn komot from Baba-God, and how una neck no dey gree bend (una stubbornness). If una dey change-am-for me today  wen I dey alive, how e go con be wen I die?

28. Make all di senior-men of una tribes gada, wit una  officers, so dat I go tell dem dis words make dem hear, con call heaven plus earth as witness against dem,

29. becos I know sey afta I kpeme una go corrupt unasef kpatakpata, con turn komot from di way wey I don teach una. And evil go con fall on una las-las, becos  una go do evil tin for Baba-God eyes, to make am vex becos of wetin una go use una hand do.”

Di Starting of Moses Song

30. Naso Moses tok di words of dis song, as all di pipo  of Israel wey gada dey hear am, until di song finish:


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