Deuteronomy Chapter 32

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       Moses Song

  1. “Hold you ear—oh heaven and I go tok. Oh earth, hear wetin my mouth dey yarn.
  2. My teaching go fall like rain, and my words go form dew for di earth. My words go fall like showers on top of young plants, like soft rain on top of grass:
  3. Becos I go praise di name of Baba-God, and hin  pipo go tok about how he great reach.
  4. “Na Baba-God be di Rock (defender), hin work dey  perfect, and all hin ways balance (na justice); na God of truth wey no get error, he dey do justice plus di right tins.
  5. “Dem don corrupt dem sef; dem no be hin pikin becos of dia error: dem be yao-yao generation wit  bend-bend way.
  6. Naso una wan take pay Baba-God back—una wey be mumu generation wey no-get-sense? Abi no be him be di papa wey buy una as Hin own? Abi no be  him make una, con make una stand gidigbam?
  7. Make una remember olden day; tink about di generations wey don pass. Ask your papa, and he  go tell you. Ask una senior-men, and dem go gist una.
  8. Wen Baba-God share lands for di nations, wen he  separate everi pipo [di sons of Adam], he put dem  for di land wey he give dem and he put angel to guard dem.
  9. But he choose di pikins of Jacob for hinsef.
  10. Na for inside desert he see am, for empty land, for where di breeze na di only sound wey you go hear. He protect am, con take care of am, he keep am just as he go take care of hin own sef.
  11. Like eagle wey dey teach e pikin how to fly, and wey go catch dem safely wit e feathers wey e spread— Baba-God no gree let Israel fall.
  12. Na only Baba-God guard am; he no follow any  foreign gods.
  13. He make am ride on top of di highlands, con chop di fruit of di land. He feed am wit honey from di rock  and olive from ground wey be like stone.
  14. He feed am wit butter from di malu and milk from di  animals, togeda wit di fat of lambs. He give am di best ram from Bashan, plus goats, togeda wit di best wheat. Una drink di best wine, wey una make from di  juice of grapes.
  15. “But Jeshurun [Israel] con fat, and he con dey do anyhow, di pipo turn to ororbor, dem heavy, and dia belle don big anyhow! Naso dem con fashi di God wey make dem; dem commonize di Rock wey save dem  [dem see me finish].
  16. Dem make Baba-God vex as dem worship foreign gods; dem make am vex wit di mumu tins wey dem  do.
  17. Dem give sacrifices to demons, wey no be God, to gods wey dem no sabi before, to new gods wey just show-face, gods wey dia ancestors bin no dey fear.
  18. Dem forget dia God, di ogbonge pesin wey dey  save dem, di pesin wey give dem life
  19. Wen Baba-God see dis tin, he vex and he fashi hin sons and daughters.
  20. He tok sey, ‘I no go epp dem again, den I go see wetin go happun to dem, those coconut-head pipo wey  no dey loyal.
  21. Dem don make me jealous wit idols wey no be God; dem don make me vex becos of dia mumu idols. But I go make dem jealous wit those pipo wey no reach to be nation; I no make mumu nation make dem vex.
  22. Becos faya dey burn inside my vex and I go burn  reach di bottom of hell; I go burn di earth plus everitin wey dem harvest, con burn even di foundations of di mountains.
  23. ‘I go gada kasala put for dia head; I go spend my  arrows on dem.
  24. Hunger go kill dem, sickness and bad tins go catch  dem. I go still send di teeth of wild animals against dem, and even poisons of snake for ground.
  25. Sword go kill una for outside, and fear go dey inside  for di young man and woman, small pikin wey dem just born, and even old pipo.
  26. I for tok sey, ‘I go scata dem to pieces, I go make dia  memory komot from di earth,”
  27. if to sey I no fear di vex of dia enemy, or else dia enemy for misunderstand, con tok sey, “Awa hand don high, and no be Baba-God do all dis tins.” ’
  28. But Israel na mumu nation; di pipo na swegbe and  dem no get understanding.
  29. I wish sey dem wise and dem fit understand dis tin! How I wish sey dem fit know dia destiny!
  30. How one pesin go pursue one thousand of dem, and  two pipo pursue one thousand of dem, unless dia Rock don sell dem, unless Baba-God don surrender dem?
  31. But di rock of awa enemies no be like awa Rock— even awa enemies demsef sabi sey na true.
  32. Dia vine dey grow from di vine of Sodom, from di grape-farm of Gomorrah. Dia grapes na poison, and dia bunch of fruits bitter.
  33. Dia wine be like snake poison, like di killer poison of  cobras.
  34. Abi I neva write dia sins down, con lock am for my  store?
  35. I go revenge, I go pay dem back. Wen di time reach dia leg go draw from ground. Dia days of gbege dey  come. And dis destiny go catch dem.’
  36. True-true, Baba-God go give hin pipo justice, and he  go change hin mind about hin servants, wen he see sey dia pawa don finish kpatakpata, slave or free pesin.
  37. Naso Baba-God go ask, ‘Where dia gods dey, di  rock wey dem run go—to hide dia head?
  38. Where dia gods now, wey chop di fat of dia sacrifices, con drink di ogogoro of dia offerings?  Make those gods stand up to epp una! Make dem give una house!
  39. Understand sey, me, even me, na na me be Am, and  no oda God dey apart from me; I dey kill, and I dey give life; I dey wound and I dey heal; And no pesin fit save pesin from my hand.
  40. Now I dey raise my hand face heaven, con tok sey, “As surely as I dey live,
  41. Wen I sharp my sword wey dey flash, and start to dey do justice, I go revenge on my enemies, con pay back those pipo wey fashi me.
  42. I go make my arrow drink blood, and my sword go  chop flesh—both di blood of di pipo wey I don kill  and di ones wey I go catch, and di heads of di leaders of my enemies.” ’
  43. Happy wit am, you heavens, and make all Baba-God angel worship am. Happy wit hin pipo, oh nations, and make di angels ginger inside am, becos he go revenge di blood of all hin pikin, he go revenge against di enemies. He go pay back those pipo wey hate am, and he go clean di land of hin pipo.
  44. So Moses come wit Joshua wey be di son of Nun and he read all di lyrics of hin song to di pipo.
  45. Wen Moses don read all di lyrics finish to di pipo of  Israel,
  46. He con tok sey, “Make una put all di warnings wey I don give una today for inside una hearts. Tell dem to una pikin as command, so dat dem go obey all di  words of dis commands.
  47. Dis commands no be ordinary words—dem be una  life! If una obey dem, una go enjoy long life for di land wey una go settle down put—wen una cross river Jordan.”

 Baba-God Tell Moses As He Go Take Kpeme

48. Dat same day, Baba-God tell Moses sey,

49. “Go Moab, to di mountains, climb mountain Nebo wey dey opposite Jericho. Look di land of Canaan wey I wan give di pipo of Israel as dia property.

50. Na for on top of di mountain nahin you go kpeme. You  go join your ancestors just like Aaron wey join hin ancestors, con kpeme for mountain Hor.

51. Di two of una betray me wit di pipo of Israel for di waters of Maribah for Kadesh for di desert of Zin. You no gree show di pipo of Israel my holiness for  there.

52. So you go see di land from far-far, but you no go fit enta di land wey I dey give my pipo Israel.”


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