Deuteronomy Chapter 34

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Moses Kpeme For Mountain Nebo

  1. Naso Moses go up from di smooth-land of Moab, con go mountain Nebo, on top of Pisgah, wey dey for opposite Jericho. So Baba-God show am all di land of Gilead, far-far go reach Dan,
  2. di whole of Naphtali, plus di land of Ephraim and Manasseh, all di land of Judah, far-far go reach di  Big-river for di west [Mediterranean Sea],
  3. di south, plus di smooth-land wey dey for bottom-of- di-mountain of Jericho, di city of Palm Trees, far-far go reach Zoar.
  4. Naso Baba-God tell am sey, “Na dis be di land wey I swear to give Abraham, Isaac, plus Jacob, wen I tok sey, ‘I go give am to una pikin-pikin-pikin.’ I don let you see am wit your eyes, but you no go cross go there.”
  5. So Moses wey be Baba-God servant con kpeme for there, for di land of Moab, just as Baba-God bin tok.
  6. And dem bury am for bottom-of-di-mountain for di land of Moab, opposite Bethpeor; but know pesin know where hin grave day till today.
  7. Moses na 120 year old wen he die. Hin eyes still dey  see well and hin natural pawa still dey.
  8. So di pikins of Israel cry for Moses for di smooth-land of Moab for thirty days. And di days of crying and mourning for Moses con finish.
  9. Now Joshua wey be di son of Nun brekete wit di spirit of wisdom, becos Moses bin lay hin hand on am; so di pipo of Israel con dey follow hin word, and  dem do wetin Baba-God bin tell Moses.
  10. But since den, e no get any oda prophet for Israel  wey be like prophet Moses, wey Baba-God tok to face to face,
  11. Inside all di signs and wonders wey Baba-God send  am to do inside di land of Egypt, for Pharaoh front, for front of hin servants, and for front of di whole land,
  12. And by all di ogbonge pawa, plus all di strong tins wey he do for front of di pipo of Israel wey make dem fear.


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