Deuteronomy Chapter 4

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Moses Tell Dem To Obey

  1. Make una hear now, oh Israel, di tins wey Baba-God  tell us to do, plus hin laws wey I wan teach una. Follow dem so dat una go fit live, con enta and take- over di land wey Baba-God di God of una papa-papa-papa—dey give una.
  2. No add any word join wetin I tell una, and no komot anytin from am, but keep di commands of Baba-God  una Oga wey I dey tell una.
  3. Una korokoro eyes see wetin Baba-God for Baal-peor. Na for there Baba-God wey be una Oga scata all those  pipo wey dey follow Baalpeor—komot from una,
  4. But all of una wey hold Baba-God una Oga—tight,  still dey alive today.
  5. See, I don teach una Baba-God words, and hin laws, as hin take command me, so dat una go follow dem for di land wey una dey enta—to claim.
  6. Make una keep dem and make una do dem, becos e  go show una wisdom and understanding to di nations wey go hear about all di laws wey I dey yarn, and dem go tok sey, “Dis ogbonge nation na true-true wise and understanding pipo.”
  7. Which oda nation great well-well—sote dem get dia God near dem—di way Baba-God awa Oga dey near  us any time we pray to am for anytin?
  8. And which oda nation great well-well—sote dem get  dis kain correct laws and rules like di ones wey I give una today?
  9. Make una only dey careful, con watch unasef well-well so dat una no go fashi di tins wey una eyes don  see, or let dem komot from una heart as long as una  dey live. But make una teach dem to una pikin, and to dia pikin-pikin.
  10. Remember di day wey una stand for Baba-God una Oga front—for Horeb, wen Baba-God tell me sey, “Gada di pipo for my front to hear my words, so dat dem go sabi fear me as long as dem dey live for di land, and make dem teach dia pikins.”
  11. Una come near, con stand under of di mountain, and di mountain con dey burn wit faya reach heaven, wit black clouds, plus deep darkness.
  12. Naso Baba-God con follow una tok from inside di  faya. Una hear di sound of words, but una no see  anytin; na only voice una hear.
  13. He con tell una hin agreement wey he tell una to do, Ten commandments, con write dem put for two stones.
  14. Naso Baba-God tell me dat time, to teach una wetin he wan make una do, and hin laws wey una go follow for di land wey una dey cross River Jordan to claim.

Warning Against  Worshipping Idols

15. Una no see any kain shape di day wey Baba-God follow una tok for Horeb from inside faya. So make  una dey watch unasef well-well,

16. so dat una no go dey corrupt con make idol for unasef—image of any shape, whether dem form am  like man or woman,

17. or like any animal wey dey for di earth, or like any bird wey dey fly for sky,

18. or like animal wey dey creep for ground, or like any  fish for inside water for under di earth.

19. And wen una look up face sky, con see di sun, di moon plus stars—plus everitin wey dey for sky— make una eyes no shuuk to worship dem or serve dem, tins wey Baba-God una Oga don give all di nations  for di earth.

20. But as for una, Baba-God carry una, con move una  komot from di hot faya wey dey melt iron, out from  Egypt, to be di pipo wey he choose, as una be so.

21. Baba-God con dey vex for me becos of una, and he  swear sey I no go cross River Jordan—to enta di beta land wey Baba-God una Oga dey give una as una property forever.

22. But I must die for dis land; I no go cross River Jordan, but una go soon cross, con claim dat beta  land.

23. Make una dey careful so dat una no go fashi di agreement of Baba-God una Oga—wey he make wit  una, so dat una no go make idol for unasef wit any shape of anytin—wey Baba-God una Oga don forbid.

24. Becos Baba-God wey be una Oga na faya wey dey  burn tins to ashes, and na jealous God.

25. Afta una don born pikin and grand-pikin, and una don  live for di land tey well-well—if una corrupt con make any kind of idol wey resemble anytin, con dey do evil tins for Baba-God una Oga eyes—con make Baba-God vex,

26.I dey call heaven plus earth as witness against una today, sey una go quick-quick kpeme from di land wey una dey cross river Jordan to claim. Una no go  stay for there tey, but una go kpeme kpatakpata.

27. And Baba-God go scata una among di nations, and  na only small of una go survive among di nations wey Baba-God go drive una go.

28. Na for there una go worship gods wey man make wit  wood or stone, wey no fit see or hear or chop, or smell.

29. But if una fyne Baba-God di Oga from there, una go see am, if una fyne am wit una full heart and wit all una  soul.

30. Wen una dey for inside wahala, and all dis tins don happun to una, las-las una go-go back to Baba-God  una Oga, con obey am.

31. Becos Baba-God una Oga dey sorry-for pesin well- well. He no go fashi una or scata una, or forget di agreement wey he swear wit una papa-papa-papa.

Baba-God Na Oga

32. Now make una ask about before-before, tey-tey for olden days, before una time, from di day wey Baba-God make man for earth, ask from one side of di heavens go reach di oda side, whether any ogbonge  tin wey reach dis one don ever happun before, or if dem don hear sometin like dat before?

33. Abi any oda pipo don ever hear Baba-God voice dey  tok from inside faya as una don hear am, con still dey alive?

34. Abi any god don try to take for hinsef—one nation  out of anoda nation, wit tests, wit miracles signs plus wonders, wit wars, wit ogbonge hand and hand  wey stretch come out, and wit serious gbege, and based-on all di tins wey Baba-God do for una, for Egypt, wey una korokoro eyes see?

35. Baba-God show una dis tins so dat una go sabi sey  Baba-God na di Oga. And na only Am be Baba-God.

36. He make una hear hin voice from heaven—to teach  una. He show una hin ogbonge faya for earth, and una hear hin words from inside di faya.

37. Becos he love una ancestors, he choose dia pikin- pikin-pikin—he carry una komot from Egypt as he dey watch una wit hin strong pawa—

38. To pursue nations komot from una front—nations wey big and strong pass una, and to carry una enta dia land and to give am to una as una property as e  be today so.

39. Make una notice dis day and make una put am for una heart sey, Baba-God na God for heaven for up- up and for earth wey dey for down; na only Am be Baba-God!

40. Keep hin words, plus hin laws wey I dey give una today, so dat e go beta for una and una pikin-pikin- pikin, and so dat una go fit live long for di land— wey Baba-God una Oga don give una forever.

Di Cities To Kpanji [Hide] For Di East Side Of Jordan

41. Naso Moses keep three cities for di east side of  River Jordan,

42. So dat any pesin wey kill pesin by mistake, wit-out planning am before becos of badbelle—fit run go hide for there. He fit run go enta one of dis cities to  save hin life.

43. Di names of di cities na: Bezer wey dey for desert for di smooth-land of di pipo of Reuben; Ramoth for Gilead wey belong to di pipo of Gad; and Golan for Bashan, wey belong to di pipo of Manaseeh.

      Moses Give Dem Di Law

44. Na di law wey Moses give di pipo of Israel be dis.

45. Na dis be Baba-God word, di rules plus di laws wey Moses give dem wen dem komot from Egypt,

46. And wen dem dey for bottom-of-di-mountain opposite Bethpeor, for di east-side of River Jordan, for di land of Sihon wey be di king of di Amorites wey bin dey for Heshbon—wey Moses and di pipo of Israel win as dem dey komot from Egypt.

47. Dem claim hin land plus di land of Og wey be di king of Bashan—di two Amorite kings wey dey for di east side of River Jordan.

48. Dis land long from Aroer wey dey near River Arnon, go reach Mountain Sion [wey be Hermon],

49. plus all di smooth-land wey dey for di east-side of Jordan, far-far go reach di Dead Sea, and di leg of Mountain Pisgah.


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