Deuteronomy Chapter 8

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Make Una No Fashi Baba-God

  1. Make una calm down to follow everi command wey I don give una today, so dat una go fit live, con brekete, con fit enta and claim di land wey Baba-God swear to una ancestors.
  2. Rememebr how Baba-God una Oga take carry all of una from inside di desert for dis forty years, to make  una humble, and to test una, so dat he go know wetin dey for inside una heart, whether una go keep hin commandment or not.
  3. He humble una by making una hungry, he con give una manna to chop, wey even una and una papa no  bin know before, to teach una sey no be only food dey keep man alive, but we dey live by everi word wey dey komot from Baba-God mouth.
  4. Una cloth no spoil, and una leg no swell up for dis  forty years.
  5. So make una sabi for inside una heart sey, as man take dey correct hin pikin, naso Baba-God sef dey  correct una.
  6. So make una keep di commandments of Baba-God  una Oga, make una follow hin ways, con fear am.
  7. Becos Baba-God una Oga dey carry una enta beta land, land wey get streams, plus pools of water, wit  water wey dey flow for bottom-of-di-mountains plus  hills,
  8. Land wey get wheat plus barley, vine plus fig trees, pomegranates; na land of olive ororo plus honey;
  9. Land wey food no burku, and una go get everitin wey una want; land where di rocks na iron, and una  fit dig brass for di hills.
  10. Wen una don chop belleful, make una praise Baba-God wey be una Oga for di beta land wey he don give una.
  11. Make una dey careful so dat una no go fashi Baba-God una Oga, con stop to follow hin command, laws  and hin word—wey I dey give una today.
  12. Or else wen una chop belleful, wen una build fine-fine house con settle down,
  13. And wen una malu and una sheep con dey burku, and una silver plus gold con dey brekete, and everitin wey una get con dey plenty,
  14. Naso una hearts go con dey feel-big and una go fashi Baba-God una Oga, wey carry una komot from  Egypt, from di land wey una be slave;
  15. He carry una pass di big desert wey dey make pesin  mind-cut, desert wey get snakes wit poison and scorpions, dat hot land wey no get water, Baba-God  make water flow for una from strong rock.
  16. He give una manna to chop for inside desert, sometin wey una papa no sabi before, to make una humble, and to test una so dat e go beta for una las-las.
  17. Una con tok for inside una heart sey, “My pawa and handwork nahin bring all dis beta-beta-tins for me.”
  18. But remember Baba-God una Oga, becos nahin dey  give you di pawa to get any beta tin, so dat he go confam hin agreement wey he swear to una papa-papa-papa—as e be so today.
  19. If you ever fashi Baba-God your Oga, con dey follow  oda gods, con dey worship and bow down to dem, I go tok against una today sey—una go surely scata.
  20. Una go scata like di nations wey Baba-God scata komot from una front, becos una no obey di voice of  Baba-God una Oga.


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