Deuteronomy Chapter 9

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Baba-God Go Scata Di Pipo of Canaan

  1. Make una hear, oh pipo of Israel. Una go soon cross  River Jordan dis day, to enta con take-over nations wey big and strong pass una, wey get big cities wey get walls wey tall reach sky.
  2. Di pipo strong and dem tall—dem be Anakite [gitant]! Una know about dem and don hear pipo tok sey, “Who fit fight di Anakites [giants]?”
  3. But today, make una understand sey, Baba-God wey  be una Oga nahin dey go for una front, and like faya wey dey burn—he go scata dem, con put dem for ground for una korokoro eyes, naso una go pursue dem komot, con scata dem kpakpakpa, just as Baba-God bin tell una.
  4. Afta Baba-God una Oga don pursue dem komot from una front, make una no tell unasef sey, “Baba-God don carry me come here to claim dis land becos I get clean-heart.” No, becos those nations be  wicked pipo nahin make Baba-God pursue dem komot from una front.
  5. No be becos una be good pipo, or becos una get clean-heart—nahin go make una claim dia land. Baba-God go pursue dem komot from una front becos dem be wicked pipo, and becos he wan keep  di promise wey he swear to una papa-papa-papa; Abraham, Isaac, plus Jacob.
  6. So make una understand sey no be becos of how una get clean-heart nahin make Baba-God dey give  una dis beta land as una own—evensef, una be pipo wey get coconut-head.

Di Golden Malu                                 

7. Remember dis tin and make una no forget how una  take make Baba-God vex for inside desert. From di  day wen una komot from Egypt, until una reach here, una dey disobey Baba-God.

8. Evensef, una make Baba-God vex for Horeb—sote  he con vex reach to scata una.

9. Wen I go up to di mountain to collect di stones wit writings, di stones wit di writings of di agreement wey Baba-God make wit una, I stay for di mountain  for forty days plus forty nights; I no chop any food  or drink water.

10. Baba-God give me two stones wit writings, wey Baba-God finger write—on di day wey all di pipo gada. All di laws wey Baba-God tell una from inside di faya for di mountain—nahin he write put for di stones.

11. E con happun sey, wen di forty days and forty nights end, naso Baba-God give me two stones wit  writings, di stone wit di writings of di agreement.

12. Baba-God con tell me sey, “Oya, stand up, dey go  down from here now-now-now, becos di pipo wey  you carry komot from Egypt don corrupt demsef. Dem don sharp-sharp turn komot from di tins wey you tell dem, and dem don make idol wey dem cast for demsef.”

13. Naso Baba-God con tell me sey, “I don see dis pipo, and true-true dem be pipo wey get coconut-head.

14. Leave me joor, so dat I go scata dem, con throway dia name from di earth. And I go turn you to nation  wey strong and wey plenty pass dem.”

15. So I turn, con come down from di mountain as e still  dey burn wit faya. And di two stones wit writing of di agreement dey for my hand.

16. Wen I look, I con see sey una don commit sin against Baba-God una Oga; una don make idol for unasef wey una cast like malu shape. Una don sharply turn komot from di way wey Baba-God tell  una to follow.

So I carry di two stones wit writing, con throway dem from my hand, and I break dem to pieces for  una korokoro eyes.

17. So again, I bow down for Baba-God front, for forty  days plus forty nights; I no gree chop any food or  drink and water becos of all di sins wey una don commit, as una do evil tin for Baba-God eyes, con  make am vex.

18. I bin dey fear as Baba-God no happy wit serious vex like faya, becos he don vex reach to scata una. But Baba-God listen to me again dat time.

19. And Baba-God vex for Aaron well-well—sote he wan  kill am, but I pray for Aaron sef dat time.

20. Naso I carry una sin—di malu wey una make, and I burn am wit faya. I ground am like dust, con throway  am for di stream wey dey flow go down of di mountain.

21. Una still make Baba-God vex for Taberah, for Massah, and for Kibroth-hattaavah.

22. Even wen Baba-God carry una komot from

23. Kadeshbarnea, he tok sey, “Go up and make una claim di land wey I don give una.” But una no obey wetin Baba-God una Oga tell una to do. Una no gree  trust am or obey am.

24. Una no dey gree obey Baba-God since wen I know  una.

25. So I bow down for Baba-God, for those forty days plus forty nights, just as I bin do di first time, becos  Baba-God bin tok sey he go scata una.

26. I pray to Baba-God con tok sey, “Oh Baba-God Almighty, no scata your pipo, your own property  wey you save wit your ogbonge pawa, con carry  dem komot from Egypt wit your strong hand.

27. Remember your servants Abraham, Isaac plus Jacob. No look di coconut-head, no look  dia sins plus dia wickedness:

28. Or else di kontri wey you carry dem komot from go  con tok sey, “Na becos Baba-God no fit carry dem enta di land wey he promise dem, and na becos Baba-God hate dem, nahin make Am carry dem komot—to kill dem for inside desert.”

29. But dem be your pipo, di pipo wey belong to you; wey you carry come out from Egypt wit ogbonge pawa and your hand wey stretch out.”


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