Deuteronomy Chapter6

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   Love Baba-God Una Oga

  1. Na dis be di commands, di words, and laws wey Baba-God tell me to teach una to do, for di land wey  una dey cross River Jordan to claim,
  2. So dat una plus una pikin, and una pikin-pikin-pikin go fear Baba-God di Oga, as long as una dey live, by  keeping all hin words and laws wey I dey give una, and so dat una days go brekete.
  3. Hear me, oh pipo of Israel, and make una calm down  to obey everitin wey I dey tell una, so dat e go beta for una, and so dat una go brekete well-well for land  wey dey flow wit milk plus honey, just as Baba-God, di God of una papa bin promise una.
  4. Hear me oh pipo of Israel: Baba-God wey be awa  Oga, Baba-God na One.
  5. Love Baba-God your Oga wit your full heart, wit all  your spirit, and wit all your pawa.
  6. Dis words wey I dey tell una today—go dey for una  hearts.
  7. And make una seriously teach ua pikin di words. Gist about dem wen una dey sidon for house and wen una dey waka for road, wen una dey lie down, and wen una get up.
  8. Tie dem as sign for una hand, and tie dem join una forehead.
  9. Write dem for di doormot of una house and write  dem for una gates.

Warning So Dat Dem No Go Disobey

10. Wen Baba-God wey be una Oga carry una enta di land wey he swear to give una ancestors; Abraham, Isaac plus Jacob, to give una land wit big beta cities  wey una no build,

11. Houses wey yanfu-yanfu wit everi beta-beta-tins wey una no gada, wells wey una no dig, and grape-farms and olive trees wey una no plant—den wen una chop con belleful,

12. Make una watch so dat una no go fashi Baba-God wey carry una komot from inside Egypt—komot from di land wey una be slaves.

13. Fear Baba-God wey be una Oga, serve only am, and  make una take una oath wit hin name.

14. Make una no follow oda gods, di gods of di pipo  wey dey around una;

15. becos Baba-God una Oga wey dey wit una—na jealous God, so dat he no go vex for una, con scata una komot from di land.

16. Make you no test Baba-God wey be una Oga as una  bin do for Massah.

17. Make una dey sure sey una keep di commandments  of Baba-God una Oga, and hin words plus laws— wey he don give una.

18. Do wetin dey right and wetin dey good for Baba-God  eyes, so dat e go beta for you, and so dat una go enta to claim di beta land wey Baba-God swear to give una papa-papa-papa,

19. And una go pursue una enemies komot from una  front—just as he promise.

20. For future, wen una pikin go ask una sey, “Why Baba-God tell us to obey all dis laws, words, and commandments?”

21. Tell am sey, “Before-before we be Pharaoh slaves for Egypt, but Baba-God carry us komot from inside  Egypt wit hin strong hand.

22. Baba-God send ogbonge miracles signs and wonders for una korokoro eyes—wey cos serious  shaking for Egypt plus Pharaoh and hin whole family.

23. But he carry us komot from there, to carry us enta di  place, to give us di land wey he swear to give awa papa-papa-papa.

24. And Baba-God command us to obey all dis laws, and to fear Baba-God wey be awa Oga, so dat e go  always beta for us and so dat he go keep us alive— as e be so today.

25. And e go be goodness for us, if we calm down to obey all dis laws as Baba-God awa Oga dey watch  us, as he don tell us to do.”


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