Deuteronony Chapter 11

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     Blessings Wen Una Obey

  1. “Love Baba-God wey be una Oga, and always keep  wetin he tell you to do, hin words, laws plus hin commandments.
  2. Make una know today sey, no be una pikin I dey follow tok—wey neva experience Baba-God correction, hin greatness, and hin strong hand wey  stretch out,
  3. hin signs, plus di tins wey he do for inside Egypt, both to Pharaoh wey be di king of Egypt, and to di  whole of hin land,
  4. And wetin he do to di army of Egypt, to dia horses plus dia horse-moto, how he take use water cover dem for di Red Sea as dem dey pursue una, and how Baba-God take scata dem—and di scata-scata affect dem till today.
  5. And wetin he do for inside desert until una reach dis  place,
  6. And wetin he do to Dathan plus Abiram wey be di sons of Eliam from Reuben, wen di ground open e mouth for di camp of Israel, con swallow dem wit  dia families, dia tents, plus everitin wey belong to dem.
  7. But una own eyes nahin see all dis ogbonge tins  wey Baba-God don do.
  8. So make una keep all di commandments wey I dey  give una today, so dat una go get di pawa to go take-over di land wey una dey cross River Jordan go claim,
  9. And so dat una go live long for di land wey Baba-God swear to give una papa-papa-papa plus dia pikin-pikin-pikin—land wey dey flow wit milk plus honey.
  10. Di land wey una dey enta, to take-over, no be like di  land of Egypt wey una dey komot from, where una dey plant una seed, and una dey work hard to water am wit una leg.
  11. But di land wey una dey cross River Jordan to claim—na land wey get mountains, and bottom-of- mountains—land wey rain dey fall well-well from heaven.
  12. Na land wey Baba-God una Oga dey care for, and  Baba-God eyes always dey on di land—from di starting of di year to di ending.
  13. And e go happun sey, if una seriously obey di commandment wey I dey give una today—to love  Baba-God una Oga wit una di whole of una heart and soul—
  14. Naso I go send rain for una land for e correct season—early rain and late rain—so dat una go fit harvest una food, corn, fresh wine, and ororo.
  15. And I go make grass grow for di field so dat una malu go fit chop, and even una sef go chop belleful.
  16. Make una calm down, so dat una no go let una heart whyne una—to turn komot from Baba-God, con dey worship oda gods, and even bow down to dem.
  17. Naso Baba-God go con vex for una like faya, and he  go close di heavens so dat rain no go fall and di ground no go produce e food, and una go con sharp-sharp kpeme for di beta land wey Baba-God dey give una.
  18. So make una put dis my words for inside una heart and spirit, con tie dem as sign for you hand, con tie dem join your forehead.
  19. Make una teach dem to una pikin. Tok about dem as  una dey sidon for house, tok about dem wen una dey waka for road, wen una dey lie down, and wen una get up.
  20. Write dem for di doormot [door frame] of una house  and for una gates,
  21. So dat una days and di days of una pikin go plenty—for di land wey Baba-God swear to give una  papa-papa-papa—as long as heaven take high pass di earth.
  22. If una calm down to keep all dis commandments  wey I dey give una, to do dem, to love Baba-God  wey be una Oga, to waka for all hin ways and to hold am tight—
  23. Naso Baba-God go pursue all di nations komot from  una front, and una go overthrow nations wey big and strong pass una.
  24. Any place where una put una leg—go belong to una; una territory go stretch from di desert for di south— to Lebanon for di north—and River Euphrates for di east—to di Mediterranean Sea for di west.
  25. No man go fit face una. Baba-God go put fear on all  di pipo and dem go dey shake becos of una—any where wey una go for di whole land, just as Baba-God bin promise una.

Blessing Plus Curse

26. See, I dey put both curse and blessings for una  front.

27. Una go get blessings, if una obey di laws of Baba-God wey be una Oga—di laws wey I dey tell una today.

28. But na curse, if una no gree obey di laws of Baba-God una Oga, con turn from di words wey I don tell  una today, by following oda gods wey una know sabi before.

29. Wen Baba-God una Oga don carry una enta di land wey una dey enta to claim, una go tok Baba-God blessings for mountain of Gerizim, con tok di curses  for Mountain Ebal.

30. As una know, dis mountains dey for di oda side of River Jordan, for di west side of di road, for di land of di pipo of Canaan, wey dey live for opposite of di  smooth-land opposite Gilgal, near di terebinth trees of Moreh.

31. Una go soon cross River Jordan, con take-over di land wey Baba-God una Oga dey give una. Wen una don take-over di land and una don dey live for there,

32. Make una dey sure sey una obey all di words and  laws wey I dey set for una front today.


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