Deutronomy Chapter 16

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  1. Observe di month of Abib, con celebrate di Passover of Baba-God una Oga, becos na for di  month of Abib Baba-God carry una komot from Egypt for night.
  2. Sacrifice malu or sheep to Baba-God your Oga, for di place wey Baba-God go choose as House for hin  Name.
  3. No chop am wit bread wey dem use yeast make, but  chop bread wey una no use yeast take make—for seven days, di bread of suffer-head; becos una rush komot from Egypt—so dat una go remember wen  una komot from Egypt, for di rest of una life.
  4. Make no bread wey una make wit yeast dey among  una, for all di land, for seven days. Make una no let any meat wey you sacrifice on di evening of di first  day remain until morning.
  5. Una must no sacrifice di Passover for any of di  towns wey Baba-God your Oga give una,
  6. except for di place wey Baba-God go choose as house for hin Name. Na for there una must sacrifice  di Passover for evening, wen di sun don go down, for di time wen una komot from Egypt.
  7. Roast am and make una chop am for di place wey Baba-God una Oga go choose. Den make una go back to una place for morning.
  8. Make una chop bread wit no yeast for six days, and  on di seventh day, make una gada todega for Baba-God, and make una no do any work.

Di Festival Of Weeks

9. “Count seven weeks from di time wey una start to dey harvest una corn,

10. Den make una celebrate di Festival of weeks to Baba-God una Oga, by giving free-mind offering  based-on di level of blessing wey Baba-God don  give you.

11. And make una celebrate for-front of Baba-God una Oga, for di place wey he go choose as house for hin  Name; una, una pikin, una house-boys and house-girls, di Levites wey dey for una towns, di foreigners, di pipo wey no get papa, plus di widows wey dey live among una.

12. Remember sey una bin dey live as slaves for Egypt. So make una calm down to follow dis laws.

Di Festival Of Tents

13. “Afta una don gada una corn and wine, make una celebrate di Festival of Tents for seven days.

14. Dis Festival na happy time to celebrate wit una pikin, una house-boys and house-girls, di Levites wey dey live for una towns, di widows, di pipo wey  no get papa and di foreigners wey dey live for una  towns.

15. Make una celebrate di Festival to respect Baba-God—for seven days, for di place wey he go choose; becos Baba-God go bless una wit beta harvest, and he go make am beta for all di work wey  una do wit una hands. So make una surely celebrate  wit happiness.

16. Three times in a year nahin all una men must show- face to Baba-God, for di place wey he go choose: For di Festival of Bread wit no yeast, di Festival of Weeks, and di Festival of Tents. Make dem no show-face for my house wit empty hand.

17. Everi single one of una must bring gift based-on di level wey Baba-God take bless am.

      Judges Must Do Justice

18. Choose judges and officials for everi one of una tribes, for everi town wey Baba-God una Oga give una, and dem go judge di pipo wit dia church-mind  and justice.

19. Make una no bend justice [ojoro] or do partiality [look pesin face]. Make una no collect bribe, becos  bribe [egunje] dey blind wise man eyes, and bribe dey bend  di words of man wey get clean-heart.

20. Follow justice, and na only justice make una follow, so dat you go fit live, con claim di land wey Baba-God una Oga dey give una.

21. Make una no build any image of di goddess Asherah—near di altar wey una go build for Baba-God una Oga,

22. And make una no set any holy stone, becos na all  dis kain tins Baba-God una Oga no-like.


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