Deutronomy Chapter 21

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Di Law About Killing Wey Dem no Understand

  1. “If dem see pesin wey dem kill, and di pesin lie down for ground for inside di land wey Baba-God don give una as una property, and dem no sabi who  kill di pesin,
  2. Naso una senior-men plus una judges go go out, dem go measure from where di man dey—reach di  cities wey dey around.
  3. Di senior-men of di city wey near di deadbody—go carry one small-malu wey dem neva use drag load  or work for farm work.
  4. Di senior-men of dat city go bring di small-malu come bottom-of-di-mountain wey water dey flow, for  where dem neva dig di land for farm or plant anytin put, and dem go break di small-malu neck for there—for bottom-of-di-mountain.
  5. Naso di priests, di sons of Levi, go come near, becos Baba-God wey be una Oga don choose dem to serve for hin front, to bless pipo wit Baba-God Name, and dia words dey settle everi case of kwanta  or case wey pesin attack anoda pesin.
  6. And all di senior-men of di city wey dey near di deadbody—go wash dia hands on top of di malu wey dem break e neck for bottom-of-di-mountain.
  7. Den dem go ansa, con tok sey, ‘Awa hands no dey  inside dis blood wey dem shed, and awa eyes no see am.
  8. Oh Baba-God, accept dis sacrifice for di sins, becos  of your pipo Israel wey you don save, and no put di blood of innocent pesin on di pipo of Israel.’ And Baba-God go forgive dem for di bloodshed.
  9. Naso una go take komot di sin of innocent blood from among una, wen una do di correct tin for Baba-God eyes.

Woman Wey Una Catch As Prisoner of War

10. “Wen una go fight war against una enemies, and Baba-God una Oga put una enemies for una hand, and una catch dem as prisoners of war,

11. If una see fine babes among di pipo wey una catch, and you like her, and like to marry her as wife,

12. Naso you go carry her go your house, she go cut  her nails, con barb her hair.

13. She go komot her old slave cloth, she go dey for your house, con mourn for here papa plus her mama for one full month; afta dat, you wit sleep wit  her, con marry her as your iyawo [wife].

14. And if e happun sey you no con like her again, you  go free her to go any where she like, but you must no sell her for moni becos you don sleep wit her as  your wife.

      Di Right of Firstborn Share

15. “If man get two wives, he con love one and he no love di oda one, and di two of dem don born pikin for am—both di one wey he love and di one wey he  no love,

16. Wen he dey share hin property to hin sons, he must no give di share of di firstborn to di son of di woman  wey he love instead of di son of di woman wey he no love—wey be hin real firstborn.

17. But he must respect di son of di woman wey he no love as di firstborn—by giving am double portion of all hin property, becos nahin be di starting of hin pawa; nahin get di right of di firstborn.

      Pikin Wey No Dey Hear Word

18. “If man get jaguda pikin wey no dey hear word, and wey no dey obey hin papa and mama voice—and na  pikin wey no dey gree hear word—even if you punish am,

19. Naso hin mama and hin papa go hollam, con carry am come meet di senior-men of di city, for front of  di gates of di city.

20. And dem go tell di senior-men of di city sey, ‘Dis awa pikin get coconut-head [stubborn well-well], and he no dey hear word, he no dey gree hear awa voice, na chop-chop  and na ogogoro-pikin.’

21. So all di men of di city go stone am to death; naso una go take komot evil from among una. All di pipo  of Israel go hear about am, con fear.

       Oda Laws

22. “If man do bad tin wey reach make dem kill am, and  una kill am, con hang am for tree,

23. Make una no leave hin body for the tree over night, but make una bury am dat day, so dat una no go spoil di land wey Baba-God una Oga dey give una  as una property; becos any pesin wey dem hang dey under Baba-God curse.


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