Deutronomy Chapter 30

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Blessings For Going Back To Baba-God

  1. Now e go hapun sey, wen all dis tins happun to una, di blessings plus di curses wey I don set for una front, and una remember dem for inside all di nations where Baba-God scata una put,
  2. And una come back to Baba-God, con obey hin voice, and do everitin wey I dey tell una today—una, plus una pikin, wit una full-mind plus una full spirit,
  3. Naso Baba-God go bring una come back from di land wey una be slaves, and he go sorry-for una, con gada una again from all di nations where Baba-God una Oga scata una put.
  4. Even though Baba-God pursue una go far-far for di ends of di earth, Baba-God wey be una Oga go gada una from there, con carry una come back again.
  5. Naso Baba-God una Oga go bring una come back to  di land wey belong to una papa-papa-papa, and una go settle down for dat land again. Naso he go con make am beta for una pass before, evensef he go make una plenty pass una ancestors!
  6. Baba-God una Oga go circumcise una heart [stop una mind from reasoning sin] and di heart of una pikin-pikin-pikin, to love Baba-God wit una full-mind  and wit una full spirit, so dat una go live.
  7. Evensef, Baba-God una Oga go put all dis curses on una enemies and on those pipo wey hate una, and pipo wey show una pepper.
  8. And una go obey Baba-God voice again, con do everitin wey I tell una today.
  9. Naso Baba-God una Oga go make una prosper for everitin wey una dey do. He go bless una wit plenty  pikin plus plenty malu. Baba-God go make una land produce plenty food, becos body go sweet Baba-God wey be una Oga—to do beta tins for una again,  just as he bin do for una papa-papa-papa.
  10. Baba-God wey be una Oga go happy wit una, if una obey di voice of Baba-God una Oga, to keep hin words and hin laws wey dem write for dis Book of di  Law, and if una turn follow Baba-God una Oga wit una full-mind and wit una full spirit.

To Choose Life or Death11. “Dis law wey I dey command una today

no dey too spiritual for una, and no be sometin wey dey far-far.

12. E no dey for heaven—sote una go con tok sey, ‘Who  go go up go heaven for us, con bring am for us, so dat we go hear am, con do am?’

13. And e no dey far-far afta di big-river, sote una go con tok sey, ‘Who go cross di big-river go carry am come meet us, so dat we go hear am, con do am?’

14. But di word dey near una well-well, e dey for una mouth and inside una heart, so dat una go do am.

15. “See, I don set life and death for una front today, even good plus evil,

16. I dey tell una today to love Baba-God una Oga, to waka inside hin way, to keep hin words, hin commandments, plus hin laws—so dat una go live, con burku for di land; and Baba-God wey be una Oga go bless una for di land—wey una dey go claim.

17. But if una heart turn komot, sote una no gree hear  word, and una komot to go worship oda gods, con serve dem,

18. I dey warn una today sey una go surely die; una  days no go brekete for inside di land wey una dey cross river Jordan to go claim.

19. Make heaven and earth be my witness today against una, sey I don set life and death for una front, blessings and curses; so make una choose life, so dat both una and una pikin-pikin-pikin go live;

20. So dat una go love Baba-God una Oga, so dat una go obey hin voice, and so dat una go hollam tight; becos Baba-God na una life and nahin go make una live long, and so dat una go live for di land wey Baba-God swear to give una papa-papa-papa—to Abraham, Isaac, plus Jacob.”


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