Joshua Chapter 1

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         Baba-God Call Joshua

  1. Afta Moses wey be Baba-God servant die, e con happun sey Baba-God tell Joshua, di son of Nun, wey dey epp Moses—sey,
  2. “Moses my servant don kpeme. Stand up now. Make you and all dis pipo cross river Jordan, con enta di land wey I dey give dem—di pipo of Israel.
  3. Everi place wey una put una leg, nahin I go give you, just as I bin promise Moses.
  4. From di desert and dis Lebanon, and from di great river of Euphrates—all di land of di Hittite—reach di big-river—wey dey for where di sun dey go down, nahin go be una land.
  5. No pesin go fit stand up to fight una—all di days of una life. As I bin take dey wit Moses, naso I go take dey wit you; I no go ever leave you or komot from your side.
  6. “Dey strong and make you get-mind, becos you go lead dis pipo to claim di land wey I swear sey I go give dia papa-papa-papa.
  7. Only just dey strong and make you get-mind. Calm down to obey all di law wey my servant Moses give you; no turn komot from am go left or right, so dat you go make-am any where wey you go.
  8. No allow dis Book of di Law komot from your mouth; put your mind on am from morning till night, so dat you go fit calm down—to do everitin wey dem write inside am. Naso your way go take prosper, and you go make-am for life.
  9. Abi I neva tell you sey make you dey strong and get full-mind? No let fear catch you, and no let your spirit weak, becos Baba-God your oga dey wit you any where wey you dey go.”

Joshua Tell Dem To Crosss River Jordan

10. So Joshua tell di officers of di pipo sey,

11. “Make una waka go di whole camp, con tell di pipo sey, “Arrange tins plus food for unasef. Una go cross river Jordan in three days time, con claim di land wey Baba-God una Oga dey give una.”

12. But Joshua tell di Reubenites, di Gadite and di half-tribe of Manasseh,

13. “Remember di word wey Moses di servant of Baba-God tell una sey: ‘Baba-God wey be una Oga dey give una rest and he don give una dis land.’

14. Una wives, una pikin, plus una animals fit stay for dis land wey Moses give una for di east side of Jordan, but all una men wey sabi fight and wey dey wit weapon must cross river Jordan to go for front of una brodas. Una go epp una brodas,

15. until Baba-God don give una brodas rest, as he do for una, and until dem don claim di land wey Baba-God dey give dem. Afta dat una fit go back to stay for una own land wey Moses wey be Baba-God servant give una for di east side of river Jordan—for where di sun dey rise from.”

16. Naso dem ansa Joshua sey, “We go do anytin wey you tell us to do, and we go go any where wey you send us to go.

17. We go obey you Just as we take obey Moses for everitin. Only sey make Baba-God your Oga dey wit you as he bin dey wit Moses.

18. Any pesin wey no gree follow your word, and wey no gree obey your word, or anytin wey you tell dem—we go kill dat pesin. Make you only just dey strong and get full-mind.


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