Joshua Chapter 11

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Joshua Take Over Di Kings of Di North

  1. Wen Jabin wey be di king of Hazor hear dis tin, he send message go meet; Jobab wey be di king of Madon, to di king of Shimron, to di king of Acshaph,
  2. and to di kings wey dey for di north of di mountains, to di smooth-land wey dey for di south of Chinneroth, and to di low land, and to Naphoth Dor wey dey for di west side,
  3. to di pipo of Cannan wey dey for east and west; to di Amorites, di Hittites, di Perizzites, di Jebusites wey dey for di mountains, and to di Hivites wey dey for Hermon for di land of Mizpah.
  4. Dem come out wit all dia sojas, plenty-plenty pipo, wit plenty horses and horse-moto—big army wey plenty like sand-sand for beach.
  5. All dis kings gada togeda, and dem set dia camp for di Waters of Merom, to fight di pipo of Israel.
  6. Baba-God con tell Joshua sey, “Make una no fear dem, becos by dis time tomorrow, I go kill all of dem for Israel. You go break di legs of dia horses, con burn dia horse-moto wit faya.
  7. So Joshua and hin whole army attack dem wit surprise—for di Waters of Merom.
  8. And Baba-God put dem for Israel hand. Israel kill dem, con pursue dem reach di Greater Sidon, go Misrephoth Maim, and to bottom-of-di-mountain wey dem dey call Mizpah for di east side. Dem kill everi pesin sote no pesin remain wey survive am.
  9. Joshua do dem wetin Baba-God tell am. He break di legs of dia horses, con burn dia horse-moto wit faya.
  10. Around dat time, Joshua turn back, con take-over Hazor, and he kill dia king wit sword. [E don tey wey Hazor don be di head of all di kingdoms.]
  11. Dem use sword take kill everi pesin wey dey stay for there. Dem scata dem kpatakpata, dem no leave anytin wey dey breath, and he burn Hazor wit faya.
  12. Joshua take-over all dis cities wit dia kings, con kill dem wit sword. He scata dem kpatakpata, as Moses wey be Baba-God servant bin tell am.
  13. But Israel no burn di cities wey dem build on top small hills [cities wey still stand gidigbam], except Hazor wey Joshua burn.
  14. Di pipo of Israel collect dia enemy properties, dia malu from di cities, but dem kill all di pipo wit sword, until dem kill dem kpatakpata, dem no leave any pesin to breath.
  15. As Baba-God take tell hin servant Moses, naso Moses take tell Joshua, and Joshua do am; he do everitin wey Baba-God tell Moses.

All Di Pipo Wey Joshua Win

16. So Joshua take dis whole land; di mountain kontri, all di south, di whole area of Goshen, bottom-of-di-mountain, di smooth-land—even di mountain of Israel, and bottom of e mountain.

17. Even from di Mountain of Halak wey dey face up go Seir, even far-far reach Baalgad for bottom-of-di-mountain of Lebanon wey dey for under mountain Hermon—he catch all di kings, con kill dem.

18. Di war wey Joshua fight wit all di kings tey well-well.

19. Except for di Hivites wey dey stay for Gibeon, no single city make agreement of peace wit Israel. So Israel take-over di oda cities wit war.

20. Na Baba-God make dia hearts stubborn—so dat dem go fight war against Israel, so dat he go fit scata dem kpatakpata, to wipe dem komot wit-out sorrying for dem, just as Baba-God bin tell Moses.

21. Around dat time, Joshua go scata di Anakites from di mountains: from Hebron, Debir plus Anab, from all di mountains of Judah, from all di mountains of Judah, and from all di mountains of Israel. Joshua scata dem finish wit dia cities.

22. No Anakites remain for Inside di land of di pipo of Israel. Only for Gaza, Gath, plus Ashdod nahin dem con dey.

23. So Joshua take-over di whole land, just as Baba-God bin tell Moses, and he give am to di pipo of Israel as dia property based-on dia tribes. Naso di land con rest


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