Joshua Chapter 12

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Di Names of Kings Wey Moses Over-throw

  1. Na dis be di names of di kings of di land wey di pipo of Israel kill, con take-over dia land for di oda side of River Jordan—for di east side of River Jordan, where di sun dey rise from. From di river of Arnon to Mountain Hermon, plus all di smooth-land for di east side of River Jordan.
  2. Sihon wey be di king of di Amorites wey dey for Heshbon. He rule half of Gilead, from Aroer wey dey near river Arnon, and from di middle of di river—far-far go reach river Jabook wey be di border of di pipo of Ammon.
  3. And  di smooth-land  wey dey for di east of Jordan—from di Big-river of Chinneroth, far-far go reach di big-river of Arabah [Salt Sea], di road to Beth-Jeshimoth, and around di leg of Mountain Pisgah.
  4. Di oda king na Og wey be di king of Bashan plus hin territory. Na di last of di giants [Rephaites] wey dey for inside Ashtaroth and for Edrei.
  5. He rule over di Mountain of Hermon, plus Salecah, di whole of Bashan, reach di border of di pipo of Geshur, plus Maacah, and half of Gilead, go reach di border of Sihon wey be di king of Heshbon.
  6. All dis kings nahin Moses wey be Baba-God servant, and di pipo of Israel take-over. And Moses wey be Baba-God servant give dia land to di pipo of Reuben, Gad plus di half-tribe of Manasseh as dia property.

Di Kings Wey Joshua Win

7. Na all dis be di kings of di land wey Joshua and di pipo of Israel take-over, for dis side of Jordan, di west side of River Jordan, from Baalgad for bottom-of-di-mountain of Lebanon, far-far go reach Mountain Halak—and up go Seir. Joshua give dia lands to di tribes of Israel as dia property based-on dia share.

8. For di mountains, bottom-of-di-mountains, di smooth-lands, di land wey water dey flow, di deserts, plus di south kontri; di Hittites, di Amorites, Canaanites, Perizzites, Hivites plus di Jebusites:

9. Di king of Jericho—one, di king of Ai wey dey near Bethel—one.

10. Di king of Jerusalem—one, di king of Hebron—one,

11. Di king of Jarmuth—one, di king of Lachish—one,

12. Di king of Eglon—one, di king of Gezer—one.

13. Di king of Debir—one, di king of Geder—one.

14. Di king of Hormah—one, di king of Arad—one.

15. Di king of Libnah—one, di king of Adullam one.

16. Di king of Makkedah—one, di king of Bethel—one.

17. Di king of Tappuah—one, di king of Hepher—one.

18. Di king of Aphek—one, di king of Lasharon—one.

19. Di king of Madon—one, di king of Hazor—one.

20. Di king of Shimronmeron—one, di king of Acshaph—one.

21. Di king of Taanach—one, di king of Megiddo—one.

22. Di king of Kadesh—one, di king of Jokneam for Carmel—one.

23. Di king of Dor for di town of Naphoth Dor—one, di king of di nations of Gilgal—one.

24. Di king of Tirzah—one. All of dem na thirty one kings.


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