Joshua Chapter 14

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As Dem Divide Di Land For di West Side of River Jordan

  1. So dis na di kontris wey di pipo of Israel receive as property for inside di land of Cannan, wey Eleazar di priest, Joshua wey be di son of Nun, and di chiefs of di families of di tribes of Israel share to dem as dia property.
  2. Dem cast lot to share di land, just as Baba-God bin tell Moses—for di nine tribes, and for di half tribe.
  3. Becos Moses bin give di share of di two tribes and half tribe for di oda side of River Jordan: but he no give di Levites any share of land among dem.
  4. Di sons of Joseph na two tribes: Manasseh plus Ephraim. Di levites no receive any share of di land but only di cities wey dem dey stay, wit farmland for dia animals and properties.
  5. So di pipo of Israel divide di land just as Baba-God bin tell Moses.

Caleb Collect Hebron As Hin Share

6. Now di men of Judah come meet Joshua for Gilgal, and Caleb wey be di son of Jephunneh di Kenizzite, con tell am sey, “You know wetin Baba-God tell Moses di man of God about you and me for Kadesh Barnea.

 7. I be forty years old wen Moses wey be Baba-God servant send me from Kadeshbarnea to go look di land. And I carry dis message come back to meet am—based-on my church-mind.

8. But my brodas wey go wit me con make di hearts of di pipo shake wit fear. But I follow Baba-God wey be my Oga—wit my whole heart.

9. So on dat day Moses swear to me sey, ‘Di land wey your leg waka put go be your property and di property of your pikin forever, becos you don follow Baba-God wey be your Oga wit all your heart.’

10. “So now, just as Baba-God bin promise, he don keep me alive for forty-five years, since di time wen he tell Moses dis tin, wen Israel bin dey waka-waka for inside di desert. So, see me today, I be eighty-five years old.

11. I still strong kamkpe today, just like di day wey Moses send me go; I still strong to go fight now—just like before—to go-come.

12. Now give me di mountain wey Baba-God promise me dat day. You yoursef hear dat time sey di Anakites dey for there and sey dia cities big well-well and dem get wall, but as Baba-God go epp me, I go pursue dem komot just as Baba-God yarn.”

13. Naso Joshua bless Caleb wey be di son of Jephunneh, con give am Hebron, as hin property.

14. Naso Hebron con belong to Caleb wey be di son of Jephunneh di Kenizzite ever since den, becos he follow Baba-God wey be di God of Israel—wit all hin heart.

15. Dem bin dey call Hebron, Kiriatharba—dem name am afta Arba wey be di great man among di Anakites. Naso di land con rest from war.


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