Proverbs (Pidgin Bible)

Joshua Chapter 2

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Rahab Plus Di Pipo Wey Joshua Send To Spy Di Land

  1. Naso Joshua wey be di son of Nun send two pipo from Shittim wey sabi spy. He tell dem sey, “Make una go look di land, make una put eyes for di land of Jericho.” So dem go, con enta one ashawo house. Her name na Rahab and na for there dem stay.
  2. So pipo tell di king of Jericho sey, “See! Some of di pipo of Israel don come here dis night to spy awa land.”
  3. So di king of Jericho send message go meet Rahab sey, “Bring di men come, wey come see you and wey enta your house, becos dem don come to spy awa land.”
  4. But di woman carry di two men go hide. She con tok sey, “Yes, di men come meet me but I no sabi where dem come from.
  5. For night, wen e reach time to close di gate of di city, di men komot and I know sabi di raod wey dem follow go. Follow dem sharply. You go catch dem for road.”
  6. But she don carry dem go up of di house, con hide dem for some flax wey she set put for there.
  7. So di men enta road to pursue di pipo wey come spy. Dem con fyne dem reach di low side of river Jordan. As di men komot from Jericho, naso dem close di gates. 
  8. Before di pipo wey come spy sleep for night, she go up of di roof,
  9. con tell dem sey, “I know sey Baba-God don give una dis land and my pipo dey fear una well-well, sote everi pesin wey dey stay for dis kontri dey shake becos dem dey fear una.
  10. We don hear how Baba-God take dry di water of di Red Sea for una, wen una dey komot from Egypt, and wetin una do to Sihon and Og, wey be di two kings of di Amorites—wey una scata kpatakpata, for di east side of River Jordan.
  11. Awa hearts turn to water wen we hear wetin happun, and no pesin get-liver again becos of una; becos Baba-God wey be una Oga nahin be di God for heaven wey dey for up, and nahin be Baba-God wey dey earth for ground.
  12. So now, I dey beg una, make una swear to me wit Baba-God name sey una go show good-heart to my family, becos I don show una good-heart. Make una give me sure sign,
  13. sey una no go touch di lives of my papa and mama, my brodas and sistas, plus everitin wey belong to dem, and una go save us from death.”
  14. Di men con ansa her sey, “Make Baba-God kill us if we no do wetin we tok sey we go do! If you no tell any body wetin we dey do, we go show you good-heart plus truth—wen Baba-God give us di land.”
  15. So she use rope take carry dem go down from di window, becos di house wey she dey stay—dey on top of di wall of di city.
  16. She con tell dem sey, “Make una go di mountain so dat di pipo wey dey pursue una no go see una. Make una hide for there for three days until dem come back, and den una go go una way.”
  17. Di men con tell her sey, “Dis oath wey you make us swear no go hold us,
  18. Unless wen we enta di land, you go tie dis red rope for your window wey you take carry us go down. And make you carry your mama and papa, plus your family pipo—enta your house.
  19. If any pesin go outside your house con enta street, e blood go dey for hin own head; e no go be awa fault. As for any pesin wey dey for inside your house—e blood go dey for awa head if hand touch am.
  20. But if you tell pipo wetin we dey do, we go free from di oath wey you make us swear.”
  21. Naso she ansa, “I don agree, make e be as una tok.” So she send dem komot and dem discharge. So she tie di red cloth for her window.
  22. Wen dem komot, dem go di mountain, con stay there for three days, until di pipo wey dey pursue dem fyne all di corners of di road, con go back wen dem no see dem.
  23. Naso di two pipo wey go spy con come down from di mountain, dem cross river Jordan back. Dem meet Joshua, con tell am everitin wey happun.
  24. Dem tell Joshua sey, “Baba-God don true-true put di whole land for awa hand; becos all di pipo wey dey live for di kontri dey shake wit fear, becos of us.


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