Joshua Chapter 4

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       Di Stones To Make Dem Remember

  1. Wen di whole nation don cross River Jordan finish, Baba-God con tell Joshua sey,
  2. “Choose twelve men from among di pipo, one man from everi tribe,
  3. And tell dem sey make dem carry twelve stones from River Jordan—from where di priests bin stand put, and make una carry di stones follow body, con leave dem for where una go sleep dis night.”
  4. So Joshua call di twelve men togeda, wey he choose from di pipo of Israel—one from everi tribe.
  5. So he tell dem sey, “Make una enta river Jordan for fornt of Baba-God Ark. Make everi single one of una carry one stone for una shoulder. One for everi single tribe of di pikins of Israel.
  6. E go be sign among una, so dat for future, wen una pikin ask dia papa sey, ‘Wetin dis stones mean?’
  7. Tell dem sey, ‘Jordan stop to dey flow from one side wen Baba-God Ark cross di river. We cross di Jordan, di water stop to dey flow from one side. Dis stone go be sometin wey di pipo of Israel go remember forever.”
  8. So di pipo of Israel do wetin Joshua tell dem to do. Dem carry twelve stones from di middle of river Jordan, based-on di numbas of di tribe of di pikins of Israel, just as Baba-God tell Joshua. Dem carry di stones follow-body to di place where dem camp for night. And dem put di stones for there.
  9. So Joshua set up anoda twelve stones for River Jordan, for di place wey di priests wey bin carry di ark of agreement—stand put, and di stone dey for there till today.
  10. So di priests wey carry di Ark kontinu to stand for di middle of River Jordan until dem do everitin wey Baba-God tell Joshua to tell di pipo, based-on everitin wey Moses tell Joshua. Naso di pipo con cross di river sharp-sharp.
  11. And as all of dem cross finish, Baba-God Ark plus di priests con cross di river—as di pipo dey look.
  12. Di men of Reuben, Gad, and di half-tribe of Manasseh cross go di oda side, dem carry weapon and dem dey go for front of Israel as Moses bin tell dem.
  13. About forty thousand men wey carry weapon, and wey ready to fight, con cross to di oda side as Baba-God dey wit dem—to di smooth-land of Jericho.
  14. Baba-God give Joshua levels dat day for front of all di pipo of Israel; and dem fear am all di days of dia life, just as dem bin dey fear Moses.
  15. So Baba-God tell Joshua sey,
  16. “Tell di priests wey dey carry di Ark of di Agreement, sey make dem komot from Jordan.”
  17. So Joshua tell di priest sey make dem komot from River Jordan.
  18. E con happun sey, as di priest komot from River Jordan as dem carry di Ark of di agreement of Baba-God, as dem just put dia leg for dry ground, naso di water of River Jordan con start to dey flow again, con dey over-flow as e bin dey over-flow before.
  19. On di tenth day of di first month nahin di pipo komot from Jordan, con camp for Gilgal for di east side of di border of Jericho.
  20. Joshua set up di twelve stones for Gilgal—wey dem bin take from di Jordan.
  21. He con tell di pipo of Israel sey, “For future, wen una pikin-pikin-pikin ask dia papa sey, ‘Wetin dis stones mean?’
  22. Make una tell una pikin sey, ‘Israel cross river Jordan for dry ground.
  23. Becos Baba-God wey be una Oga dry di water of river Jordan for una front until una cross to di oda side—just as he bin take dry di Red Sea for us, until we cross go di oda side.
  24. Baba-God do am so dat all di pipo of di earth go sabi sey hin hand get pawa, and so dat you go dey always fear Baba-God wey be your Oga.


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