Joshua Chapter 5

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Dem Circumcise Di Second Generation

  1. E con happun sey, all di kings of di Amonite wey dey for di west side of River Jordan, plus all di Canaanite kings wey dey near di big-river [sea] hear sey Baba-God dry di water of River Jordan for front of di pipo of Israel—until all of dem pass to di oda side—di hearts of di kings con dey cut, and dia spirit vanish from dia body, becos of di pipo of Israel.
  2. Around dat time, Baba-God con tell Joshua sey, “Make sharp knives and make you circumcise di pipo of Israel di second time.
  3. So Joshua make sharp knives, con circumcise everi man for Israel—for Gibeath-haaraloth.
  4. Dis na wetin make Joshua circumcise dem: All di pipo wey komot from Egypt—all di men wey don reach to serve for army, die for desert—for road afta dem komot from Egypt.
  5. All di pipo wey komot from Egypt circumcise, but all di pipo wey dem born for inside desert wen dem dey waka komot from Egypt—neva circumcise.
  6. Di pipo of Israel waka for inside desert for forty years until all di men wey don reach to serve for army—wey komot from Egypt con die, since dem no gree obey Baba-God voice. Becos Baba-God bin swear to dem sey dem no go see di land wey he promise dia papa-papa-papa, to give us—land wey dey flow wit milk plus honey.
  7. So Joshua circumcise dia sons—those wey don grow reach to take dia papa position. Dem neva  circumcise becos dem no circumcise dem for road.
  8. And afta dem circumcise di whole nation, dem stay for where dem dey for di camp until dem heal.
  9. Naso Baba-God tell Joshua sey, “I don komot di shame of Egypt from una today.” Naso dem take name di place Gilgal till today.
  10. So di pipo of Israel celebrate di Passover on di evening of di fourteenth day of di month as dem dey camp for Gilgal, for di smooth-land of Jericho.
  11. Di day afta di Passover, dat very day, dem chop some of di tins wey di land produce; bread wit-no yeast, plus corn wey dem roast.
  12. Dem no see manna again on di day afta dem chop from di food of di land, and dem no see manna again. So from dat time, di pipo of Israel chop from di food of di land of Canaan.

Di Commander Of Baba-God Army

13. And e happun sey wen Joshua near Jericho, he look up, and he see one man dey stand for front of am wit sword wey he carry for hand. Joshua go meet am, con ask am sey, “You dey for us or for awa enemies?”

14. Di man ansa am, “No, but I be di commander of Baba-God armies.” Naso Joshua fall face ground to worship am, con ask am sey, “Which message my Oga get for hin servant?”

15. Di commander of Baba-God armies con ansa Joshua sey, “Komot your sandals, becos di land wey you dey stand put, na holy place.” And Joshua komot hin sandals.


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