Joshua Chapter 6

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As Jericho Take Fall Yakata

  1. Naso dem close Jericho gate tight, becos of di pipo of Israel. No pesin dey enta or komot.
  2. Naso Baba-God tell Joshua sey, “See, I don put Jericho for your hands, along wit dia king and dia fighters.
  3. March round di city once wit all di men wey carry weapon. Do am for six days.
  4. Make seven priests carry trumpets of ram horn—for front of di Ark. March round di city seven times on di seventh day, as di priest go blow di trumpets.
  5. Wen you hear dem blow di trumpet wit long sound, make all di pipo shout loud noise, and naso di wall of di city go fall down yakata, and di pipo go enta, everi man go waka enta straight.”
  6. So Joshua wey be di son of Nun call di priests, con tell dem sey, “Carry di Ark of di agreement, and make seven priests carry seven trumpets of ram—for front of Baba-God Ark.”
  7. And he tell di pipo sey, “Make una dey carry-go, march round di city, wit di men wey carry weapon for front of Baba-God Ark.”
  8. Wen Joshua don follow di pipo tok finish, di seven priests wey dey carry di seven trumpets con go front as dem dey blow di trumpet, and Baba-God Ark follow dem.
  9. Di men wey carry weapon march for front of di priests wey dey blow di trumpets, and some men dey for back to guard di ark. So di priests kontinu to blow di trumpets as dem dey go.
  10. But Joshua bin tell di pipo sey, “Make una no shout, or raise una voice, make una no tok any word until di day wey I go tell una to shout. Den una go shout!”
  11. So dem move round di city wit Baba-God Ark, dem move round di city once and dem go back to di camp, con spend di night for there.
  12. Joshua stand up early di next morning and di priests carry Baba-God Ark.
  13. Di seven priests wey dey carry di seven trumpets of ram, go front—con dey march for front of di Ark of Baba-God as dem dey blow di trumpets. Di men wey carry weapons dey go for front of dem. Some oda men wit weapon dey for back dey guard di ark. And di priests dey blow di trumpets as dem dey go.
  14. So dem march round di city once for di second day, and dem go back to dia camp. Dem do like dis for six days.
  15. On di seventh day, dem stand up for early mor-mor, con march round di city seven times, as dem take dey march before. Na only dat day dem march round di city seven times.
  16. Around di seventh time, wen di priest sound di trumpet loud, Joshua con tell di pipo sey, “Shout! Becos Baba-God don give una di city.
  17. Baba-God don curse di city sey di city must scata—both di city plus everi pesin wey dey live inside am. Na only Rahab di ashawo wey go dey alive. She plus everi pesin wey dey for inside her house, becos she hide di messengers wey we send.
  18. And make una make sure sey una no touch those tins wey curse dey on, unless curse go dey on your head if you carry those tins. You go carry curse enta di camp of Israel, con make kasala burst for Israel.
  19. But all di silver plus gold, and di tins wey dem make wit bronze plus iron nahin una go separate for Baba-God. We go keep am for Baba-God.
  20. Wen di priests sound di trumpets, di pipo con dey shout. And e happun sey, wen di pipo hear di loud sound of di trumpet and dem con dey raise dia voice—naso di wall fall yakata; so everi man enta inside straight, and dem take-over di city.
  21. Naso dem scata everi tin wey dey for di city kpatakpata—con use sword take kill both man plus woman, big and small—even malu, sheep, and donkeys.
  22. Joshua con tell di two men wey bin go spy di land, sey, “Go di ashawo house, con carry her come out, plus everitin wey she get, based-on di oath wey una make wit her.
  23. So di young men wey bin go spy, con carry Rahab come out, wit her mama, her papa, brodas plus everitin wey belong to her. Dem carry her whole family come outside con put dem for one place for outside di camp of di pipo of Israel.
  24. Naso dem burn di whole city wit faya, plus everitin wey dey for inside. Dem con keep only di tins wey dem make wit silver, gold, di bronze, plus iron—for inside Baba-God house.
  25. But Joshua no kill Rahab wey be di ashawo wit her family, plus everitin wey belong to her, and she dey live among di pipo of Israel till today, becos she hide di men wey Joshua send to spy Jericho.
  26. Naso Joshua warn dem dat time, sey, “Any pesin wey try to build Jericho again go dey under Baba-God curse. Any pesin wey build di foundation—hin first son go die. And any pesin wey build di gates—hin lastborn go die.”
  27. So Baba-God dey wit Joshua, and pipo con dey sabi hin name more-more for di whole land.


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