Joshua Chapter 7

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Di Wrong Tin Wey Achan Do

  1. But di pipo of Israel commit sin becos dem no gree obey Baba-God wey tell dem sey make dem no carry anytin wey dem suppose scata from inside Jericho. Achan wey be di son of Carmi, di son of Zabdi, di son of Zerah, from di tribe of Judah—carry one of di tins wey Baba-God curse, so Baba-God con dey vex for di pipo of Israel.
  2. So Joshua send men from Jericho go Ai, wey dey near Bethaven for di east side of Bethel, con tell dem sey, “Make una go up to spy di kontri.” So di men go spy Ai.
  3. Wen dem come back to meet Joshua, dem tok sey, “No be all di pipo go go fight Ai. Send two or three thousand men to go take-over di city, and make you no disturb all di pipo, becos di pipo wey dey for there no plenty.”
  4. So about three thousand men go, but di pipo of Ai pursue dem.
  5. Di men of Ai kill about thirty six of dem. Dem pursue di pipo of Isreal even before di gate, far reach Shebarim, con kill dem as dem dey go down: so di hearts of di pipo of Israel melt, and e turn to water.
  6. Naso Joshua tear hin clothes and he fall face ground for front of Baba-God Ark, and he stay for there reach evening. Di senior-men of Israel do di same tin, con pour dust for dia heads.
  7. So Joshua tok sey, “Ah, Almighty God, why you ever carry dis pipo pass River Jordan to con put us for di Amorites hand, to scata us? If only sey we just dey okay to stay for di oda side of River Jordan!
  8. Oh Baba-God, wetin I go tok wen Israel turn dia backs from dia enemies?
  9. Di Cannanite plus di oda pipo of di kontri go hear about dis tin, and dem go surround us, con komot awa name from di earth. Wetin you go do now for your ogbonge name?”
  10. So Baba-God tell Joshua sey, “Stand up! Wetin you dey do wit your head for ground?
  11. Israel don commit sin, dem don break my agreement wey I tell dem to keep. Dem don carry some of di tin wey I don curse sey dem must scata. Dem tiff am, dem lie about am, con hide di tins among dia properties.
  12. Nahin make di pipo of Israel no fit stand against dia enemies; dem turn dia back con dey run, becos curse dey on dem. I no go dey wit una again unless una komot di pesin wey dey cursed among una.
  13. Stand up make you clean di pipo, ‘Tell dem make dem make demsef pure for tomorrow; becos dis na wetin Baba-God of Israel tok, “Una get sometins wey dey among una wey I don curse. Una no go ever win una enemies until una komot those tins wey I don curse—from among una.’
  14. By tomorrow morning, una must gada come, tribe by tribe, and Baba-God go point di tribe wey di pesin wey commit dis sin dey. Dat tribe must come front wit dia families, and Baba-God go point di families wey di pesin dey. Naso di house go come front, and Baba-God go point di house wey di pesin dey. Las-las everi member of di family go come front, one by one.
  15. Dem go burn di pesin wit faya—wey tiff di properties wey Baba-God curse, wit everitin wey di pesin get, becos di pesin don break Baba-God agreement, and dat pesin don cos disgrace for Israel.
  16. Early mor-mor di next day, Joshua wake up, con tok sey make Israel gada—tribe by tribe, and dem pick di tribe of Judah.
  17. Di family of Judah come front, and he point di families of Zerah. Di families of Zerah come front, and Baba-God point di family of Zabdi.
  18. Joshua tok sey make di family come front, man by man, and dem point Achan wey be di son of Carmi—di son of Zabdi—di son of Zerah—from di tribe of Judah.
  19. Naso Joshua tell Achan sey, “My pikin, give Baba-God levels to di God of Israel, and give am praise. Tell me wetin you don do; make you no hide anytin from me.”
  20. Achan con ansa am, “Na true! I don sin against Baba-God of Israel. Na wetin I do be dis:
  21. Wen I see one fine cloth wit Babylon design among awa enemies property, plus 200 silver coins, and some gold wey weigh 0.57kg [50 shekels], my eyes shuuk well-well, so I carry dem con hide dem under ground for inside my house. And di silver dey under-under.
  22. So Joshua send messengers, and dem rush go di tent, and na for there dem see am. He bin hide am for hin place, wit di silver for under.”
  23. Dem carry di tins from Achan place, con give Joshua and all di pipo of Israel, and dem spread dem for Baba-God front.
  24. Naso Joshua togeda wit all di pipo of Israel, con carry Akan wey  be di son of Zerah, di silver, di cloth, di gold, hin sons, plus hin daughters, hin ox, donkeys, sheep, tent, plus everitin wey he get—and dem carry dem go bottom-of-di-mountain wey dem dey call Achor.
  25. Joshua con tok sey, “Na you carry dis yawa come meet us? Baba-God go give you gbege today.” Naso all di pipo of Israel stone am, con burn dem wit faya afta dem stone dem wit stones.
  26. Dem put heavy rocks on top of Achan, wey dey for there reach today. Naso Baba-God stop to dey vex for dem. Since den, dem dey call di bottom of dat mountain—Achor till today.


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