Joshua Chapter 8

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Dem Scata Ai

  1. Naso Baba-God tell Joshua sey, “No let fear catch you, and no lose hope. Take di whole sojas wit you, and make una go attack Ai; becos I don give you di king of Ai plus hin pipo, di city, plus di land.
  2. You go do Ai and di king of Ai—wetin you do to Jericho plus di king of Jericho. But dis time make una collect dia properties plus dia animals. Attack dem wit surprise from back of di city.
  3. So Joshua wit di whole sojas komot go attack Ai. He choose thirty thousand of hin best fighters, and he send dem go out for night.
  4. He con tell dem sey, “Listen well-well, na from di back of di city una go attack di city wit surprise. Make una no go fa-far from di city. Make all of una ready.
  5. Me and all di pipo wey dey wit me go carry-go di city, and wen dem come fight us as dem do before, we go run from dem.
  6. Dem go pursue us until we don use style carry dem komot from di city, becos dem go tok sey, “Dem dey run komot from us as dem bin do before,’ So wen we run from dem.
  7. Naso una go stand up from where una dey hide. Una go attack dem, con take-over di city. Becos Baba-God wey be una Oga go put di city for una hand.
  8. Wen una don take over di city, make una burn am. Do wetin Baba-God tell us to do. Make sure sey una do wetin I tok.”
  9. Naso Joshua send dem komot and dem go hide for di place wey dem go take attack dia enemies wit surprise. Dem hide between Bethel and Ai, for di west side of Ai—but Joshua stay wit di pipo dat night.
  10. Early mor-mor di next day, Joshua gada hin men, and him plus di senior-men of Israel march for dia front dey go Ai.
  11. Di whole sojas wey dey wit dem march go near di city, and dem reach front of di city. So dem camp for di north side of Ai. Bottom of one mountain dey between dem and Ai.
  12. Joshua bin choose five thousand sojas, con tell dem to hide between Bethel and Ai, near di west side of di city.
  13. Dem make di sojas set; all those pipo for di camp for di north side of di city, and those sojas wey dey hide—for di west side of di city. Joshua go bottom-of-di-mountain dat night.
  14. Wen di king of Ai see wetin dey happun, him plus all di men of di city rush out for early mor-mor to meet Israel for war, for one place before di smooth-land. But he no know sey some sojas wey dey hide—go attack di city from back of di city.
  15. Joshua plus all di pipo of Israel let di pipo of Ai pursue dem go back, and dem run go di desert side.
  16. Dem call all di men of Ai to pursue dem, and naso dem pursue Joshua. So Joshua use style carry dem komot from di city.
  17. No single man wey dey for Ai or Bethel wey no pursue di pipo of Israel. Dem leave di city open, con go dey pursue di pipo of Israel.
  18. Baba-God con tell Joshua sey, “Point di long-sharp-weapon wey dey for your hand take face Ai; becos I go put Ai for your hand.” So Joshua point di long-sharp-weapon wey dey for hin hand—take face di city of Ai.
  19. As Joshua point hin hand to di city, di sojas wey dey hide stand up sharp-sharp from dia position. Dem enta di city. Dem take-over di place, con burn am quick-quick wit faya.
  20. Wen di men of Ai look back, con see di smoke wey dey raise up to sky, but dem no see any chance to escape go any where, becos di pipo of Israel wey be dey run go desert turn back, con dey pursue di pipo wey bin dey pursue dem.
  21. Wen Joshua plus all di pipo of Israel see sey di oda sojas don attack di city from back, and smoke don dey raise from di city, dem turn back, con dey kill di men of Ai.
  22. Di men wey attack di city from back still come out of di city against di men of Ai, sote di men of Ai con dey for middle—wit di pipo of Israel for di two sides. Israel kill dem, and dem no let any pesin survive, or escape.
  23. But dem carry di king of Ai alive, con carry am go meet Joshua.
  24. Wen Israel don kill all di men of Ai finish, for di fields and for inside desert where dem bin pursue dem go, and dem don kill all of dem wit sword, naso all di pipo of Israel go back to di city of Ai, con use sword kill those pipo wey dey for inside di city.
  25. Naso e con happun—twelve thousand men and women fall dat day—all di men of Ai.
  26. Joshua no stretch hin hand go back—di hand wey hin point to di city wit hin long-sharp-weapon, until he kill all di pipo wey dey for inside Ai.
  27. But Israel collect dia animals for demsef, and dem obtain di city as Baba-God bin tell Joshua.
  28. So Joshua burn Ai, con turn am to scata-scata forever—di place na empty place even till today.
  29. He hang di king of Ai for tree, con leave am for there until evening reach. Wen sun don go down, Joshua tok sey make dem carry hin deadbody come down from di tree, con throway am for front of di gate of di city. And dem put heavy stones on top of am, wey dey for there till today.

Joshua Make Di Agreement Again

30. Naso Joshua build altar for di mountain of Ebal, for Baba-God—di God of Israel,

31. just as Moses di servant of Baba-God bin tell di pipo of Israel to do, he build am based-on wetin dem write for di Book of di Law of Moses, “Altar wey dem make wit stones wey dem neva cut wit iron tools.” Dem con give burnt offerings plus peace offerings to Baba-God, for di altar.

32. For there, for front of di pipo of Israel, Joshua con write di law wey Moses give dem—for di stones of di altar.

33. All di pipo of Israel wit dia senior-men, and dia officers, plus dia judges—con stand for di two sides of di ark of Baba-God word, for front of di priests, di Levites wey carry Baba-God ark. Both di strangers and di pikins of Israel. Half of dem dey for front of mountain Gerzim, and half of dem stand for front of mountain Ebal—just as Moses wey be Baba-God servant bin tell dem before, sey make dem bless di pipo of Israel.

34. Lata-lata, Joshua read all di words of di law—both di blessings plus di curses—just as dem write am for di Book of di Law.

35. E no get any single word wey Moses tok, wey Joshua no read for di whole pipo of Israel wey gada, even to di women plus small-small pikin, and di foreigners wey dey live among dem.


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