Joshua Chapter 9

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Di Pipo Of Gibeon Play Joshua Wayo

  1. Now wen all di kings for di west side of Jordan hear about all dis tins—those wey dey for di mountain, bottom-of-di-mountain, and all di corners of di Mediterranean Sea, far-far go reach Lebanon—di kings of di Hittites, Amorites, Canaan, Perizzites, Hivites and Jebusites,
  2. dem gada togeda wit one mind, to fight war wit Joshua plus Israel.
  3. But wen di pipo of Gibeon hear wetin Joshua bin do to Jericho plus Ai,
  4. dem con use wayo; dem send messengers wit donkeys wey dem load wit old sacks, wit old bottles of wine—wey don crack and wey dem patch.
  5. Di men wear sandals wey don spoil and wey dem patch for dia leg, con wear old clothes. Even all di food wey dem carry don dry and spoil.
  6. Naso dem go meet Joshua for di camp for Gilgal, con tell am plus all di men of Israel sey, “We don come from far-far kontri, make agreement wit us.”
  7. Di men of Israel con tell di Hivites sey, “But e be like sey una dey live near us. How we go con take make agreement wit una?”
  8. Dem con tell Joshua sey, “We be your servants.” But Joshua ask dem, “Who una be, and where una come from?”
  9. Dem ansa am, “Your servants don come from far-far kontri, becos of di big name of Baba-God una Oga. Becos we don hear gist about am, everitin wey he do for inside Egypt,
  10. plus everitin wey he do to di two kings of di Amorites wey dey east side of River Jordan—Shion wey be di king of Heshbon, and Og wey be di king of Bashan—wey dey for Ashtaroth.
  11. So awa senior-men plus all di pipo wey dey stay for awa kontri con tell us sey, “Make una carry food for di journey, and make una go meet dem, con tell dem sey, ‘We be una servants, so make agreement wit us.’
  12. Dis awa bread bin dey warm wen we pack am from house on di day wey we komot to come meet una, but now e don dry, and e dey spoil.
  13. Dis new containers of wine wey we carry bin full wit drink, but see, dem don break. And dis clothes plus awa pam [sandals] don dey spoil becos wey don waka well-well.”
  14. Di men of Israel collect di food from dem wit-out asking from Baba-God
  15. So Joshua make agreement of peace wit di pipo of Gibeon so dat he no go kill dem. And di senior-men of Israel promise to keep di agreement.
  16. Three days afta dem make di agreement wit di pipo of Gibeon, di pipo of Israel con hear sey dem be dia neighbours wey dey live near dem.
  17. So di pipo of Israel komot go out, and on di third day dem reach dia cities: Gibeon, Kephirah, Beeroth plus Kiriath Jearim.
  18. But di pipo of Israel no attack dem, becos di senior-men of di pipo of Israel don swear to dem wit Baba-God name—di God of Israel. Di whole pipo con dey tok against di senior-men,
  19. But all di senior-men ansa dem, “We don swear to dem wit Baba-God name—di God of Israel, and we no fit touch dem now.
  20. Dis na wetin we go do to dem: We  go let dem live, so dat Baba-God no go vex for us if we break di agreement wey we swear to dem.
  21. Make dem live, but na dem go dey cut wood, and fetch water for us.” Na wetin di senior-men con tok.
  22. So Joshua call di pipo of Gibeon, con yarn dem sey, “Why una play us wayo, con tell us sey, ‘We dey stay for far-far from una,’ wen una dey stay near us?
  23. Now, una dey under curse: una go be slaves forever. Na una go dey cut wood and fetch water for di house of my God.”
  24. Dem con ansa Joshua sey, “Dem gist us how Baba-God una Oga take tell hin servant Moses to give una di whole land, and to wipe out all di pipo wey dey stay for there komot from una front. So we con dey fear for awa life becos of una, and nahin make us do dis tin.
  25. Now we dey for una hands. Do us anytin wey you feel sey e dey good and correct to you.”
  26. So Joshua save dem from di hands of di pipo of Israel and dem no kill dem.
  27. Dat day he tok sey di pipo from Gibeon nahin go dey cut wood and fetch water for di pipo, and for Baba-God house—for di place wey Baba-God go choose. And na wetin di pipo of Gibeon dey do till today.


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