Numbers Chapter 10

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Di Silver Trumpets

  1. Naso Baba-God tell Moses sey:
  2. “Make two trumpets wit silver from one single piece of silver, and use dem take call di community togeda, and to call dem to move from di camp.
  3. Wen dem blow di two of dem, make di whole community gada for your front, for front of di worship-place.
  4. If dem blow only one, di leaders—di heads of di tribes of Israel nahin go gada for your front.
  5. Wen dem blow di sound of trumpets to carry-go, di tribes wey dey camp for di east side go move go front.
  6. Wen dem blow di trumpets di second time, di camps wey dey for di south side go carry-go.
  7. Blow di trumpets to gada di pipo, but no be wit di sound to carry-go (make di sound long).
  8. “Di sons of Aaron di priest nahin go blow di trumpets. Make dis law be forever, both for una and for generations.
  9. Wen una fight war for una own land, against una enemy wey dey oppress una, blow di trumpets make dem sound for war (wit short sound). Den Baba-God wey be una Oga go remember una, and he go save una from di enemies.
  10. Wen una dey celebrate sef—for una festivals and New Moon festivals, make una sound di trumpets. And blow di trumpets for una burnt offerings, and di sacrifices of una peace offerings. Di trumpets go remember Baba-God about hin agreement wit una. Na me be Baba-God una Oga.”

Di Pipo Of Israel Komot From Sinai

11. On di twentieth day of di second month of di second year, di cloud raise from on top of worship-place.

12. Naso all di pipo of Israel con move from di Desert of Sinai, con dey travel until di cloud stop for di Desert of Paran.

13. So dem move dis first time, as Baba-God yarn dem tru Moses.

14. Judah sojas nahin dey lead di waka. Dia flag dey for front as dem dey march dey go, and dia leader na Nahshon wey be di son of Abinadab.

15. Nethanel wey be di son of Zuar nahin be di leader of di tribe of Issachar,

16. And Eliab wey be di son of Helon nahin be di leader of di tribe of Zebulun.

17. Dem bring di worship-place (na tent) down, and di sons Gershon plus di sons of Merari wey carry am, con move dey go.

18. Next na di sojas of Reuben as dem dey march wit dia flag for front. Elizur wey be di son of Shedeur nahin be dia leader.

19. Shelumiel wey be di son of Zurishaddai nahin be di leader of di tribe of Simeon.

20. And Eliasaph wey be di son of Deuel nahin be di leader of di tribe of Gad.

21. Di Kohathites move go front, dem carry di holy tins. Dem suppose set up di worship-place (tent) before di pipo reach where dem dey.

22. Ephraim sojas nahin dey next, dia flag dey for front as dem dey march dey go. Dia leader na Elishama wey be di son of Ammihud.

23. Gamaliel wey be di son of Pedahzur nahin be di leader of di tribe of Manasseh.

24. Abidan wey be di son of Gideoni nahin be di leader of di tribe of Benjamin.

25. Di sojas of Dan nahin dey for back, dia flag dey for front as dem dey march dey go, and na dem be di guard wey dey for back to guard all di tribes. Dia leader na Ahiezer wey be di son of Ammishaddai.

26. Pagiel wey be di son of Ocran nahin be di leader of di tribe of Ahsher,

27. Ahira wey be di son of Enan nahin be di leader of di tribe of Naphtali.

28. Wen dem start dia waka, na dis be di arrangement of how di pipo Israel take dey move, based-on dia armies.

29. Now Moses con tell Hobab wey be di son of Reuel di Midianite, Moses fada-in-law, “We dey move go di place wey Baba-God tok about sey, ‘I go give una.’ Follow us and we go take care of you, becos Baba-God don promise Israel beta-beta tins.”

30. He con ansa, “No, I no go go; I dey go back to my own land and to my own pipo.”

31. But Moses tok sey, “Abeg no leave us. You know where we suppose stay for di desert, and you fit be awa eyes.

32. If you follow us, we go share any beta tin wey Baba-God give us.”

33. So dem move from di mountain of Baba-God, con travel for three days. Di Ark of di agreement of Baba-God dey for dia front for di three days, to fyne place for dem to rest.

34. As dem dey move everi day, Baba-God cloud dey for up of dem.

35. And e con happun sey—any time wey di Ark move, Moses go shout, “Rise up oh Baba-God, and make your enemies scata! And make di pipo wey hate you run komot from your front!”

36. And wen dem put di Ark down, he go tok sey, “Come back, oh Baba-God, to di plenty thousands pipo of Israel.”


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